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Martin Hughes: This next match is for the ACCW Ultimate X Championship!

Andrea Benson: Coming to the ring first, the challenger, weighting in at 180 pounds and is from Allen, Texas, Eclipse!

(“Revolucion/Revolution” by Ill Nino picks up over the PA system as Eclipse comes jogging down to the ring with the fans on his side. Eclipse slides under the bottom rope and taunts as he gets a decent reaction from the crowd)

Andrea Benson: And his opponent, the current Ultimate X Champion, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, J.D. Money!

(The cheers quickly fade as “Wanksta” by 50 Cent picks up over the PA system and JD Money comes walking out with the Ultimate X Title around his waist. JD slowly walks down to the ring in a cocky manner showing off his title. JD steps into the ring and hands his title to the ref who holds it up high showing the crowd that this match is for the Ultimate X Championship)

Josh Ethans: J.D. has had that title for a month now.

Martin Hughes: Let’s see if he will be walking out with it tonight.

(DING DING DING, both men lunge forward locking up. JD shoves Eclipse to the mat then gives him a stomp to the leg. JD picks Eclipse up and grabs a hold of him and presses him high above his head. JD looks out into the crowd smiling and then suddenly throws Eclipse shoulder first into the steel ringpost. Eclipse clutches his shoulder in agony as JD grabs him pulling him back a few feet then ramming him back into the steel post!)

Martin Hughes: Now that is vicious!

(JD Money picks up Eclipse again and whips him into the ropes and follows up behind him and catches him with a knee right in the stomach. JD drives a double axe handle to the back and then backs up away from Eclipse. JD suddenly rushes at Eclipse and drives his knee into the side of Eclipse's head and sends him out of the ring! JD quickly leaps over the top rope and comes crashing down on the shoulder of Eclipse with his boot)

Josh Ethans: Well that didn’t take long, this match has already been taken to the outside!

(JD Money brings his boot up to show marks on the shoulder of Eclipse as he then picks up Eclipse and throws him shoulder first into the steel steps yet again, but this time on the outside. JD grabs the hand of Eclipse and places his foot on his shoulder. JD yanks on the arm of Eclipse viciously. JD releases the hold just before he breaks Eclipse’s arm)

Martin Hughes: Man, J.D. Money has walked into this match dominating so far.

(JD picks up Eclipse and wraps his arm around the ringpost and slams that shoulder hard into the post. JD finally throws Eclipse back into the ring and follows behind him)

Josh Ethans: JD seems to be focused on the arm of Eclipse, I think it is a very smart move.

(JD picks Eclipse up but Eclipse catches JD with a jab to the gut JD spins around holding his stomach. Eclipse nails JD from behind with a kick to the groin and the crowd start cheering him on and laughing at JD. Eclipse wraps his arm around the neck of JD and executes a reverse DDT on the Money Man in the center of the ring. Eclipse goes for the quick cover, 1…2… JD kicks out)

Martin Hughes: There we go, Eclipse is going to try and turn things around now.

(Eclipse picks JD up but JD gives Eclipse an uppercut then a kick to the stomach. JD looks to the crowd as he then picks up Eclipse one more time and places him between his legs and hoists him high in the air and drives him down with a cradle piledriver in the center of the ring!)

Josh Ethans: Wow! That had some impact! JD isn’t going for the cover here.

(JD picks Eclipse up and walks to the corner and sets him up in the Tree of Woe)

Martin Hughes: Here comes the Money Tree folks!

(JD backs up to the opposite side of the ring and charges over and dropkicks Eclipse right in the face! Eclipse falls down to the mat and JD slides out of the ring and pulls out a table. JD goes to slide the table back into the ring but Eclipse comes driving over the top rope and lands right on the head of JD Money taking him out! Eclipse jumps up getting a good response from the crowd)

Josh Ethans: Eclipse is setting that table up on the outside now right in front of us.

(Eclipse grabs JD and rolls him back into the ring. Eclipse then places JD’s head between his legs and flips him up into the air, Eclipse then charges towards the ropes but JD slips down behind Eclipse’s back. JD then goes for a clothesline but Eclipse ducks and JD goes tumbling over the top rope towards the table. Luckily he catches himself and lands on the ring apron. Eclipse goes to grab JD but JD grabs onto Eclipse and lifts him vertical into the air in a suplex position)

Josh Ethans: Whoa, whoa!!!

(Eclipse comes down onto the ring apron beside JD. JD gives Eclipse two elbows to the face. Eclipse then kicks JD right behind the knee and Eclipse flips back into the ring. Eclipse runs back and springs off of the ropes and on his way back he flips over the top right over JD and catches him in mid motion bringing him down straight through the table!!! Both men sit there for a moment as the crowd goes out of control cheering)

Martin Hughes: I think both men are out of it right here.

(Eclipse slowly begins to get up and he stands JD up and rolls him into the ring, Eclipse goes for the cover, 1…2… JD gets his shoulder up and the crowd boos thinking they were about to have a new champion. Eclipse picks JD up and goes for a sidewalk slam but JD brings it down into a hard DDT planting Eclipse hard into the mat!)

Martin Hughes: He just plants Eclipse! JD has pulled this match back in his favor in just a split second!

(JD picks Eclipse up to his feet and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. JD slides out of the ring and grabs three chairs from below the ring and sets them up in some kind of a mini-table right in front of the turnbuckle. JD then jabs Eclipse and forces him up onto the top rope. JD follows him to the top. JD very carefully places Eclipse’s head between his legs and lifts him up straight into the air! JD then leaps off of the top rope with Eclipse spinning in mid air!!! JD comes crashing down driving Eclipse’s head straight down through the chair table and completely lays him out!!! After the sickening thud the crowd erupts cheering for the great move but booing the person who executed it! JD then cover, Eclipse, 1…2…3 DING DING DING)

Andrea Benson: Your winner and STILL ACCW Ultimate X Champion, J.D. Money!

Martin Hughes: J.D. has pulled off another win but this time he had his toughest opponent yet!

Josh Ethans: I applaud both men here tonight because they both did a damn fine good job!

(The ref hands JD Money his title and he holds it up high into the air celebrating as the crowd is booing him. JD jumps out of the right and makes his way up the ramp still celebrating)


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