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Josh: Are you ready JJ?

JJ: Oh yeah, I am more than ready.

Josh: Folks it is time for the ACCW Global Heavyweight Championship Match!

JJ: What a main event this will be, both of these men hate an despise each other beyond belief!

Josh: Three months ago these men were supposed to go toe to toe but the show was canceled and it never happened.

JJ: And tonight these two men are going to be let loose on each other.

Josh: So lets quit the yapping and get this match underway!

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, the challenger, weighting in at 320 and is from New Orleans , Louisiana , Archangel !!!

(Fog covers the entranceway as the ď Lonely Road of FaithĒ by Kid Rock slowly picks up over the PA system. Archangel appears through the fog and just stands there as the crowd gives him a huge roar of boos. Archangel slowly walks down towards the ring with his head lowered ignoring all the fans on each side of him. Archangel slowly rolls into the ring and walks over to a corner leaning back and waiting)

Andrea: And his opponent, the current ACCW Global Champion, weighting in at 280 pounds and he is from Liverpool , England , Mr. Ed!!!

(The boos instantly disappear from the crowd and cheers fill the arena. ďSmells Like Teen SpiritĒ by Nirvana roars over the PA system and Mr. Ed comes walking out onto the entrance ramp! Mr. Ed runs over to the left side of the entrance ramp and taunts then jogs over to the opposite side taunting as the crowd cheers and the arena lights up with camera flashes! Mr. Ed finally turns and heads towards the ring tapping the title that is around his waist. Mr. Ed steps into the ring watching Archangel closely. Mr. Ed hands his title to the ref who holds it up showing the fans that this is for the Global Championship!)

Josh: Here we go folks!

(DING DING DING, Mr. Ed struts over to Archangel with a smile on his face and he is clapping. Archangel still hasnít looked up yet. Mr. Ed stands right in front of Archangel and he lifts Archangel ís head up and slaps him across the face!!! Mr. Ed is smiling still as he looks at the crowd and they cheer)

JJ: Archangel hasnít budged yet, and Mr. Ed just gave him the ultimate disgrace, a slap!

(Mr. Ed is still looking into the crowd when Archangel snaps!!! Archangel grabs Ed and shoves him into the corner and begins giving him some violent knees and punches all at the same time!!! Archangel then throws in a headbutt! Mr. Ed canít defend himself, he tries to shove Archangel back but he just charges forward and gives Mr. Ed a huge clothesline into the corner almost knocking him over the top)

Josh: As you can see Archangel is furious that he is not the Global Champion!

( Archangel continues to maul Mr. Ed until Mr. Ed falls to the mat sitting back against the corner. Archangel grabs Mr. Ed by the throat with both hands and lifts him straight up and sits him up on the top rope giving him a huge chop which gets the fans booing him. Archangel climbs up to the top rope with Mr. Ed)

JJ: You donít usually see these heavyweights going up to the top rope.

Josh: But when you do look out someone is going to get hurt!

( Archangel hooks Ed in a belly to belly suplex position but Mr. Ed gives Archangel a headbutt and he goes to grab Archangel but Archangel clubs Mr. Ed in the back! Archangel then grabs Mr. Ed by the throat! They very carefully turn around on the top rope and Archangel lifts Ed straight up into the air and leaps off of the top rope with him and brings him down to the mat with a huge chokeslam from the top rope!)

Josh: Can you believe that! What a high impact move this early in the match up!

( Archangel goes for the cover, 1Ö2Ö Mr. Ed kicks out and the crowd begins to cheer and chant his name! Archangel stands to his feet starring into the crowd as the cheers fade and boos break out. Archangel   picks Ed up to his feet and lifts him up onto his shoulder. Archangel then runs over to the ropes throwing Ed up and he comes down throat first across the top rope!)

JJ: Archangel does have the weight and power advantage but Mr. Ed has the fans and the skill to over take them advantages.

( Archangel picks Mr. Ed up but Ed takes Archangel over with a firemanís carry and Ed holds on to the head lock. Archangel gets up to his knees as Mr. Ed still has a headlock locked in. Archangel is up to his feet and Mr. Ed still has the headlock locked on him. Archangel then lifts Mr. Ed up and brings him down with a back drop. Archangel quickly picks Mr. Ed up and lifts him up and plants him in the middle of the ring with a scoop slam!)

Josh: Things arenít looking good for our current Global Champion right as of this moment!

( Archangel picks Mr. Ed to his feet and places his head between his legs calling for The Deep Sleep! Archangel then flips Mr. Ed up but Ed begins to deliver punches to the head of Archangel ! Ed falls down to his feet in front of Archangel , Ed gives Archangel a knee and hooks him in a vertical suplex position and flips him over with it!)

JJ:Finally a few more offensive moves from Mr. Ed.

(Mr. Ed then picks Archangel up and whips him into the ropes, Archangel comes running back and Mr. Ed bends down. Archangel stops and kicks Mr. Ed in the chest causing him to jolt up right. Archangel then goes for a big boot but Mr. Ed ducks under it and runs into the ropes. Mr. Ed comes flying back with a diving forearm to the face of Archangel taking him down)

Josh: Lets see if Mr. Ed can follow up and stay in control of this match.

(Mr. Ed grabs Archangel ís legs and flips him over wrenching back with a boston crab. Archangel pushes up and looks straight for the bottom rope. Archangel begins to crawl over towards the ropes and just as he is inches away Mr. Ed walks back to the middle and sits back lower onto Archangel ís back!)

Josh: Oh no, Mr. Ed might make Archangel tap, what a sight that would be!!!

( Archangel lets out a huge bellowing scream and flips Ed over! Mr. Ed jumps up to his feet just as Archangel does. Archangel springs forward going for a diving clothesline but Mr. Ed gets his foot up and Archangel ís arm smashes into Mr. Edís boot! Archangel instantly draws his arm back and grabs it in pain allowing Mr. Ed to counter with a roaring elbow to the face laying Archangel out!)

JJ: Whoa, Archangel is down.

Josh: And out!

(Mr. Ed goes for the cover, 1Ö2Ö Archangel gets his shoulder up. Mr. Ed canít believe it and presses Archangel ís shoulder back down with another pin attempt, 1Ö2Ö Archangel kicks out this time and he rolls out of the ring and the ref is leaning out of the ropes warning him to get back inside. Archangel stumbles over to the commentators table and leans on it breathing hard. Mr. Ed then steps out of the ring and jabs Archangel in the back!)

JJ: Theyíre battling it out right in front of us folks!

( Archangel shoves Mr. Ed back into the side of the ring hitting the ref and knocking him back into the ring and Archangel turns back around facing JJ and Josh. Mr. Ed comes back towards Archangel . Archangel rips the monitor out of the table and cracks it across the face of Mr. Ed knocking him to the floor!)

Josh: Good God!

JJ: My monitor is gone!!!

( Archangel pulls out the other monitor and tosses it to the side. Archangel then picks Mr. Ed up and rolls him onto the table. The crowd is booing Archangel very badly now)

Josh: This crowd is so bad I can barely hear myself think!

JJ: Letís get out of here Archangel is now up on the table.

(Archangel picks Mr. Ed up and spins him around and holds him up into a tombstone position. Mr. Ed knees Archangel in the head and Archangel drops him. Mr. Ed then jabs Archangel and lifts him up into a side walk slam position! Archangel jabs Ed in the head and he drops Archangel. Archangel gives Ed and knee to the groin and places him between his legs! Archangel flips Ed up and brings him down on the same table! The table is destroyed and both men lay there for a minute)


Josh: Mr. Ed landed right on his neck!

JJ: And Archangel landed on top of him!

(Archangel slowly begins to move and he stands to his feet getting booed worst than ever before! Archangel picks the lifeless Mr. Ed and rolls him into the ring and slides in after him. Archangel makes the cover but the ref is still out. Archangel pounds on the mat and gets up walking over to him. Archangel picks the ref up by his belt and just tosses him over towards Mr. Ed who is still out)

JJ: There is no way Mr. Ed can kick out after that, he landed right on his neck.

Josh: And he has had neck problems earlier in his career.

(Archangel covers Mr. Ed and the ref slowly looks at them and begins to make the count, 1Ö.2Ö.3 DING DING DING. ďLonely Road of FaithĒ by Kid Rock picks up over the PA system. A staff member walks over handing Archangel the ACCW Global Championship and he just looks at it for a second then stands up taunting as the crowd boos him and Mr. Ed lay there holding his neck)

Josh: We need some EMTís out here, Mr. Ed is in some serious pain it looks like!

( Archangel rolls out of the ring holding his Global Title in his hand that is raised high in the air. As Archangel is making his way up the ramp EMTís come charging down towards the ring with a stretcher. Archangel stops the stretcher and tells the men to turn around. The music fades away as Archangel flips the stretcher over and decks one EMT with a right jab!)

JJ: Ouch!

Josh: Now JJ this is just uncalled for, Mr. Ed needs medical attention and Archangel is denying him that!

(Archangel grabs the other EMT and gives him a chokeslam on the steel entrance ramp! Archangel then continues up the ramp and enters the backstage area to nothing but loud boos. The camera zooms in on Mr. Ed who is still laying there and the camera fades to black)