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Josh Ethans: And here comes the moment we were all waiting on Martin.

Martin Hughes: Dark Knight is planning on defending his World Championship against none other than Paul Electric!

Josh Ethans: Let's get it on!

Andrea Benson: Coming to the ring first, the challenger, weighting in at 220 pounds and he is from Toronto, Ontario, Paul Electric!!!

(Mixed reactions begin to pour over the arena as “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit roars over the PA system. Paul Electric comes walking out onto the entranceway and taunts as half of the crowd cheers him and the other half boo. Paul Electric walks down to the ring and slides in looking very jacked, obviously in the best shape of his career)

Andrea Benson: And his opponent, the current ACCW World Heavyweight Champion, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dark Knight!!!

(Clips of Dark Knight in past matches flashes across the titantron as “Barely Breathing” by Dust to Dust blares over the PA system. Dark Knight slowly comes walking out onto the entrance ramp with the World Championship Title around his waist. Dark Knight points to his title and points to the crowd rambling and yelling at the crowd! Dark Knight then takes off and runs down to the ring and slides in. DK takes his title off and tosses to the ref and charges over towards Paul Electric)

Josh Ethans: Whoa Dark Knight couldn’t wait he is already all over Paul!

(DING DING DING, Dark Knight has Paul Electric pushed into the ropes and is laying into Paul with a series of hard punches. Paul pushes DK away and rushes towards him but receives a big to the face. Paul falls back into the turnbuckle. DK runs over and leaps into the air and connects with a splash into the corner. DK then steps up onto the middle rope hooking Paul by the head and he pulls him down to the mat with an extremely powerful DDT!)

Martin Hughes: Dark Knight looks like he is going for the quick kill.

(DK goes for the cover, 1…2… Paul kicks out and the crowd seems to cheer him. DK goes to pick Paul up but Paul rams his shoulder into the gut of DK and flips him over with a northern lights suplex! Paul rolls off and grabs DK’s arm and twists it around and pulls it down to the mat with a twisting arm bar! DK starts squirming and trying to reach the ropes with his other arm)

Josh Ethans: Dark Knight is in trouble Martin.

Martin Hughes: Nah, he has it.

(Dark Knight reaches the ropes and breaks the hold. Paul is back on the attack.  Wait a second! DK's still got some fight in him! DK with a right, and another! Oh and a thumb to the eyes from DK!!! DK is surely a fan of the easiest way out)

Josh Ethans: Oh come on.

Martin Hughes: What's wrong with using a thumb to the eyes?

Josh Ethans: He is the World Champion, he shouldn’t be pulling moves like that!

(Dark Knight repeatedly slams Paul’s face first into the turnbuckles before running him down to the corner and slamming him face first into the other turnbuckle. Paul falls to his knees and DK gives him a crushing kick to the side of the head laying Paul out)

Martin Hughes: Ouch!

(DK locks a reverse throat hold as Paul struggles to free himself.  As Paul slows his struggle DK releases the hold and shoves Paul forward.  The dazed Paul stumbles forward as DK hops up onto the top rope.)

Martin Hughes: That choke hold seems to have done it’s work Josh.  Paul is trying to shake off the cobwebs.

Josh Ethans: Well he better hurry it up.

(DK leaps from the top rope and catches Paul Electric with a drop kick to the back of the head sending Paul spawling.)

Martin Hughes: GOOD LORD!  A drop kick to the back of Paul Electric’s skull.  That could have knocked him unconscious.

Josh Ethans: It was close!

(Dark Knight goes for the cover, 1…2… NO!!! Paul Electric gets his shoulder up! DK jumps up getting in the ref’s face arguing about a slow count)

Martin Hughes: That could have been it right there.

(DK picks Paul up and hits him with a standing side kick just as Paul turns around.  The move connects right under the chin of Paul and drops him to the mat. DK immediately goes to Paul and pulls him up.  DK pulls him back into a reverse DDT position.)

Martin Hughes: What could this be folks?  DK is looking out to the crowd, soaking in their energy.

Josh Ethans: No energy coming from this seat, I can assure you of that.

(Paul comes up jabbing Dark Knight in the throat causing him to release him. Paul kicks DK in the gut and shoves his head between his legs and quickly hooks both of DK’s arms. Paul then flips DK up into the air and brings him crashing down hard onto the mat!)



Martin Hughes: NO!!! Dark Knight just got his shoulder up off of the mat!

Josh Ethans: Who kicks out of the Rough Justice?

Martin Hughes: The World Champion that’s who!

(Paul picks Dark Knight up to his feet and places his head between his legs and hooks both of his arms again. Paul then flips Dark Knight up and slams him down onto the mat once again but this time even harder than the first!!!)

Martin Hughes: Over!!!

(Paul falls on top of Dark Knight covering him as the ref counts, 1…2…the ref stops the count all of a sudden. Paul looks over and Dark Knight’s foot is on the bottom rope!!! Paul can’t believe and jumps up to his feet)

Josh Ethans: Dark Knight isn’t going down without a fight I will tell you that much.

Martin Hughes: He isn’t the champion for nothing you know.

(Paul Electric gives the cut throat signal as he starts to pick the World Champion up to his feet. Paul hooks him in a DDT position and brings him down hard with a powerful DDT planting DK right into the mat. Paul then goes for another cover, 1…2… DK gets his shoulder up again)

Martin Hughes: There is just no quit in that man right there.

(Paul grabs DK by the hair jerking his head back and screaming into his face telling him to “stay down”. Paul grabs DK by the throat and lifts him up to his feet. DK quickly kicks Paul right in the mid-section and grabs him from behind and lays him out with a release german suplex! DK slowly gets back to his feet and crouches down in the opposite corner of Paul Electric waiting for him to rise)

Josh Ethans: This could definitely be it Martin!

(Paul slowly gets to his feet and staggers his way around just to see Dark Knight charging at him! DK drives his shoulder right into the ribs of Paul and drives him straight down to the mat!!! The entire crowd gasps as DK jumps up to his feet pumped up and screaming for the end!)

Josh Ethans: Holy crap!!!

Martin Hughes: I would hate to be in Paul Electric’s boots right about now.

(DK jerks Paul’s lifeless body up from the mat and grabs ahold of him. DK then lifts Paul up and brings him crashing down with The Death Drop!!! Paul’s body just crumbles under the pressure and you can see his entire body go limp. Dark Knight pins his leg up and the crowd counts with the referee!!! 1…2…3 DING DING DING ““Barely Breathing” by Dust to Dust picks up over the PA system as the ref grabs the ACCW World Heavyweight Championship and hands it over to Dark Knight! DK walks over and steps up to the middle rope flaunting the Title)

Andrea Benson: Your winner and STILL ACCW World Heavyweight Champion, Dark Knight!!!

Martin Hughes: What a great match up we just witnessed Josh, I wouldn’t have liked it any other way.

Josh Ethans: Indeed it was great, both men put so much effort into this match up.

Martin Hughes: True, Dark Knight walks out tonight with the gold but both men walk out with a whole lot of glory.

Josh Ethans: Paul Electric put up a hell of a fight and your right he has no right to be ashamed of himself, he did great!

Martin Hughes: Well folks I HOPE that you enjoyed ACCW Glory & Gold and stay tuned to our next ACCW event!

(The camera shows Dark Knight one last time taunting with the World Title now around his waist as the fans take pictures and chant his name)




ACCW Glory & Gold