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**** Main Event ****

JJ: Okay folks it is now time for the main event of the evening.

Josh: That’s right, the ACCW International Championship is on the line!

JJ: Tonight we might see the JMJ versus JMJ for the last time.

Josh: It could be, it’s time to see once again who will be the better of the JMJ’s, lets get it going shall we?

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, the challenger, from......

(Before Andrea can finish, Jam Master Jay comes running down to the ring and slides in with boos coming from the crowd. Jam Master Jay jumps up onto the top rope trying to get the crowd behind him but they continue to boo him)

Andrea: And his opponent, the current ACCW International Champion, from Leeds, England, Johnny Masterson Jr.!

(The crowd instantly breaks out into cheers as "Daddy Wasn't There" by Ming Tea roars over the PA system. Johnny Masterson Jr. comes walking down to the ring with the International Title around his waist, JMJ runs down the entrance ramp clapping the fans hands. JMJ then slides into the ring and hands over his title to the ref who holds it up high above his head letting everyone know that this match is for the Title)

(DING, DING, DING, both men circle each other looking for the perfect time to lay into the other. The men finally lock up and Johnny shoves Jay down hard into the mat and he rolls backwards over back onto his feet. Both men lock up again and this time Jay shoves Johnny back down to the mat causing him to do the same thing)

JJ: These guys know each other so well by now.

Josh: As most of you know, Johnny Masterson Jr. won the right to be called JMJ in a match these two had a while back.

(Johnny sweeps the feet out from under Jay and hooks him in a leg lock submission. Jay sits up and delivers a jab to the head causing Johnny to let go. Jay picks Johnny up and lifts him up holding him horizontal and flips him over his head with a fall away slam. Jay then runs into the ropes and comes running back with a flipping legdrop to the throat of Johnny)

JJ: These two men are going to fight for their last bit of energy for that title.

Josh: Yeah, no doubt.

(Jay picks Johnny up and whips him into the corner. Jay follows it up by running over and jumping forward thrusting his knees into the chest of Johnny. Jay steps up onto the second rope and begins with the traditional ten punches. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Jay pauses and gives Johnny the finger and delivers the tenth punch!)

Josh: Looks like a bit of cockiness on the part of Jam Master Jay!

(Jay steps off of the ropes and goes to whip Johnny into the opposite corner but Johnny reverses it and whips Jay into the corner instead! Johnny tries to follow it up with something but Jay gets his boot up into the face of Johnny. Johnny stumbles backwards and Jay rockets out of the corner with a thunderous clothesline that sends Johnny flipping backwards!!!)

Josh: WOW, such power!

JJ: He nearly took his head off with that one.

Josh: Jay is going for the cover.

(1...2... Johnny kicks out getting the crowd cheering and rooting him on. Jay goes to pick Johnny up but he counters with a chop to the chest. Jay screams in pain as Johnny runs back into the ropes and comes running back with a hurricanrana to take Jay down! Jay jumps right back up to his feet and charges towards Johnny with another hard clothesline but Johnny ducks under it and runs back into the ropes and comes charging back and takes him down with a Lou Thez Press and he follows it up with a series of punches to the head of Jay)

JJ: Now we are seeing signs of life out of the current Champion!

(Johnny picks Jay up and lifts him up straight into the air with a vertical suplex but spins him around and brings him down forward with a falcon arrow. Johnny then lays his arms over Jay with the cover, 1...2... Jay kicks out. Johnny gets up and walks over to the corner and jumps up to the top rope)

Josh: What are we going to see here?

JJ: From this guy, no telling!

(Johnny jumps up flipping in mid air with a 450 but as he comes down Jay gets his legs up and Johnny comes down head first! Johnny rolls to the side holding his head as the crowd begins to chant "You Fucked Up")

JJ: That was a dangerous landing, Johnny could be severely hurt after that move!

(Jay rolls over on top of Johnny with the cover, 1...2...)

Josh: No!!! He kicks out, the crowd can't believe he kicked out after that bad of a fall!

(Jay rolls off of Johnny with a shocked look on his face. Jay picks Johnny up calling for the end! The crowd is booing Jay badly now. Jay whips Johnny into the ropes setting him up but as Johnny comes running back he dives forward flipping in mid air and coming down with a elbow into the face of Jay!)

JJ: Oh no, Jam Master Jay's nose has been busted open!!! I see blood!!!

(Johnny tries to quickly follow up with the pin, 1...2... Jay gets his shoulder up just in time causing the crowd to let off another boo. Johnny and Jay both stand up at the same time, Jay gives Johnny a kick to the gut then runs back into the ropes but before he can spring off very far Johnny charges forward and hits The Point of Impact dead center on Jam Master Jay so hard that both men go flying though the ropes to the outside!)


JJ: That had to be one of the most powerful spears I have ever seen!

(Johnny gets up on the outside taunting for the crowd getting some strong cheers that rattle the arena. Johnny slides into the ring taunting. After a few seconds Jay slides into the ring with a chair as blood is still dribbling from his nose. Jay charges towards Johnny with he chair but the ref jumps all over it pulling it away from Jay!)

JJ: Jam Master tried to cheat!

Josh: He would have just been disqualified.

(Johnny shoves Jay back into the ref knocking him down along with the chair. Jay picks the chair up and swings at Johnny but Johnny ducks causing Jay to accidentally crack the ref right square in the back! Jay don't know what to do so he tosses the chair to Johnny and he catches it just as the ref, Nick Harris turns around! Nick has a look of pain in his face as he looks at Johnny holding the chair and he points right at the chair)

Josh: No, you don't think he thinks Johnny did this do you?

JJ: I don't know Josh, it doesn't look good for Johnny right now.

Josh: Official Nick Harris is getting right into the face on Johnny right now.

(Nick Harris keeps pointing at the chair then back at Johnny as he is yelling at him then points at his back. Johnny keeps shaking his head no. Jam Master Jay comes up from behind and shoves Johnny forward causing him to knock Nick Harris down to the mat!)

Josh: Oh no!

(Nick Harris jumps up to his feet yelling and signals for the bell!!! Nick then calls for a microphone)

Harris: That's it Johnny boy, your disqualified!!!

JJ: WHAT!?! Johnny Masterson Jr. has just been disqualified, I can't believe my eyes! Jam Master Jay has just screwed over Johnny.

Josh: But keep in mind Joel that the belt does not change hands due to a DQ.

(Johnny jumps out of the ring grabbing his belt and stomping up the entrance ramp as the entire crowd begins to boo Jam Master Jay. Jay pretends to be helping the ref up and to the back like he actually cares)

JJ: Well folks, we hope you enjoyed our first show back and catch us next week at the same time!

Josh: Yes and....

(Just then "My Way" by Limp Bizkit blasts over the PA system as Robert Graham comes stomping down to the ring with the Xtremist's on each side of him. All three men step into the ring and Graham calls for a microphone)


What does the ACCW CEO have to say?