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(The camera fades into the arena where silver and blue pyro go blasting off and the crowd is in and uproar cheering. The lights in the arena come on and the camera pan across the crowd then go down to JJ Noel and Josh Ethans who are sitting ring side)

JJ: Well, it's time Josh.

Josh: I can spell the electricity in the air.

JJ: How about we get this party started with a ACCW Debut Match?

Josh: Sounds good to me, take it away Andrea!

Andrea: Coming to the ring first, weighting in at 185 pounds and he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Breaker!

(The crowd lets out a cheer as "It's Like That" by Run DMC blares over the PA system and Breaker comes walking down to the ring taunting, he slides in and walks around trying to pump himself up)

Andrea: And one of his opponents, weighting in at 245 pounds and he is from....... The Truth.... Ayden Raines!

("Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine pick up over the PA system and Ayden Raines comes jogging down to the ring and slides in ignoring the fans he walks straight up to Breaker and slaps him across the face!)

Andrea: Coming to the ring next, their final opponent, weighting in at 300 pounds and is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Fat Man!

(The crowd begins to boo at the name as "Shake Your Tailfeather" by Nelly, P-Diddy, and Murphy Lee blasts over the PA system. Fat Man comes sprinting down to the ring, he slides in and gives off a taunt that the fans boo)

(DING DING DING, all three men circle around the inside of the ring.)

JJ: And the match is under way.

(Both Raines and Breaker focus there attention towards Fat-Man, cornering him in the turnbuckle. Breaker starts throwing lefts and rights as he follows it up with a break dance number before finishing Fat-Man off with a haymaker sending Fat-Man crashing to the canvas.)

Josh: Hey, somebody's got to tell this guy that the dance hall is on the other side of the street. 

JJ: Well you do got to admit that this rookie is fast.

(Raines sends his fist towards the back of Breaker's head sending him to his knees. Rain then sets Breaker up and delivers a picture perfect suplex. Raines then follows that up with a high elevated legdrop and goes for the pin.)

JJ: Quick pin by Raines.

Ref: 1 ...

(Fat-Man grabs Raines by the hair and picks the wrestler up, stopping the count. Fat-Man throws Raines against the ropes and as Raines rebounds delivers a huge belly to belly suplex shaking the ring. Fat-Man stands up and gestures at the fans to the sold out arena's disapproval.)

JJ: Man that guys big eh Josh.

Josh: Yeah, I think somebody better tell the zoo that we know where their hippo went too.

(Breaker stands up and tries to attack Fat-Man from behind with little effect. Fat-Man turns around, grabs Breaker and hurls him clear across the top rope sending him crashing to the outside of the ring. Then Fat-Man gets a hold of Raines again and puts him in a vicious looking bearhug. Raines screams in pain as Fat-Man locks the hold in.)

JJ: Look at that bear hug Josh. Fat-Man is squeezing the life out of Ayden Raines.

Josh: Well look at the bright side, Ayden won't have to worry about going on a diet anytime soon.

(As the ref starts lifting the hand off the barely conscious Raines the crowd begins to erupt.)

Ref: 1 ... 2 ... 

(Breaker leaps of the top rope and dropkicks Fat-Man right in the side of the head, breaking the hold. Raines rolls out to the floor while Breaker goes for the quick cover.)

JJ: Could this be it?

Ref: 1 ... 2 ... 

(Breaker goes hurling in the air as Fat-Man throws the much lighter wrestler off of him breaking the count once again. Now both Fat-Man and Breaker are on there feet. Fat-Man goes for a standing clothesline but it is ducked. As Fat-Man turns around Breaker delivers a huge side-kick sending Fat-Man through the ropes and outside the ring.)

JJ: It's too bad Fat-Man didn't stay in the ring.

Josh: Yeah, Breaker would have got to victory for sure if he did.

(Breaker looks over at the ringside floor and sees both Fat-Man and Breaker getting to their feet. Breaker then signals at the fans who begin to cheer. The ACCW rookie runs against the far rope then leaps over the top rope at Fat-Man and Ayden. However both these men were ready as they duck out of the way causing Breaker to go crashing into the outside steel barrier.)

JJ: Ouch. That must of hurt.

Josh: Yeah his reputation maybe. 

(As Breaker screams in pain both Ayden and Fat-Man enter the ring and face off. Ayden hits Fat-Man with a couple quick low kicks and then sets Fat-Man up for a suplex.)

JJ: Uh oh, this isn't going to work.

Josh: Yeah but he is a rookie, he will learn that he can't do the impossible yet.

(Naturally Ayden's attempt is unsuccessful as Fat-Man easily reverses the suplex into one of his own. However Ayden is able to break out of the suplex in mid-air and instead falls forward and sends Fat-Man's head to the canvas with a DDT following that up with a quick cover.)

JJ: Here's another cover, this could be it.

Ref: 1 ... 2 ...

(Breaker, who was somehow able to get to his feet, had enough sense to grab the ref and pull him out before his hand could come down for the three. Then Breaker quickly enters the ring as Ayden and Fat-Man are slowly getting to their feet. Breaker points at Ayden and then grabs Fat-Man into a suplex position. Ayden then follows suit too and both men try to lift Fat-Man up, but once again are unsuccessful.)

JJ: Man that guys tough to get off his feet.

(Now, giving up on trying to lift Fat-Man, Breaker and Ayden hit Fat-Man with a double DDT. Fat-Man is now out cold. Ayden directs Breaker to go out through the ropes and stand on the ring apron. As Breaker does Ayden goes to the top rope. Ayden signals Breaker to leap over the ropes and land on Fat-Man.)

JJ: This looks bad.

Josh: Yeah, hopefully they don't bounce off of Fat-Man.

(As Breaker leaps up and stands on the top of the rope, Ayden jumps off the top rope and drop kicks Breaker, sending the rookie backwards and crashing into the steel railing once again as the crowd stands in disbelief.)

JJ: Holy shit! I have never seen anybody do that before. 

Josh: Breakers got to learn to be less trusting, Ayden pawned into that move.

(Ayden quickly slides over to Fat-Man and covers him.)

Ref: 1 ... 2 ... 3! 

JJ: What a match. None of these rookies have anything to be upset about after that debut.

Josh: What are you talking about, two of them lost. I'd be upset for sure! 

JJ: Well either way it was quite the debut for all three men. But in the end Ayden was the man tonight.

Josh: Who do we have next?

Tag Team Titles on the Line!