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Robert Graham

Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 245 pounds
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Company Position: Chief Executive Officer/Shareholder
Alignment: Face
At a young age Robert Graham graduated from Brown University with a masters degree in business, after Robert Graham did a little snooping around he caught eye of the WxW. At the time a man there named Andrew Stull was the owner and president of the World Xtreme Wrestling. After Andy had suffered a tough time Robert Graham was brought in at part owner and assisted Andy.

The WxW roster strongly liked Robert Graham more, Andy left Graham with 100% ownership. In spite of anger Andy tried to destroy the WxW but was unsuccessful and Robert Graham carried the WxW on his back for a full six months of tough hard times.

When Graham signed the contract for the WxW/ACCW Hostile Takeover pay per view he made sure that it read “After one federation wins, the majority owner of the losing fed falls into a partnership with the other majority owner”. Both owners signed on the dotted line which brings Robert Graham to the ACCW in 50/49/1 % partnership with Marcus Bryant.