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(DIWF Cameras catch Y2J Chris Jericho pulling up in his Camero. Y2J steps out of the car and shuts the door and then turns around to see the DIWF Camera in his face.)

Jericho: WOW! You boys are prepared!!! Well I'm not really ready to enter the why don't you come over here and hop into the car...we got a little business to take care of....I got somewhere to go..come along!

(Jericho opens the door and hops back into the car and the camera man goes around and gets into the passenger side of the car. Jericho then starts the car up and pulls out and speeds off as DIWF goes to a commercial break)

***DIWF at a commercial break**


*****Scene Change*****

(About an hour later Chris Jericho pulls up in a crowded parking lot. Jericho puts on a black mask and a black shirt and gets out of the car.)

Jericho: Realize where we are yet??..........No?? Okay travel a little further up and then you will recognize!!!

(Jericho and the camera man walk closer to the building and when they get to the front a lot of people are entering the building and the camera catches a logo which is immediately recognized as the ***-* logo.)

Jericho: Now I am sure you recognize this place!!! Yes this is the infamous ***-* Arena!!!! ....Now you know the reason for the black mask!!!

(The ***-* fans see the man in the black mask and believe it to be a ***-* wrestler and rush up to him for autographs. Jericho pulls out a pen and begins to sign the autographs. After about a hundred autographs are signed a ***-* fan finally notices the Autograph)

Fan: Hey this guy is......

(Jericho then yanks off the mask and shirt to reveal himself and his "DIWF is JERICHO" t-shirt and the fans begin to get angry and begin to lunge at Jericho but Security stops them.)

Jericho: That's rigth you ***-* Idiots!!! The Man you all wish would come to your federation is here!!!! ....See you can't afford seats to a DIWF Jerkies are so cheap that you can only afford these fifty cent ***-* tickets!!!! And thus you have to miss out on being entertained by your ROLE MODEL...your Party Host... and the ATOLLYAH OF ROCK N' ROLLA ...Y2J Chris Jericho!!! You see Skull comes to the DIWF and he and Walker Boh brag about this place...they brag like it's something great??...ha...if it were that great then why aren't they fighting to sign up Y2J??? ....Instead they have alot of jobbers.. and nobodies!!! Let me go inside and take a look at this place!

(Y2J hooks on his mask and heds inside another entrance. He notices as soon as he walks in that this is the ***-* Locker room entrance. Jericho walks along as the DIWF camera man follows behind. Once inside Jericho seems many of the ***-* Athletes. Jericho hurries out of the locker room and asks where the entry way is. He is told and Jericho heds to the entry way. Once at the Entry way Jericho talks to the ***-* production crew.)

***-* Crew member: Okay you...what's your name???

Jericho: name is Soul Taker....I.....uh......I was sent by Black Skull.....I ..yeah!

***-* Crew member: Okay GO!!!!

(The Lights dim and on the ***-* -tron things like AP and stuff flash on and then music hits and out comes Jericho in his black mask and black shirt...he hears over the PA that he is announced as the Soul Taker. Jericho walks out and stands at the entry way as a Purple Light flashes on him and smoke lets out all around him and flows along the entry ramp and all to the ring as the ***-* fans cheer not recognizing that this is the same man who they saw earlier. Suddeny Jericho starts slowly down the ramp and to the ring. When he gets to the ring he stands in front of the ring apron and then suddenly he hops on to the ring apron and then quickly hops into the ring. Once in the ring Jericho raises a fist into the air and flames come from the posts and the crowd cheers as the lights return and Jericho is handed a mic.. Jericho waits a little bit as to think of a voice in which to speak in)

(In a Loud, Strong Voice)Jericho: .....I am the Soul Taker! I was sent to take any of whom gets in my ways Soul!!! I will this sunday be at the DIWF event known as King of the Ring...

(Jericho then quickly pulls off the mask)

Jericho: And I'll be there to make sure that Walker Boh, MaC, and Black Skull get the Y2J Beating of there life!!!! hahahaha

(Suddenly many ***-* wrestlers come from the back and hed towards the ring and Jericho quickly heds under the ring and goes through the trap door that is set up under the ring. Jericho runs down a dark hallway and exits through an emergency exit. Jericho and the DIWF camera man quickly rush to Jericho's car where they jump inside and quickly take off as the ***-* wrestlers try to run to catch them)

Jericho: WHOOOOOOO!! Hahahahaha.....Looks like your boys aren't fast enough Skull!!! And looks like those fans of yours are that bright either!!! ......The real reason I came to the arena is to look for you Skull....but once I got there I couldn't help but pull a prank on yours and Walkers beloved ***-*!!! See Skull I hear you talk about it so much I had to see just how great it is...and well it was okay but the DIWF is better!!!....But where were you Skull....and what is in that Envelope your have brought up??? Skull I will be at King of the will be at King of the Ring so that's your chance right there!!!

**DIWF goes to a commercial**

**DIWF returns from a commercial**


(Y2J Chris Jericho's car pulls back up to the DIWF arena another hour later and Jericho and the DIWF camera man get out of the car.)

Jericho: I think it's about time that we pay a visit to the DIWF fans!!! Let's go!!!

(Jericho walks along as the DIWF camera man gets out a walkie talkie and talks into it. Jericho walks into the arena and quickly rushes to the entry way. Jericho reaches the curtain and the DIWF crew try to stop Jericho because there is a match going on between The Goon vs. Johnny Bravo)

(Y2J instead doesn't stop)


(A camera in the DIWF arena is taping the match as the crowd is bored from the jobber match. Suddenly as the men in the ring are throwing punches the lights go out and the action can't be seen. All of a sudden the Y2J Countdown appears on the DIWF-tron and the crowd stands and cheers in anticipation of Y2J Chris Jericho.)

*=Y2J Countdown=*

(Suddenly the Y2J Countdown fades from the DIWF-tron and the arena is again blank except for the screams of the cheering fans. The Camera's position in the ring to see close up's of The Goon and Johnny Bravo standing and looking towards the entry way as they wait for Y2J Chris Jericho to make it to the ring. Suddenly a blast of pyro hits)


(And "BREAK THE WALLS DOWN" Y2J Chris Jericho's theme music hits and there Chris Jericho stands at the entry way of the DIWF with his arms spread wide and then suddenly Jericho turns around and he shouts to pump the crowd up. Jericho rubs his DIWF Internet Title and then starts his walk down the ramp towards the ring as the crowd continues there cheers. When Jericho reaches the ring he climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring as his music is cut short by the charging of both The Goon and Johnny Bravo. The Goon and Bravo charge at Jericho going for a double lariat but Jericho ducks and hits Bravo and The Goon with a double bulldog, Jericho bounces off of the other side of the ring and then comes back and as The Goon and Bravo are getting up Jericho hits a double closeline sending both out of the ring. The Goon and Bravo get up and hed towards the back. Jericho then walks over and grabs a mic)

Jericho: ALRIGHT BABY!!!! HELLO Jericholics and WELCOME to DIWF is JERICHO!!!!!

(The fans jump to there feet cheering for Chris Jericho as he flashes his cocky smile and then Jericho raises the mic back up to his mouth)

Jericho: Alright let me start with what is most important...and well with it coming up that is KING OF THE RING!!! Because you see we are now Twenty Four hours away from the Special Friday SLAM where of course the King of the Ring Qualifying matches will be held!...So as that goes for Y2J tomorrow night I will be taking on MaC!!! MaC last night at Wendsday WAR I got you back for what you did to me...but Tomorrow night you and I step into the ring FACE to FACE...Tomorrow night there will be no way to attack from behind! There will be no way to get the upper hand...that is except to WORK for it!!! Because MaC tomorrow TWO great athletes walk into that match but only ONE walks out with the chance to compete in the King of the Ring event!!!..The past, OUR past is going to be put behind us! This is the ultimate match for us! See MaC this is the most important match for us without a title on the line of course! Now MaC I can come out here and say that I know the way you compete! I could say that I know your strengths and weaknesses! I could say that I got your number....but the thing about this match tomorrow night is that we are both going to be prepared!!! Tomorrow night we are going to compete in the hardest fighting, and best match of our lives!! Because there is not a single person competeing tomorrow night who doesn't want to become the Two Thousand and One King of the Ring Champion!!! But the thing about it is that only a Select few will get that chance...and only One person will ultimately become the Two Thousand and One King of the Ring Champion!!.....Now Tomorrow night MaC for me to compete in the tournament..I will have to defeat you!!! You a man that I have had the privlege to step into the ring with a couple of times!! ....MaC vs. Y2J Chris Jericho....I know that I have watched the videos....I know that I have been training everyday since I heard that this Pay Per View was coming up...because I knew this Tournament was coming and I know that I want.....No AM going to become the Two Thousand and ONE King of the Ring Champion!!! I WANT IT!! Do you MaC??? I have competed in a lot of tough match, I have competed in a lot of matches that meant something...but Tomorrow Night I step foot in the ring to compete for the shot to be in the King of the Ring Tournament and I think that this might just be my most important match YET! So MaC it's you and I....No help....Just One on trying to eliminate me for you AP/HOE alliance pals! Me fighting to win because I want this...because I want to become a Top Player in the game I the game of Wrestling!!! So now it's said....Now I know that going into this match Tomorrow night that I'M READY!!! But MaC the question now is.....ARE YOU READY???

(Crowd cheers)

Jericho: Now after Tomorrow night if Y2J does happen to defeat MaC ....then Y2J Chris Jericho goes on to compete in the Two Thousand and One King of the Ring Tournament!! King of the Ring...just what does that mean??? I tell you what it means!!! The King of the Ring is the man who is the best in this ring! The Man who can compete like none other!! The Kings of the Ring are elite competitors and being the King of the Ring means that you are a Top Player!! That you are one of the best!!! And Tomorrow night I start on that road!! I start on the road to prove that I am one of the Best! Tomorrow night I start with MaC....and who I end with is yet to be seen!! All I do know is that I intend to fight my hardest!!! I don't plan on giving up...I don't plan on losing!! I intend to fight every King of the Ring match like I am fighting for my life...every match I go on...I plan to make better....while other matches the athlete seem to get slower...I on the other hand intend to make every match better and show more speed and quickness and moves each and every match as I go on!!! Then if or WHEN I get to the Finals...I plan on giving whoever I face a Y2J BEATING that they will NEVER EVER Forget A-GAIN!!! Because I'm READY!!! ....I don't know about the rest of the athelte but I'M READY!!! See I don't care if I have to take on Catalyst, Black Skull, Omega, Walker Boh, Steve Austin, Eric Draven, or even that Jerky THE MYSTERY MAN!!! Because I plan to go into each match with equal intesity!!! I don't care if an oppenent is meant with the highest respect or if he is the strongest....I don't care because I am coming into every match with the intent to WIN!!! To brutalize my opponent if that be the need!!! And if Y2J does happen to lose then at least I will have givin it my all!!! But to everyone who sits in the back not prepared..well then I feel sorry for you because you will certainly be destroyed...but as for me...I've trained, I'm prepared, I'M READY!!!!

Jericho: Now before I go on about the King of the Ring Tournament there is something else I have to talk about and that something else is my DIWF Internet Title Match....a match since last night switched completly into a THREE WAY MATCH!!!!.....I could go on and on and on about how it was suppose to be me vs. Robb Fury in our first One on One Match!...But I'm not going to do that! You see because Grave Digger I like the Challenge!!!! And before I go into that King of the Ring Tournament I need one more good challenge!!! And that Challenge will be me stepping in the ring to defend my DIWF Internet Championship Title!! Because at King of the Ring I go against Robb Fury and Grave Digger! Two Men I have to respect for skills....two men I don't have to like! Because the pure and simple thing about about King of the Ring is that I am going to go into the Three Way Battle...I don't like it...I wanted the One on One Match...but I am going into the Three Way Battle and I am going into it simply to WIN!!!! You see first when I thought it was One on vs. Robb I wanted to test my prove myself...but now I'm just going to fight to win!!! I don't care how....I don't care what happens but I am going into this match to WIN!!! It'll be BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!! Whether I have to BURN you like Walker did Grave Digger....whether I have to do whatever to your's ON!!! You see I had the friendly match with you Robb....but now that's canceled!!! The friendly part of this match ended when Gravedigger was put into this match!!! ....Because you see Last night Gravedigger got the win over you and somehow was put into this now Gravedigger you think you can insult Y2J's think you can insult Y2J's Intesity...What do you think Gravedigger??? Do you think that I'm not READY??? Well Gravedigger that's where your WRONG!!! And if you don't believe me...well then I will walk into the King of the Ring event..I will fight and give it my all...and I will more than defintely PROVE YOU WRONG!!!! You see you can say that your intellegent but......but let's look this over!....You fought Walker boh in a Flaming Casket were set on fire by Walker Boh ....and NOW you stand with Walker Boh???? ...Well not to insult you here Jerky...but You have to be the BIGGEST...and Y2J really does mean the B-B-B-BBBBBBIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSTTTTTTTT Ignoramous that Y2J HAS EVER SEEN!!!! ....But you do have the skill to test Y2J...and that is something I will admit...and that just makes this match at King of the Ring a MUST WIN!!!! See I was fighting Robb Fury because I wanted to PROVE that I had what it takes to beat him ONE ON ONE!!! I wanted to fight Robb Fury because he's a great athlete!! But NOW Robb and I are joined by YOU, Gravedigger in this match! And now I am going to be tested by the talent of TWO Great athletes....tested to defend this title against the BOTH of you!!! You complained about not getting the title shot against Y2J for the Internet Title....Y2J agreed to give you the title shot after King of the Ring ...but that wasn't good enough for you was it....No had to make it a Three Way Battle and now Jerky you don't have to be pinned to lose!!! Well thats all fine and good because now instead of having to pin one person...I now have a choice of who I want to pin in this match!!! ...But Gravedigger since you wouldn't wait...since you had to complain to get put in this match....Y2J wants YOU!!! Y2J is coming for YOU!!! See Junior you couldn't wait and now Jerky I am coming to the King of the Ring....I am coming to show you that you can't handle Y2J Chris Jericho...I am coming to show you that you don't have what it takes to beat me!!! I am coming to prove that I am a better athlete!!! ....And more than all I am coming to give you a Y2J BEATING that you will NEVER E-E-E-EEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR Forget!!!! ....Now Robb....Robb you are against me in this match to...but I know just like me, you wanted this to be One on against you!!! But now Digger messed this up...and now we won't get to fight one on one but instead we will go at it in a Three Way Battle and whatever happens..happens!!! But know this Robb I am going to do whatever it takes to retain my title...I am going to do whatever it takes to beat on GraveDigger...and if you want to take out Digger first well then right on..but know way or another I am coming out of King of the Ring with my DIWF Internet Title around my waist for all of these JERICHOLICS!!!!

(The Crowd cheers)

Jericho: Now to Black Skull!! Nice Arena....haha....nah I'm not going to come out here and mention your ***-* because lets face it these people hear about it enough already!! But I heard Walker out here earlier talking about the Envelope that you hold for me!!! Do I want it or not?? Is it good is it bad??? .......Well lets face the facts...I know that One way or another...sooner or later...I am going to find out what is in that envelope...good or bad I know that I am destined to find! So Black Skull lets just do it at King of the Ring....Anytime this Saturday...Anywhere this Saturday just make sure that I'm not in a match..and Skull I'll see you at King of the Ring!!!

Jericho: Now to Walker Boh!! For the past week we have commented...argued...and convinced ourselves over who will win King of the Ring!! Will it be you...will it be me...will it be Skull...will it be Omega??? ...Well as far as you and Skull are concerned you don't care as long as it's one of you??? As for Y2J...I plan on going all the way!!! You see I don't care what you have to say! You don't want Y2J to say that you'll do whatever it takes to make sure that I don't want!!! Well I say Just Bring it!!! Bring the Flaming Casket...Bring the Knives, The Assualt Riffle....I don't care what you have to bring...because all Y2J has to bring is himself!!! Because you see Walker I don't care how big you are!!! I don't care what group your a part of!!! I don't care what you have did in your career and to whom you did it to!! Because I am not here to please you!!! I am here to do everything I can to get myself to the top of this game!!! And right now that way is to beat everyone who gets in my way so that I can become the Two Thousand and One King of the Ring Champion!!! I started at the bottom of this game and I have worked hard to get to where I am today...I have beat giants...I have beat the small guys...I have beaten everyone that has been put in my way and now I am in this tournament and now I am going to do the same thing again!!! I am going to fight and do all that I can to WIN!!! Because by winning I get to the top of this winning I become part of the elite and that is the King of the Ring Winning I prove to all who doubt me...I prove to them that I am a great athlete...and that is what I have set out to do!!! So were not far now...Now it's so close...It's almost time!!! And if I win tomorrow night which I am almost DESTINED to do...well then I go on to face you!!! And in that Tournament you get your chance!! You get your chance to do your prove what you want to me...but I also get the same chance to do the same to you!! Because you see you don't think that I have the skill and I will go to PROVE YOU think that I am not .............that I'm not alot of things...but what I am going to do is PROVE YOU WRONG...because Walker what I am going to do is go on to win the KING OF THE prove that I am one of the best!!! So Walker Boh BRING IT ON...and BE READY....because I sure know I will!!!!