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(Before the next match starts a video package appears on the titantron showing clips from past WxW matches between Archangel and Hardcore Hansel. Then highlights from their match at Forsaken flash across the screen. The video package ends with Archangel jumping back off of the cage and walking up the ramp shaking his head no as Hardcore Hansel stands on top of the Doomz Day Device Cell a bloody mess)

Josh Ethans: It’s the moment of truth folks!

Martin Hughes: It is time for the rematch of the year ladies and gentlemen.

Josh Ethans: I for one cannot wait so lets get to the match!

Andrea Benson: Coming to the ring first weighting in at 225 pounds and he is from Bogalusa, Louisiana, Hardcore Hansel!!!

(The crowd begins to cheer as Hansel appears on the titantron in elegant, purple lettering. “My Life” by 12 Stones picks up over the PA system and Hardcore Hansel comes walking out onto the ramp. Hansel takes off down the ramp pounding his chest a few times pumping the crowd up. Hansel then slides into the ring and climbs up to the top taunting as the arena fills with flashes from their cameras)

Andrea Benson: And his opponent, weighting in at 320 pounds and he is from New Orleans, Louisiana, Archangel!!!

(“Lonely Road of Faith” by Kid Rock slowly picks up over the PA system and the entire entranceway fills with fog. An eerie presents is felt throughout the arena as Archangel comes slowly walking out of the fog. Archangel walks his way down to the ring as the crowd is now booing. Archangel walks up the steps and the lights come back on completely as he steps into the ring. Archangel removes his robe-like attire and stares down Hansel)

Josh Ethans: Martin you could cut this tension with a knife!

(DING DING DING, Both men stand there not budging. Both men are staring deep into one another’s eyes. Archangel then rolls his eyes into the back of his head and gives a cut throat signal causing the crowd to boo him. Hansel charges forward giving Archangel a knee to the side of the head knocking him back into the corner turnbuckle)

Martin Hughes: Hansel is just letting loose on Archangel in that corner, you can see the fire in his eyes!

(Hansel and landing blow after blow into the body and head of Archangel. Archangel continuously tries to block the punches but with no success. In a move of desperation Archangel reaches up raking the eyes of Hansel. Hansel stumbles back to the middle of the ring. Archangel rockets out of the corner and nearly takes Hansel’s head off with a gruesome clothesline!)

Josh Ethans: Folks anything can happen here tonight.

(Archangel grabs Hansel by the hair lifting his head up, Archangel then delivers a powerful blow to the temple of Hansel. Archangel grabs Hansel by the throat and begins choking him! The ref tells Archangel to break the hold but Archangel jumps up into the face of the ref intimidating him. Hansel comes from behind pulling Archangel down into a school boy pin, 1…2… Archangel kicks out!)

Josh Ethans: You think at this point these refs will let these men do what ever they want.

(Archangel picks Hansel up and whips him into the ropes, as Hansel comes running back Archangel grabs him by the throat and spins him around for a chokeslam all in one motion but Hansel swings around and lands on his feet. Hansel then delivers a kick to the gut and then gives Archangel an uppercut. Archangel stumbles back a bit and hansel follows up quickly. Hansel goes for a neckbreaker but Archangel shoves Hansel to the ground. The crowd is cheering for Hansel)

Martin Hughes: These two veterans know each other so well it has to be hard to pull of a single move!

(Archangel goes to pick Hansel up but he brings him down with a firemans carry. Hansel begins to climb up to the top rope but Archangel gets up and catches Hansel before he can make the jump. Archangel launches Hansel off of the top rope slamming him down to the mat. Archangel then steps out of the ring and pulls the steel ring steps apart. Archangel tosses the top part of the steps into the ring and slides in after them)

Martin Hughes: Archangel better watch out for a disqualification.

Josh Ethans: Like I said Martin, I doubt the ref will call one at this point.

Martin Hughes: Good point.

(Archangel picks the steel steps up and raises them over his head, Archangel walks over and towers over Hansel. Archangel then brings the steps down and drives them straight into the abdomen of Hardcore Hansel knocking the wind out of him instantly! Hansel rolls over coughing and Archangel raises the steps up once more. Archangel brings the steps down again but this time he smashes them into the lower back of Hansel! Hansel, who is screaming in pain, quickly crawls over and rolls out of the ring)

Josh Ethans: Vicious shots from Archangel!

(Archangel drops the steps and follows Hansel out of the ring. Archangel picks Hansel up and rams his shoulder into the gut of Hansel driving him back into the hard ring apron! Hansel falls to his knees and Archangel gives him a thunderous punch to the head taking Hansel down to the floor)

Josh Ethans: Right now Archangel is just dominating Hansel!

(Archangel walks over to the commentators table and beings pulling the monitors out and tossing them to the ground! The crowd really gets excited and begins cheering. Archangel walks back over grabbing Hansel and lifts him up on his shoulder and carries him over to the table. Archangel lays Hansel on top of the table and climbs up on top with him)

Martin Hughes: Look out Josh, they are going to be coming down and I mean DOWN!!!

(Archangel stands Hansel up to look him in the eyes and goes for a punch but Hansel blocks it! Archangel then tries for a left hook but Hansel blocks that as well! Hansel gives Archangel a headbutt then knees him in the gut. Hansel places Archangel’s head between his legs and calls for a piledriver! The crowd is really getting behind Hansel now)

Martin Hughes: This could be the end of Archangel folks!

(Hansel goes to lift Archangel up but Archangel grabs onto Hansel’s leg so he can’t lift him. Archangel then drops to his knees and gives Hansel a powerful low blow!!! The entire arena is now booing Archangel! Archangel then grabs Hansel by the throat and lifts him high up into the air holding him up for a few seconds. Archangel then turns to the side and chokeslams Hansel off of the table and into the front row of the crowd and not onto the table!!!)

Josh Ethans: Hansel has just landed on someone’s chair who isn’t there!

Martin Hughes: Who would be away at this point in the match?

Josh Ethans: I don’t know but Hansel isn’t moving Martin, this could be serious.

(The crowd is chanting “Holy Shit” as Archangel steps down off of the table)

Josh Ethans: Okay now we see some signs of life out of Hardcore Hansel.

(Archangel shoves the time keeper to the ground and folds his chair up. As Hansel gets up on the out side and turns around Archangel cracks him in the face with the steel chair knocking Hansel back into the isle way. Archangel steps over the guard rail with the chair still in his hand and he follows Hansel back deep into the crowd)

Martin Hughes: These guys will battle it out all over the arena!

(Hansel begins to walk down this isle full of people bobbing and weaving in and out of them to get away from Archangel. As Hansel reaches steps leading up to the next level of seating he quickly makes his way up. Archangel approaches the bottom of the steps and Hansel, without warning, turns and goes flying off of the top of the stairs and goes flying all the way down to take Archangel down with a crossbody block! The crowd is ecstatic)

Josh Ethans: WOW! Can you believe that!

(Hansel pulls the chair away from Archangel and smashes him in the chest with it! Hansel then hands the chair to an excited fan who is cheering him on and Hansel begins to make his way back to the ring. Archangel sits straight up and the crowd boos him. Hansel turns around seeing this then takes off into a sprint towards the ringside area. Someone trips Hansel and he wipes out hitting the concrete hard)

Martin Hughes: That is uncalled for Josh, that fan should be ejected from the arena.

(Hansel makes it back up to his feet and gets back to the guard rail. As Hansel goes to climb over the guard rail Archangel comes from behind and connects with Hardcore Hansel right in the back of the head with a big boot! Hansel goes falling back onto the floor. Archangel steps over the guard rail and picks Hansel up rolling him into the ring)

Josh Ethans: There back to the ring.

(Archangel grabs Hansel by the throat and once again gives him a huge chokeslam shaking the ring! Archangel then goes for the cover, 1…2… Hansel gets his shoulder up just at the last second)

Martin Hughes: How do these men have any energy to go on after all the stuff that have done so far tonight.

(Archangel picks Hansel up and whips him into the corner. Archangel runs over and drives his elbow into the side of the head of Hansel. Archangel then sets Hansel up onto the top rope and climbs up to the top with him. Archangel grabs Hansel by the throat and the crowd can sense the end is near so they start chanting Hansel’s name. Hansel jabs Archangel in the gut then gives him a stiff headbutt! Hansel then hip tosses Archangel off of the top rope down to the mat! Hansel stands high taunting to the crowd just before he leaps off of the top and comes crashing down driving his elbow into the chest of Archangel!)

Martin Hughes: The infamous elbow drop from the top!

Josh Ethans: This could be it!

(Hansel pins Archangel’s leg up 1…2… Archangel gets his should up and the crowd boos. Hansel sits up and wipes his mouth in frustration. Hansel then picks Archangel up and swings around behind him in the sleeper hold position! Hansel then brings Archangel crashing down with The Deceiver!!!)

Josh Ethans: Deceiver!!!

Martin Hughes: That could be it right there!

(Hansel covers Archangel, 1…2… Archangel gets his shoulder up at the last second! Hansel cannot believe it and neither can the fans they are all booing Archangel. Hansel picks the very weak Archangel up to his feet, Archangel breaks away from Hansel then grabs him and brings him down with a scoop slam! Archangel rocks back almost falling. Archangel then picks Hansel up and whips him into the ropes)

Josh Ethans: Geez, we should have had a time limit on this match.

(Hansel comes running back and Archangel side steps him and grabs him from behind, Archangel then pulls Hansel down to the mat with such force you can hear Hansel’s neck pop!!!)

Martin Hughes: Holy!!!!

Josh Ethans: Archangel has just hit The Deceiver on Hardcore Hansel!

Martin Hughes: How embarrassing would it be to lose to your own finishing move!?!

(Archangel slowly crawls on top of the chest of Hansel, 1…2…)

Martin Hughes: THREE!!!

Josh Ethans: NO NO!!! Hansel got his shoulder up! His shoulder is up!

(The entire crowd is on their feet for these men and can’t believe Hansel just got his shoulder up. The ref gives Archangel the two signal and he gets up to his feet back in his face! Hansel slowly crawls over to pull Archangel down in a school boy again but Archangel sees it and gives Hansel a hard kick to the chest!)

Martin Hughes: I thought it was over there for a second.

(Archangel picks Hansel up who seems he cannot stand by himself. Archangel places Hansel’s between his legs and gives the cut throat signal triggering the crowd to boo even louder)

Martin Hughes: This entire arena is on their feet.

Josh Ethans: They should be, Archangel is calling for The Deep Sleep!!!

(Archangel flips Hansel up into the air but before he can bring him back down Hansel slides off of the back of Archangel. Hansel spins Archangel around and kicks him in the gut bending him over! Hansel quickly shoves Archangel’s head between his legs and lifts him up into the air and brings him crashing down with The Deep Sleep of his own!!! The crowd is going into an uproar cheering for Hansel!)

Josh Ethans: Now Hansel has hit Archangel’s finisher on him!

Martin Hughes: The Deep Sleep!!!

(Hansel collapse and lands on top of Archangel as the ref jumps down for the count, 1…2… NO!!! Archangel gets his shoulder up!!!)

Josh Ethans: How the hell!!!

Martin Hughes: These men are fighting for their lives!

(Hansel rolls off of Archangel and both men are down and the ref begins to count them down and out.…… Hansel is up top his feet with assistance of the ropes. Hansel stumbles over to Archangel and picks him up. Hansel goes to whip Archangel into the corner turnbuckle but Archangel reverses it and whips Hansel chest first into the corner. Hanse is leaning into the turnbuckle with his back facing Archangel. Archangel charges over at Hansel but Hansel pushes off of the ropes and springs over the top of Archangel!)

Martin Hughes: A trap!

(Archangel hits the corner hard and chest first! Hansel grabs Archangel from behind for The Deceiver but when Hansel goes to pull Archangel down Archangel has ahold of the ropes and wont let go! Archangel lets go and connects into the side of the head with an elbow to Hansel. Archangel goes to climb up to the top rope, he steps up onto the middle rope and Hansel runs up and catches Archangel’s head from behind and brings him smashing down more on the back of his neck than his back making the impact more severe!!!)

Josh Ethans: The Deceiver from the second rope!!!

Martin Hughes: Hansel is crawling on top of Archangel already!

(Hansel is on top of Archangel and the ref jumps down to count not seeing Archangel foot under the bottom rope, 1…2…3 DING DING DING!!!)

Josh Ethans: OH MY GOD HE HAS DONE IT!!!

Martin Hughes: He has pulled it off! Tonight these two men have shown why they are the best of the best and why they are the veterans!!!

(“My Life” by 12 Stones picks up over the PA system as the ref raises Hardcore Hansel’s hand up into the air with the victory! Hansel looks up into the rafters in disbelief)

Josh Ethans: Hansel has won the match but he isn’t walking away tonight with any gold, he is walking away with a whole lot of Glory!!!

Martin Hughes: What a match ladies and gentlemen!!!


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