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Josh Ethans: This next match is going to be a grudge match.

Martin Hughes: More like a blood bath!

Josh Ethans: Things are going to get brutal in this match up folks so brace yourself for two men that hate each others guts to fight it out!

Andrea Benson: Coming to the ring first, weighting in at 220 pounds and he is from New York City, New York, The Bronx Bomber!

(“Head Like Hole” by Nine Inch Nails picks up over the PA system as Bronx Bomber makes his way down to the ring with total crowd support. Bronx slides into the ring and poses on the top rope for the fans to take pictures of him)

Andrea Benson: And his opponent, from London, Ontario, he is weighting in at 225 pounds, Ryan “F’N” K!

(Boos start to flow out of the crowd as “Holiday in Cambodia” by Boy Sets Fire picks up over the PA system. Ryan slowly comes walking from the back with a wide smile on his face. Ryan walks down the ramp not taking his eyes off of Bronx, he slides into the ring and gets checked by the ref)

Martin Hughes: This could really be a big chance for Ryan to show us something by defeating a former World Champion.

(DING DING DING, Bronx makes his way to the center of the ring and draws the line in the middle of the ring as he stares at Ryan to step up. As Ryan and Bronx lock up, Ryan launches Bronx across the ring. Ryan shrugs his shoulders as he leans against the ropes)

Josh Ethans: Nice signs of power coming from Ryan early in this match.

(As both men lock up again, Ryan slides under the arm of Bronx and locks his arms around his waist. Ryan picks up Bronx off the mat and throws him down to the ground. Ryan drops to the ground right next to Bronx and shakes his head at him before rolling over next to the ropes. Ryan shakes his head at Bronx and pops back up on his feet)

Josh Ethans: Ryan “F’N” K is just mocking Bronx.

Martin Hughes: Yeah, I wouldn’t do that if I was him.

(Ryan picks Bronx up and whips him into the ropes, but Bronx reverses it. Bronx comes back and hits Ryan in the chest with a stiff kick. Bronx then nails Ryan with spinning headscissors takedown! The crowd now is cheering for Bronx as he physically breaks Ryan down. Bronx runs over and leaps up onto the top rope and leaps off coming down with a D-Lo style frog splash but Ryan moves at the last second!)

Josh Ethans: That’s why they call it a high risk.

(Ryan picks Bronx up and lifts him up and brings him down hard with a pumphandle slam! Ryan grabs Bronx and sets him up for a powerbomb but as he flips Bronx up, Bronx flips over and slides down the back of Ryan. Bronx leaps up and delivers a hard drop kick to the back of the head to Ryan “F’N” K!)

Martin Hughes: Nice counter by Bronx Bomber.

(Bronx runs over and gives Ryan a stiff kick straight to the face! Ryan flops back onto his back thriving in pain. Ryan holds his hands over his face and when he removes them they are covered in blood!)

Martin Hughes: Bronx’s laces on his boots must have slashed Ryan’s face!

(Ryan pounds the mat in anger as his continues to bleed. Ryan jumps up to his feet and when Bronx goes for a kick Ryan catches his foot. Bronx then jumps up and catches Ryan in the back of the head with an enziguri!!! Ryan hits the mat and doesn’t move for a moment. The crowd is really behind Bronx now and they are all chanting his name)

Josh Ethans: This crowd really does like Bronx don’t they?

Martin Hughes: Why not? He is a supreme wrestler.

(Bronx picks Ryan and gives him a bodyslam in the center of the ring. Bronx then points to the top rope and gets a strong response from the crowd. Bronx runs over and leaps up onto the top rope but Ryan flips up to his feet and charges over towards the corner. Ryan shoves Bronx off of the top rope before he could even turn around!!! Bronx sails through the air and crashes chest first on the steel guardrail!!!)

Martin Hughes: That could have knocked the wind out of him.

Josh Ethans: No doubt it did!

(Bronx is now laid out on the floor gasping for air. Ryan climbs up to the top rope taunting as the crowd boos him. Ryan leaps off of the top rope flipping in mid-air. Ryan comes crashing down on top of Bronx with a huge 450 splash!!! Ryan jumps up and the crowd can’t believe it and are giving the “Holy Shit” chant)

Martin Hughes: Simply unbelievable.

(Ryan rushes over to Bronx and picks him up off the floor and throws him into the ring and follows right after him. Ryan stomps away on the chest of Bronx viciously as the crowd boos him. Ryan picks Bronx up and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Bronx hits hard but tries to shake it off. Bronx then charges at Ryan)

Josh Ethans: I see the fire is back in Bronx’s eyes, even after that huge move that was done to him!

(Bronx runs over to Ryan but he catches Bronx with a rake to the eyes and then drives a hard right hand into the side of Bronx's jaw. Bronx drops to a knee as Ryan nails him again with another right hand. Ryan backs into the ropes and catches the side of Bronx's head with a boot that sends him to the ground. Ryan bounces off the ropes once more and catches Bronx with a baseball slide dropkick that sends Bronx all the way down to the mat)

Josh Ethans: Well there goes the fire.

Martin Hughes: Ryan is brawling with Bronx now.

(Ryan lifts Bronx up to his feet and grabs Bronx turning him upside down ready for the Just F’Nsane!!! But Bronx knees Ryan in the head and flips down to his feet. Bronx this leaps up and gives Ryan a kick to the head)

Josh Ethans: Another close call for Bronx!

(Bronx hoists up Ryan and spins him around for a moment before driving him down with a vicious powerbomb down to the canvas. Bronx pulls the hair away from his face as he looks down as he slowly picks up Bronx again and places in between his legs again and looks to the crowd. Bronx smiles before he hoists him up again and drives him down with another powerbomb. The referee is asking Bronx to cover Ryan for the pin, but Bronx refuses as he drags Ryan over towards the corner)

Martin Hughes: This is an extremely aggressive side of Bronx that we haven’t really seen before.

Josh Ethans: He is absolutely relentless!!!

(Bronx signals for the end! Bronx walks over and picks Ryan up to his feet and places his head between his legs calling for the Bronco Bomb!)

Josh Ethans: If he hits this Ryan is done for!

(Bronx flips Ryan up into the air but Ryan counters by hooking Bronx’s head and bringing him down with a powerful DDT! Ryan and Bronx both lay there for a minute. The blood has stopped coming from the face of Ryan but is still on his face drying up. The ref starts to count both men out and he gets to seven before Ryan gets to his feet)

Martin Hughes: I thought for sure Bronx had that match, all he had to do was hit the Bronco Bomb and it would have sealed him the victory.

(Ryan slowly picks Bronx up to his feet and grabs him turning him upside down once again. The crowd is booing Ryan and chanting Bronx’s name but Ryan spins around and then drives Bronx’s head down into the mat spiking him with the Just F’Nsane!!!)

Martin Hughes: OUCH!!! That’s it folks, Ryan F’N K has done it!

Josh Ethans: Don’t count Bronx out just yet Martin!

(Ryan jumps down on Bronx pinning both of his legs up and closing his eyes! 1…2…)

Martin Hughes: 3!!!

(DING DING DING, ““Holiday in Cambodia” by Boy Sets Fire picks up over the PA system. The referee holds Ryan F’N K’s arm up with the victory over Bronx Bomber)

Andrea Benson: Your winner by pinfall, Ryan "F'N" K!!!

Josh Ethans: What an upset!

Martin Hughes: What a match!

Josh Ethans: Ryan pulled off the hard fought win over Bronx Bomber, could Paul Electric do the same to Dark Knight?

Martin Hughes: I don’t know but lets get to the main event!!!



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