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Andrea Benson: Coming to the ring first, the ACCW C.E.O. and his tag team partner, Robert Graham and Ric Blade!

(Boos fill the arena as “My Way” by Limp Bizkit picks up over the PA system. Robert Graham and Ric Blade come walking out of the back with grins on their faces. Graham walks down the middle of the ramp as Ric Blade walks next to the guard rail tearing down signs that bad mouth Robert Graham. Both men slide into the ring and taunt the crowd as they boo them and scream vulgar words towards them)

Andrea Benson: And their opponent, weighting in at 253 pounds and he is from Jacksonville, North Carolina, Hardcore Harry!

(The boos fade out of the arena as Extreme Hardcore Entertainment flashes across the titantron and “Back Up” by 12 Stones picks up over the PA system. Hardcore Harry comes walking out onto the entrance ramp and in his hand is a sledgehammer!!!)

Josh Ethans: Harry is a man on a mission folks and with no holds barred this could get dirty!

(Hardcore Harry dashes down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope and runs straight over to Ric Blade and decks him with a shot to the head with the sledgehammer!!! Ric hit the mat and rolls out of the ring with blood instantly pouring from his head! Graham comes running up from behind and hits Harry in the back with a steel chair! Harry shrugs the hit off and swings around looking at Graham with a sadistic look in his eyes)

Martin Hughes: Get the hell out of there Graham!

Josh Ethans: It’s too late!

(Hardcore Harry grabs Graham by the throat and pushes him back into the corner turnbuckle and he is pointing the sledgehammer in his face while shouting words at him. Harry gives Graham a headbutt dazing Graham. Harry takes a step back and roars back with the sledgehammer and just before he can make contact with Graham’s head Ric Blade is back in the ring and he brings Harry down with a neckbreaker!)

Josh Ethans: Ric just saved Graham’s tail right there.

(Ric mounts himself on Harry and begins laying into him with a series of punches to the head! Harry forces Ric off of him and tries to get to his feet, but Robert Graham lays him out with a stiff kick to the side of the head! Harry calls back to the mat trying to figure out where he is)

Martin Hughes: Look at this, Graham is now taunting Harry!

Josh Ethans: He better watch out.

(Harry rolls over and gives Graham a low blow and the crowd love it! The crowd begins to chant Harry’s name as he gets to his feet. Ric Blade comes springing off of the ropes and comes at Harry with a clothesline but Harry ducks it. Harry spins around and grabs a hold of Ric, Ric tries to break free but with no success. Harry then flips Ric over and brings him crashing down with a belly to belly suplex. Harry slides out of the ring and grabs his sledgehammer)

Martin Hughes: Business is about to pick up!

Josh Ethans: Screw that!!!

(Harry slowly picks Ric up to his feet then whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Harry then backs up to the opposite corner and charges forward. Harry comes charging towards Ric and he lunges forward driving the sledgehammer straight into the throat of Ric Blade!!! The force sends Ric Blade tumbling backwards over the top rope and to the floor below)

Josh Ethans: That could have ended his career folks; he has already lost so much blood, now he can’t breathe!

(Harry pauses then looks to the crowd and points over to Robert Graham, the crowd responds by cheering to the top of their lungs for Harry. Harry backs Graham into a corner turnbuckle begging for his life. Reaches down grabbing Graham by the back of the neck and stands him up right)

Martin Hughes: HAHA!!!

(Graham goes for a cheap low blow but Harry blocks it with the handle of the sledgehammer, Harry shakes his head “no” at Robert Graham. Harry then gives Graham a headbutt to the head then kicks him in the gut. Harry raises the sledgehammer up into the air and before he can bring it down the referee Nick Harris snatches the sledgehammer from Hardcore Harry!!!)

Josh Ethans: What the….

Martin Hughes: Huh? What is he doing?

Josh Ethans: Graham wanted this type of match why did Nick Harris just grab that sledgehammer from Hardcore Harry?

(Harry is now staring Nick Harris dead in the eye with such fury Nick looks as if he is trembling. Harry comes to punch Nick Harris but Robert Graham catches his arm and swings him around kicking him in the gut. Robert Graham then brings Harry down with Ric Blade’s Knife Blade Stunner!!!)

Martin Hughes: Harry is out!

(Robert goes for the count, 1..2.. Harry gets his should up and the crowd lets out a huge sigh and start booing for Graham. Graham jumps up getting into the face of Nick Harris and is yelling at him for a slow count)

Josh Ethans: If you ask me that count looked a little fast.

(Graham turns around picking Harry up. Graham delivers a hard right to the face of Harry knocking him back into the ropes. Graham runs back into the ropes and as he is coming back Harry charges forward and takes Graham down with a big boot! Harry bends down to pick Graham up but as he does the sledgehammer comes crashing down right onto the back of his neck!!!)

Josh Ethans: OH MY GOD!!!

(Harry falls limp and to the mat over Robert Graham. The crowd is booing because the man holding the sledgehammer is Nick Harris, the referee. Graham rolls Harry off of him and lays his arm over Harry’s chest!)

Martin Hughes: No not this way!

(1..2.. Harry gets his shoulder up just before the three count is made!!! The crowd goes into an uproar cheering and chanting for Harry. Robert Graham can’t believe it and he starts to crawls away from Harry. Harry starts to use the ropes to help himself up, Nick Harris is talking to Robert Graham. Harry gets to his feet and runs over kicking Nick in the face. Harry grabs Nick and places his head between Harry’s legs! Harry flips Nick up, extends him a few feet, then brings him crashing down to the mat with a loud crash)

Josh Ethans: Yes!!! He deserves it!!!

(Harry stands up talking trash to Nick when Graham comes from behind and jabs Harry in the back. Harry spins around showing no signs of pain and kicks Graham right in the gut bending him over. Harry shoves Graham’s head between his legs and flips him up into the air. Harry extends Graham a few extra feet then brings him crashing down to the mat hard right beside Nick Harris!!! The crowd is ecstatic!)

Martin Hughes: This crowd is going nuts Josh, they must really hate Robert Graham!

(Harry covers Robert Graham but Nick Harris is out and no one can make the count. The crowd boos until Alex Sommers comes sprinting out of the back and down the ramp. Alex slides into the ring and goes for the count, 1…2… Alex Sommers is jerked out of the ring by Ric Blade before he can make the three count!!! Ric jabs Alex knocking him down to the floor)

Josh Ethans: Can you believe this match Martin?

(A very bloody and weak Ric Blade slides into the ring. Harry jumps off of Graham and runs over for a clothesline but Ric ducks the clothesline and spins around kicking Harry in the gut! Ric then spins around and grabs Harry’s head and brings in down right on his shoulder with an extremely powerful Knife Blade Stunner!!! The crowd is booing Ric now)

Martin Hughes: Ric is waking Nick Harris up now.

(Ric jumps onto Harry and pins his leg up as Nick Harris goes for the count, 1…2…3 DING DING DING “My Way” by Limp Bizkit picks up over the PA system as Ric helps Robert Graham and Nick Harris up to their feet. The crowd can’t believe the outcome and are booing them out of the building)

Josh Ethans: Robert Graham is going for something in his pocket.

(After Graham has realized where he was he pulls out a wad of money and hands it over to Nick Harris and nods at him)

Martin Hughes: Harry has just been ripped off!

Josh Ethans: It is obvious that Robert Graham paid off the referee to win this match.

Martin Hughes: And referee Nick Harris went to the extreme to make sure he got his payment. I’m sure this will not sit well with Harry once he finds out what has just happened!

Josh Ethans: Lets get to our next match.


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