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JJ: It’s time for Dark Knight to defend his ACCW Canadian Heavyweight Title!

Josh: These two men were just helping each other two weeks ago now they are going to fight it out and this will truly be nothing less than amazing!

JJ: Lets get to it!

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, weighting in at 245 pounds and is from Denver , Colorado , Genocide!

(The crowd begins to give mixed reactions as “PS” by Project 86 blares over the PA system and Genocide comes walking out onto the entrance ramp. Genocide looks intimidating with his large black leather trench coat and his spiked black hair, he is smoking a cigarette as he walks down to the ring. Once Genocide reaches the ring he looks to each side and flicks his cigarette on the floor and steps on it just before he slides into the ring)

Andrea: And his opponent, the current ACCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, from San Juan , Puerto Rico , Dark Knight!

(More cheers pour out of the crowd as “Killing in the Name of” by Rage Against the Machine roars over the PA system. Dark Knight comes walking out with the Canadian Title slung over his shoulder. Dark Knight walks to the ring clapping a few fans hands as he slides in looking over to Genocide who is taking of his coat. DK hands his title to the ref and he holds it up letting everyone know that this is for the Canadian Title)

(DING DING DING, Dark Knight charges at Genocide who still has his back turned, but Genocide quickly gets his leg up and gives Dark Knight a hard superkick. DK falls back a few steps then charges forward again. Genocide scoops DK and flips him over slamming him down to the mat with a powerslam!)

JJ: Just look how Genocide over powers Dark Knight.

(Genocide taunts getting some boos. Genocide then slowly picks Dark Knight up and lifts him up into a military press and begins to scream as he pumps him up and down three times)

Josh: It is just insane how strong that man is.

(Genocide then drops DK on his shoulder and brings him crashing down to the mat driving him down with his shoulder. Genocide places his foot on DK’s chest and taunts as the ref goes for the count, 1…2… DK kicks out and the crowd lets out a soft cheer. Genocide jumps up and gets in the refs face screaming three!)

Josh: He better watch himself so he don’t get disqualified.

(Genocide turns his attention back towards DK who is beginning to get to his feet. Dark Knight jumps at Genocide going for a right hook but Genocide grabs a hold of DK’s arm and squeezes it causing DK to squeal in pain! DK is down on both of his knees and Genocide is looking down at him smiling)

Josh: That man is sick! He just enjoys dishing out pain!

(DK then goes for a desperate low blow but Genocide catches his arm between his legs! Genocide then delivers a brutal headbutt to the head of DK!)

JJ: How did he do that!?!

(Genocide covers DK once again, 1…2… DK gets his shoulder up barely and the crowd is having second thoughts about cheering. Genocide is very ticked and he jumps up stomping around the ring kicking the bottom ropes and yelling at the ref! Genocide stops and points towards the ref and he looks shocked and horrified! Genocide takes off charging towards the ref but DK takes Genocide down with a drop toe hold!!!)

Josh: Would you look at that, Dark Knight just saved the ref from a beating!

(Genocide looks back at Dark Knight who is getting up to his feet and Genocide slowly pushes himself up. As Genocide is still pushing himself up DK stomps on his back and Genocide doesn’t budge! Genocide gets onto one knee and DK slaps on a headlock jerking Genocide’s head around)

Josh: Is he trying to choke him out or break his neck!

(DK then releases Genocide’s head then backs off and delivers a dropkick to the back of his head. Genocide jumps up to is feet pointing at DK, DK goes to kick Genocide’s hand away but Genocide catches his leg and pulls him close to him. Genocide hooks that same leg and then DK’s head and flips him over and brings him down with The Holocaust!!!)

JJ: That’s it, Dark Knight is done for!

(Genocide goes for the cover, 1…2… Genocide lifts DK’s shoulder up and the crowd begins pouring out boos)

Josh: Genocide could have had the title already but he just wants to inflict more punishment on Dark Knight!

JJ: And look at that sadistic look on his face Josh!

Josh: Oh no, what is Genocide going to do now?

(Genocide is picking DK up, Genocide jabs DK twice in the head then whips DK into the corner turnbuckle. Genocide roles out of the ring and looks under the ring apron)

JJ: What is he doing, he could be disqualified!

Josh: He did mention that he wanted to inflict pain on Dark Knight and I think that pain may be under the ring.

JJ: It’s a table! Genocide has a table! And he is setting it up on the outside as we speak. 

(Genocide slides back into the ring and kicks DK in the gut who is still in the corner. DK then leaps out of the corner with a burst of energy going for a diving clothesline! BUT Genocide ducks and DK lays out the referee!!!)

JJ: Oh great!

Josh: The ref is down folks, the ref is down. This is where Genocide might get a little dirty.

(DK is trying to revive the ref when Genocide comes walking up behind him. Genocide grabs DK by the back of the neck and launches him back into the same corner. Genocide walks over and sets DK up onto the top rope then points to the outside of the ring where the table is set up)

JJ: Oh my God, what does he have planned?

(Genocide steps to the outside of the ring and steps onto the side of the turnbuckles, Genocide then hooks Dark Knight in a suplex position then points back to the table that is on the floor. Genocide then hooks DK’s right leg)


(Genocide lets out a huge scream as he lifts Dark Knight straight off of the top turnbuckle and he brings him down straight through that table he set up a while ago and the table is just demolished!!!)



JJ: Jesus, these guys are nearly dead!

Josh: They might be dead JJ!

(After a few seconds Genocide sits up slowly and the crowd is chanting the “Holy Shit” chant. Genocide stands up and he has that same sadistic smile on his face. Genocide picks DK up and rolls him into the ring where the ref is starting to come too. Genocide has DK covered and the ref goes for the count, 1….2….3 DING DING DING “PS” by Project 86 picks up over the PA system as the ref hands Genocide the ACCW Canadian Championship belt. Genocide looks at it as he slowly raises to his feet. Genocide then holds the title high above his head showing off as the crowd gives him loud boos in return)

Andrea: Your winner and NEW ACCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Genocide!

(Genocide picks the limp DK up and leans him against the ropes tapping him on the back of his shoulder)

JJ: Well we thought Genocide was ruthless but he is giving DK his credit.

Josh: I think Dark Knight is unconscious, I don’t think he knows where he is.

(Genocide steps away to go leave the ring when he quickly spins around and smashes DK in the face with the Canadian Title and DK goes flying backwards over the top rope and his head smashes into the ring apron before he falls to the floor where the broken table is)

Josh: Talk about a jackass!

JJ: We thought Genocide was showing his respect for Dark Knight but he was really setting him up for a belt shot to the head!

Josh: And look at that, Dark Knight has been busted open and he isn’t moving. Genocide might have just ended this great superstars career!


**** Main Event ****