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JJ: Well folks the ACCW Atlantic Heavyweight Championship is about to be defended in a triple threat no holds barred match!

Josh: This is going to get good, and bloody!

Andrea: The first challenger coming to the ring is weighting in at 240 pounds and he is from Peterbrough , Ontario , Canada , Jam Master Jay!

(“It’s Like That” by RunDMC blares over the PA system as the crowd lets out some mixed reactions. Jam Master Jay comes jogging down to the ring and he slides in. Jam Master runs over jumping up to the rope taunting as he gets a mix of cheers and boos)

Andrea: The second challenger tonight coming to the ring from Detroit , Michigan and he is weighting in at 240 pounds, Jason Cage!

(The mixed reactions continue as “Not Fallen” by Mudvayne picks up over the PA system and Jason steps out onto the entrance ramp with a steel chair in his hand. Jason points the chair at Jam Master who is taunting him. Jason then breaks off into a sprint towards the ring, Jason slides in and charges over to Jam Master Jay and he gives him a back body drop sending him over the top rope along with the chair)

Andrea: And their opponent, the current ACCW Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, JMJ, Johnny Masterson Jr.!

(The crowd burst out into cheers as “Daddy Wasn’t There” by Ming Tea blasts over the PA system and JMJ comes running down towards the ring with the title dangling from his left hand. JMJ slides under the bottom rope and runs over to Jam Master and he flips him over the top rope to the outside with Jason!)

(DING DING DING, Jam Master Jay walks over and climbs up to the top rope and taunts giving Jason and Johnny time to stand to their feet. Jam Master flips forward off of the top rope and comes falling down on top of Jason and Johnny laying them out! Jam Master jumps up to his feet quickly and the crowd begins the “Holy Shit” chant again!)

JJ: What a swanton out of the ring.

Josh: He has a ton of talent, lets just see if it can get him the title here tonight. 

(Jam Master picks Johnny up and walks him over to the guard rail and smashes his head into it! Jam Master taunts until Jason comes running over giving him a forearm to the back of the head! Jason then grabs Jam Master and hooks him up in a tarantula on the steel guard rail!!!)

Josh: Look at that, I don’t think I have ever seen that done on a guardrail before. 

JJ: It can be done! As you can see.

(While Jason has that tarantula hooked in Johnny begins delivering punches to Jam Master and he starts screaming in pain and the ref is in his face asking if he gives up)

Josh: This match can end out of the ring JJ?

JJ: Looks like it.

(Johnny then reaches over grabbing Jason by the waist and he lifts him up and over the rail and brings him down with a german suplex! Johnny then taunts getting a good response from the crowd. Johnny then grabs Jam Master and is walking him up the entrance ramp when Jam Master gives Johnny a low blow stopping him dead in his tracks)

JJ: Ouch!

(Jam Master lifts Johnny up for a back drop but Jason comes running up and he jumps into the air catching Johnny’s head and he brings him down with a bulldog on the steel ramp! Jam Master goes for a round house kick at Jason but he catches it and shoves Jam Master to the ground wrenching in a painful ankle lock!!!)

Josh: Jason may be the most technical wrestler the ACCW has ever seen.

(Jam Master is screaming in pain as he tries to crawl down the ramp. In the background Johnny is standing to his feet and blood is pouring down his face from that bulldog. Johnny hooks Jason in a reverse DDT and whips him down to the steel with it! Jam Master instantly grabs his ankle)

JJ: This match could go either way with these three.

(Johnny picks Jason up and carries him up the ramp, Johnny then lifts Jason up onto his shoulder and charges towards the metal superstructure and rams Jason’s head straight into it! Jason falls to the steel grate holding his neck as Johnny taunts to the crowd on the left side of the arena. Jam Master Jay comes running up the ramp and gives Johnny a huge spear ramming him into the small screen on the left side. Sparks go flying and glass is heard shattering!)

Josh: Jam Master Jay just speared Johnny into that big monitor that is on the entrance way!

JJ: That entire side of the entrance ramp is filled with smoke and glass!

(Jam Master Jay falls out of the screen and onto all the glass. Johnny must still be inside somewhere. Jason looks over at Jam Master and slowly crawls over to him making the cover, 1…2… Jam Master Jay kicks out)

JJ: That was close.

Josh: Where is Johnny?

(Jason walks into the backstage area and brings out two tables, one in each hand. He sets them up side by side then walks to the back again. Jason returns with two more tables and places them next to the other two. Jason signals two to the crowd and the are going nuts for the tables! Jason walks to the back and comes back out with two more. Jason sets the last two on top of the other four)

Josh: Six tables! Jason Cage has just set six tables up at the entrance ramp!

JJ: Looks like he can down more than technical moves eh?

(Jason walks over and begins stomping a mudhole in Jam Master Jay. Just then a very bloody Johnny comes diving out of the screen that he was speared into, he takes Jason down with a chop block. Johnny picks Jam Master Jay up and walks to the backstage area with him where no cameras follow)

JJ: Can you believe how bad it would feel if your opponent done your finisher to you into a screen?

Josh: It would seriously stink. Where did Jam Master and Johnny go, it’s been a while now.

(All of a sudden the confused and silent crowd burst out into cheers as they see Johnny Masterson Jr. and Jam Master Jay up on the middle superstructure where the titantron is. Not at the top, just at a middle point where there is a ledge)

JJ: What are they doing up there!

Josh: I don’t know but someone is going to die!

(Johnny kicks Jam Master and he takes a few steps back, Johnny taunts then charges forward hitting Jam Master with the Point of Impact off of the superstructure down through all six tables on the entrance ramp!!!)

Josh: OH MY GOD!!!

JJ: The crowd is going absolutely crazy!!!

(Neither of the men are moving, the ref is down looking at both of them when Jason Cage walks up nudging Johnny with his foot. Jason then gets down and slaps on a crossface wrenching back as far as he can. The ref is in the face of Johnny but he still isn’t moving. The ref raises his arm once and drops it…… it falls, 1. The ref picks it up and drops it again…… it falls, 2! The ref lifts it up a third time and lets go…… it falls, 3! DING DING DING “Not Fallen” by Mudvayne picks up over the PA system as the ref awards the ACCW Atlantic Heavyweight Title to Jason Cage!)

JJ: What an amazing match!

Josh: Could you believe the Point of Impact!?! This will truly be one to remember folks!

JJ: Oh yes it will.

Andrea: Your winner and NEW ACCW Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Jason Cage!

Josh: Lets go to our next match up folks!


Who is Canadian in this Match?