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Roleplay Number: 1--
Achivements None
Match: Billy Gunn vs Scott Hall vs Randy Macho
Beaten Opponents: none yet

It's a warm and Sunny day in the streets of Chuluota, Florida, there are crowds of people walking down the City block among them are Billy Gunn and his personal driver Jennety. The two are enjoying a couple of ice cream cones,  Billy Gunn  has a cherry ice cream and Jennety has a vanilla ice cream cone.. The two of them are finishing up there ice cream's as they come to a stop light, Billy finishes off his ice cream and tosses the cup and plastic spoon on the side of the road while Jennety continues chopping down on his.. The walk signal flashes up as Billy and Jennety begin walking accross the street and are making there way down the block but, are stopped by sirens heard coming from a cop car.. Both Billy and Jennety turn around and face the car as a lady officer steps out of the police car walking over to the boys.. Billy looks over at the lady officer who continues to walk toward the two while Jennety looks over at her and continues to enjoy his ice cream..

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. What's up totally hot babe lady officer? "

'Hot Babe Cop' Susan : " Excuse me sir, are you aware that you just litered on the city streets Chuluota, Florida? "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Sh-yah totally, what's your point? "

'Hot Babe Cop' Susan : " Well sir, believe it or not but, that is against the law around here, so I am going to have to write you a ticket.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " NO WAY! Excuse me lady but, have you looked around lady, this place is a dump! I mean a place like this doesn't deserve my trash, it's like my trash is totally beyond this dump, if anything you should totally be giving me a Citizenship award or something, not a tick! "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Sh-yah totally lady, Mr Billy doesn't deserve a ticker from a dump like this, especially a dump where Scott Hall grew up in.. "

'Hot Babe Cop' Susan : " Scott Hall? Wait, never mind I don't even want to know, just let me write you a ticket and you can be on your way.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Umm excuse me lady babe but, there is NO WAY I'm gonna let you write me a ticket.. I mean don't you know who I am? I'm the totally MR 'Prime Time', ... "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " And only..."

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::..  " And only  and if you totally give me a ticket it's gonna' be the biggest mistake of your life.. In fact, if you write me a ticket it's totally gonna get me steaming mad and I'm gonna take it out on that jackass Scott Hall, and you could SO be the reason somebody will get there CA-REAR ENDED Monday at Raw... "

'Hot Babe Cop' Susan : " Excuse me, is that a threat? "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Uhh.. (cuts off) -- "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::" -- You better believe it! "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.." Dude, shhhh! "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Well in that case, will you boys turn around and place your hands against the wall, I'm placing you under arrest.. "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Dude, I'm not even done eating my ice cream, chill a moment lady.. Ha ha, get it dude, chill? "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.." Dude no, right now it's not funny.. -- Listen lady, whatever my stupid little bro,' said don't pay attention to him he's a little slow when it comes talk doing anything.. But, I'll totally clean up the trash around the whole City if you want.. "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Ha ha, like your gonna mop the floor with Scott Hall this Monday Night! Ha ha, dude I totally can't wait until your match this Monday, so you can finally curbstomp that Jackasst.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Dude ha ha, sh-yah that's so gonna happen man, I mean I was the winner of King of the Ring in 1999, and been 10 time Tag team champion..At this rate dude, no one can stop me because, I'm Prime Time "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Ha ha, Prime Time that's so good dude, man I love being your driver,' "

'Hot Babe Cop' Susan : " Err erm.. Excuse me boys but, if you don't turn around and face the wall right now I'm going to have to pull out my Nightstick.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Ahh dude, no way I'm being arrested this has never happend to me before man.. My mom is gonna so totally 'freakin' mad dude.. "

The officer lady takes' Jennety ice cream out of his hands and tosses it in a trash can nearby as both Billy and Jennety turn around and place there hands on the wall.. The lady officer pulls up behind the two and spreads there legs apart as she begins searching Jennety first..

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Ahh dude! Watch the hair lady, it took me like sixty-five hours to get it just how I wanted it.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Dude calm down man, she'll hit you with her big black stick.. Ha ha ha... "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::" Ha ha, I bet she wants me to spank her with my big white stick dude, she's so 'freakin' hot for me man.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Ha ha sh-yah, wait a second dude, this totally isn't a laughing matter dude.. I've never been arrested before! Dude, does this mean we've totally commited a felonosity?! "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Dude, I think so man but, look at the bright side, I know someone else who's probablly use to this by now.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Ha ha, who's that dude? "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Ha ha, Scott Hall! "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.." Sh-yah man, ha ha that's probablly not the only thing he's done many times.. "

The scene fades back up inside of a police station, Billy and Jennety  both are seen inside of a small cell, Brian is sitting on the top bunk while Billy is laying down on the bottom bunk relaxing just then a officer is taking a suspect to the cell where Billy is inside and the suspect is Kid Rock..

["The Superstar" Kid Rock] "Hey I told you I not the one , it was Randy Savage who do it., not me. Hey "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.." Dude, you know Randy Savage?? "

[The Superstar" Kid Rock] " Yeah, we went drinking  just now, he keep talking how his career, how he win the Champion and how he beat the crap out of his oppenont and you know it bored and the worst part is he pee right in front of the lamp like a big fat Dog and the moment he saw the cop he just run like a headless chicken, Shit, that bastard"

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::" Whoa,' that jackass actually do this?? "

[The Superstar" Kid Rock] " Stop talking about that ass, I going to kick his ass when I see him again. Hey arent you the wDw billy Gunn?"

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Yeah, I the Prime Time of wDw, dont worry , dude I'm so gonna beat the living stupidifyic hell out of Randy for you, I mean come on who the heck does he think I am,  Dude, I'm  an WWE Legend, I mean just look at what I've done in my career..

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Totally dude, that guy thinks he's so cool when he pee in front of the lamp, when it comes to face the 'Prime Time' he's totally gonna get worked, like getting worked get's worked.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Ha ha, sh-yah dude, couldn't have said it better myself.. Dude, I'm starvin like Marven here man, when are they gonna feed us, I could sure go for some Nacho's right about now man, how about you? "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::" Dude, ha ha you totally just read my mind.. Dude, does that mean your totally psychic just like me now? "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Ha ha, I guess so man, dude I'm SO PSYCHIC! But, that's not helping me get any less hungrier dude, uh oh, it's starting to rumble in the stomach little bro,' I need some soda' and nacho's right about now.. "

Billy sits up from the bottom bunk and walks over to the cell door, he leans up against it and looks over at an officer who is laying back with his feet on his desk enjoying a hot cup of coffee..

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Yo Dude, is there any chance you could get me, my little bro and this superstar,' here a couple of plates of grub.. It's been like twenty minutes since we've had anything to eat and we'd really apreciate it dude if you got us some Nacho's and soda's.. "

'Lazy Old' Officer : " Well boys, I suppose since you've been awfully quite, I could scrap something up for you kids.. The swat team just finished up having it's big dinner and I think we might have something left.. "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Table scraps, dude that's totally heinous man, who the heck do you think we are Scot Hall? Do you think we'll just eat any old thing we see off the street? "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Sh-yah dude, unless you've got left over nacho's and at least a half of cup of soda we're totally not gonna except your offer dude.. Besides man, a dude of my status doesn't deserve anything less than Nacho's and Soda, I totally deserve best, after all I am best damn looking  in wDw history and I'll STILL be the best damn looking  after this Monday.. "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " You so will dude, and I'll be like the best looking driver to drive the best looking wrestler.. "

'Lazy Old' Officer : " Oh, are you boys talking about that wDw Event, "Raw this Monday Night? "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Uhh Sh-yah, where are your ears dude, we've only been talking about that for the past half hour.. Ha ha yeah and then I totally get half an hour to curbstomp that sucker.. "

'Lazy Old' Officer : " Scott Hall. Hmm that name sounds familiar for some reason.. "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::" Ha ha, it should dude that aint no sucka neither dude, is totally from here, I'm sure if you open up your little criminal records book you'll see that sucker in the front page.. "

'Lazy Old' Officer : " Now I know who your talking about! Scott Hall, He is very well known around here for stealing large sums of sunglasses, watches, ties, you name it, he stole it.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.." I knew there was something fishy about that guy, and I knew it wasn't just his bad breath.. I mean have you ever been face to face with that guy, I mean that guys breath totally reeks of, well ass.. Ha ha.. "

'Lazy Old' Officer :" He caused a hell of a lot of trouble around these parts of Florida, he was a good for nothing theif, .. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Dude, I'll totally make a deal with your right now man.. If you let my and my little bro,' go right now, after I get done totally curbstomping the living out of Scott Hall at Raw I'll bring his totally worthless carcas back to you dude.. And I'll let you toss him behind bar, I mean hell I'll give that dude a beating so totally bad that giving him the electric chair would be like a dream come true.. You may hate Scott Hall for breaking the law but, I hate that sucker for breaking my spirit and he did that when he say he is better than me.. "

'Lazy Old' Officer :" Well I suppose I can make a bargain boy.. Oh all right but, if you come back empty handed I'll toss the both of you back into the cell, like it or not.. "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::: " Harsh dude, totally harsh.. "

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. " Don't worry dude, we won't be back here any time soon because, Scott Hall is totally gonna be feeling the pain after I beat him at Raw "

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: " Ha ha sh-yah, and he's my bro! "

The officer opens the cell door and out step Billy and Jennety stretching out there arms heading out towards the door.. As they walk out the lady that arrested them walks in as Billy just smiles and walks out as the scene fades to black..


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