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JJ: Folks it’s time for the ACCW Tag Team Titles to be defended!

Josh: This should be good folks, lets get it underway.

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, at a combined weight of 400 pounds, The Osaka Dragons!

(The crowd lets out boos as “In Da Club” by 50 Cent blares over the PA system and The Osaka Dragons come strutting down the entrance ramp and down towards the ring. Masahiro “Oni” Tabaka rolls under the bottom rope and runs over to the corner jumping up to the middle rope taunting the crowd as Maasaki Ogawa slides under the ring and taunts in the middle of the ring)

Andrea: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 442 pounds, The New Age Outsiders!

(“Slow Me Down” by Default picks up over the PA system as even more boos fill the arena. P.M. Steel and G-Pac come walking down to the ring with the Tag Team Titles around each of their waists. They take off running towards the ring and slide in attacking like they are going to attack the Dragons. Both of the Dragons run out of the ring and the New Age Outsiders smile and hand their titles over to the ref who holds them up letting everyone know that this match is for the Titles)

(DING DING DING, P.M. Steel walks over and steps out onto the ring apron as Masahiro steps onto the ring apron on the other side of the ring and Maasaki slides in and walks up to G-Pac looking him dead in the eye)

JJ: Folks this is The Osaka Dragons very first title match.

Josh: Two weeks ago they jumped the current champions and Robert Graham assigned this match so this should get very interesting!

(G-Pac extends his hand for a shake and the crowd begins to boo. G-Pac looks from side to side at the crowd. Maasaki then quickly gives G-Pac a kick to the gut and brings him down with a DDT. Maasaki flips up to his feet as G-Pac gets right up also. Maasaki goes for a roundhouse kick but G-Pac blocks it and counters with a leg sweep taking Maasaki down)

Josh: Both of these teams have so much to offer in this match up.

(G-Pac picks Maasaki up and G-Pac goes for a hard straight kick but Maasaki grabs Pac’s foot and flips him backwards! G-Pac lands on his feet and follows it up with a dropkick to the face knocking Maasaki back into the corner! G-Pac runs over leaping on Maasaki and brings him down with a monkey flip out of the corner. G-Pac then runs over and tags in PM Steel)

JJ: The former World Champion is in the ring folks.

(PM Steel runs towards Maasaki and gives him a hard knee to the face! PM Steel then takes time to taunt the crowd as they continue to boo him. PM Steel picks Maasaki up and goes for a hip toss but Maasaki lands on his feet and flips PM Steel over with one of his own. Maasaki then dives towards his corner and tags in Masahiro)

JJ: The crowd really seems to hate both of these teams Josh.

(Masahiro runs over picking Steel up before he can get up himself. Masahiro then grabs Steel from behind and lifts him up and brings him down with a high back drop. Steel rolls around holding his back as Masahiro gets up and walks over kicking Steel in the ribs. Masahiro then gets down on one knee and places his other into Steel’s back! Masahiro then pulls back on Steel’s head and hooks him in a Dragons Sleeper. A trademark move from the great Ultimo Dragon)

Josh: Will P.M. Steel tap? He can’t take it much longer!

(G-Pac climbs up to the top rope and leaps off coming down with a leg drop on Masahiro breaking up the submission! The ref tells G-Pac to get out of the ring and he quickly rolls out as PM Steel is laying on Masahiro, 1…2… Masahiro kicks out!)

JJ:Close one, I thought for sure Steel was going to tap!

(Steel picks Masahiro and walks him over to the corner where G-Pac is and Steel tags out. G-Pac steps into the ring and jabs Masahiro in the ribs and Steel steps out onto the ring apron. G-Pac whips Masahiro into the ropes and he comes running back ducking under a clothesline and grabs Pac’s head bringing him down with a neck breaker!)

Josh: That man is so fast it’s amazing!

(Masahiro picks G-Pac up and whips him into the corner, but G-Pac stops himself from smashing into the corner and jumps up to the middle rope then up to the top. As Masahiro is following it up he sees G-Pac jump up to the top rope and Masahiro proceeds with shoving G-Pac off the top and over the pole to the outside floor!)

Josh: WHOA!!! G-Pac cleared that pole.

(Masahiro climbs up to the top rope and the crowd is hushed. Masahiro leaps off of the top with a summersault and he comes crashing down right on top of G-Pac who was starting to stand!!!)

JJ: What a high risk move! Both men could be injured!

(The crowd begins to chant “Holy Shit” as both men start to get to their feet. PM Steel runs over and climbs up to the top rope and taunts just before he leaps off with an extremely high crossbody block taking down Masahiro along with his partner!)

Josh: What in the world!?!

JJ: Both of these teams will do anything to win these titles!

(Maasaki runs across the ring and climbs up to the top rope and by this time all three men are standing and the crowd is going wild!!! Maasaki gives G-Pac and PM Steel the finger then leaps off of the top rope coming down with a shooting star press to the outside!!! Maasaki lays everyone out including himself!!! More “Holy Shit” chants break out)

JJ: Jesus!!!

Josh: What a move!!! We might have new champions here tonight!

(After a few seconds Masahiro slowly stands to his feet and picks his partner up rolling him into the ring so they down get counted out. Masahiro then picks PM Steel up rolling him into the ring and then picks G-Pac up doing the same to him. Masahiro then slides into the ring and picks G-Pac up calling for the Masahiro Driver!)

Josh: We are going to have new champions look!

(G-Pac quickly gets in a blind low blow where the ref can’t see it and taunts to the crowd calling for the end!)

JJ: Look at the entrance ramp Josh!

(Just then Robert Graham comes running down towards the ring with a chair! Robert slides into the ring ready and waiting to crack Masahiro over the back with it when all of a sudden cheers break out all throughout the arena and Ryan Dynamic comes charging towards the ring. Ryan slides in and plants a superkick straight into the steel chair knocking it back into the face of Graham. Robert Graham goes flying backwards out of the ring along with the chair!)

JJ: Ryan has just saved The New Age Outsiders from Robert Graham!

(G-Pac looks at Ryan completely surprised then he hits the Pacalizer on Masahiro!)

Josh: It’s over!

(G-Pac covers Masahiro, 1…2… Ryan stomps on G-Pac’s back breaking the cover and the crowd bursts out with cheers!!! Ryan then picks G-Pac up and lays him out with Truly Dynamic!!!)

Josh: Oh my god JJ, the Truly Dynamic on G-Pac!

(PM Steel quickly runs over giving Ryan a big boot sending him flying over the top rope as Masahiro covers G-Pac, 1…2… PM Steel breaks it up. PM Steel then picks Masahiro up and hits the Steel Curtain on him, he follows it up with a pin attempt, 1…2…3 DING DING DING!!! “Slow Me Down” by  Default picks up over the PA system as the ref hands PM Steel and G-Pac their titles back. PM Steel helps G-Pac out of the ring and as they get to the top of the ramp boos are just reigning down on them)

Andrea: Your winners and STILL the ACCW Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outsiders, P.M. Steel and G-Pac!

(The ref hands P.M. Steel and G-Pac their Tag Team Titles and they are walking up the ramp as they look back to the ring where Ryan Dynamic is up on the top rope getting cheers from the crowd)


Three is always better than two