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(WDW television returns from commercial and shows the arena security guard standing in front of the building entrance. He is reading the paper, drinking some coffee. He comes to a humorous part of his paper article and starts to laugh but suddenly his reading is interupted by the screaching sounds of limosine tires on pavement. He drops his coffee cup in surprize, glass from his mug spreading all over the place. He is now in an appearent foul mood. He walks right up to the white limo that just pulled up to the arena and starts to knock on the window like a possessed mad man. Nobody is responding from the window he is walking on. The front door of the limo opens up and out walks the driver..)

Security: (rage turning to confusion) Wait, aren't you....

Limo Driver: yeah, Marty Jennety. I take it that the 80's punk rocker hair cut was a dead give away,huh.

Security: Yeah basically. I'm surprised to see you as a limo driver. I mean, after all, you were Shawn Michaels former partner and many say that you helped him on his journey to eventual success and superstardom.

Jennetty: You know what...I'd prefer we dont talk about that right now. Besides, everyone remember when I threw him through that glass window.

Security: But Marty, you're kind of wrong because you see, he threw you through....

Jennetty: (interupting) Are you saying im wrong? I teamed up with Al Snow, you better watch your step.

Security: (taking 2 steps back) Ok, ok. You win. Anyways, who's in this limo? Who've you been driving around?

Jennetty: There's this guy, I dont know if you ever heard of him...

Security: (interupting) Oh, I get it. Someone one a couple of hours on E-bay to spend some time with you for a day. right?

Jennetty: Well actually, my agent thought it would be the best career move for me to be this guy's limo driver. He thought it could get me ahead and one day be promoted to butler.

Security: Wow, that sure would be something. So who is this guy? He must be pretty big if somebody would be his limo driver just for a career boost.

Jennetty: He's a real talented guy. He goes by the name of Billy Gunn.

Security: Yeah, it sounds familular. Hasnt he been gone for a couple years though?

Jennety: Yeah he took a little break from the biz, but listen, we're kinda in hurry so if you wouldnt mind but to step aside for a minute....

(the security guard clears the way as Marty opens the limo door and out walks Billy Gunn who is wearing sun glasses, blue jeans, and a t-shirt that says "Mr A$$" on the front. He gets out of the limo and shuts the door behind him while slipping Marty a tip. He scopes out the area, takes a smell of the air and begins to make his way towards the arena entrance where the security guard is standing)

Security: Excuse me,sir. But you cannot pass this area and be permitted into the building unless you have the proper identification or unless you work for this company.

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..] (a cocky grin on his face) Im guessing that you're new at this game so im gonna throw it at you nice and simple so that a little pea brain such as yourself can understand. If you didnt know you should. My name is "MR A$$" Billy Gunn and i have come to save the WHW fans from enternal bordome. I have been sitting home watching nonsence that i have seen go on far too long. I have places to be so if you want to go home tonight with both of your legs then you better get out of my way. I am the Icon that will lead this company to prominence. How do you not see that?

Security: All I see is a no-namer with a cheap pair of shades trying to break into a federation that would never accept him.

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]  First of all, jack, I do work for this company because thats why im here. I knew that there would be obsticles in my way to the top, but i had no idea that a little scrawny piece of trash such as your self would be standing in my way. If its a gauntlet you wanna throw in the way for Mr A$$ then you go right ahead. Now either way I'm going to get into this building like it or not. I have some things that i gotta address to the fans so just get out my way.

(Guard shakes his head)

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]   I guess that now you're in way over your head. Do you know who the hell i am? I am the man that could quite possibly save your job. I happen to have exceptional hearing and by the sounds of it I dont hear too many fans in there, and do you know why? The fact of the matter is those fans are waiting and praying for a guy like me to come along. It only happens every so often and you wanna take that away from those people. Are you prepared to do that?

Security: You better believe i am.

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..] Sorry....wrong answer.

(Billy Gunn kicks the guard below the belt causing him to drop to his knees. He then proceeds to kick him in the face numerous times. He then picks up the motionless security guard and tosses him in the trunk of the limo. Billy Gunn motions Marty to take off and the limo drives away. Billy Gunn adjusts his sunglasses and continues to walk inside the arena. Once entering the arena he notices a WHW staff member who appears to be a very small man and seems to be the nerdy type so Icon decides that he can get information from this source. He approaches the small man.)

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]  Excuse me, but I am Bily Gunn. Im sure you've already heard tons about me and i have already stirred up enough controversy for one day so i figure we do this one of two ways. One, you direct me towards the ring with no questions asked or 2...well, you can suffer the consequences. What do you say, daddyo?

Staff member: (shaking in fear) Su-su-s-sure Mr. Billy. Its right down that hall way. (points to the right)

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]   Finally, the respect i deserve. Right down that way?

(the Staff member nods his head in a yes formation. Before heading towards the ring area Billy Gunn takes a looks at the staff member's pants and notices a wet spot)

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]  Thanks man. you might wanna get that cleaned up...

Staff Member: R-r-right away, sir.

(Billy heads toward the entrance way but along the way he walks past the audio/music guy of the fed. the audio guy is ready to press the start button for Billy's music before being tapped on the shoulder suddenly)

Audio guy: (startled) Mr. Billy, Im glad you're here. Are you ready to go down to the ring for your interview?

(hands Icon a microphone)

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]   Yeah sure im ready. But im just a little curious, what song am i coming out to?

Audio guy: Eye of the Tiger from those Rocky movies. Just like you told, remember?

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]   Are you kidding me? Well you better get on that quick. An ICON of a company should not be treated this way. Lets jut take care of this little matter now then. Make sure you play "All about the Benjamins rock remix" when i enter. The pyro and stuff are all ready.

Audio guy: Yeah i got. But isnt that song by Puff Daddy?

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]   Shut your mouth! Shawn Colmes is an ICON in his own right. you just focus on your job and everything can run smoothly.

Audio guy: Ok Billy, we're ready. Go ahead..

(the camera view goes back out to ringside and a jammed packed WHW crowd is on hand. They've been told by the ring announcer that a huge superstar will be making a first time appearence here tonight. The lights go out and all grows silent in the arena. A big explosion of pyro goes off in the entrance way area causing the fans to start cheering to such an unexpected bang. This explosion is followed the voice of "MR A$$" saying "Your ICON has arrived" followed by the playing of "All about the benjamins rock remix. A good majority of the fans seem to know who this man is so a deserving pop from the fans is given. MR A$$ struts to the ring holding a DX signal in the air with a microphone at hand. He steps inside the center of the ring and does a huge crotch chop that is followed by huge exlosions from all 4 corners of the ring. The fans give a huge pop in response to such an amazing entrance)

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]  (a chorus of "Billly" is spreading through out the arena) Well I guess that it's no secret now that your ICON has arrived! (fans cheer) If for some odd reason you dont know who i am then let me tell you. My name is MR A$$" Billy Gunn  and i am here to save this company. I take a look around this arena tonight and i see that half of you have been sleeping for years due to the fact that so many weak ass "gimmicks" have bored you to death. You know something, i dont blame you. This my friends is your wake up call. I will be your leader who you can look up to. I will be someone who you dont have to be ashamed to cheer for. I will be someone who you're not too embarressed to tell your friends about. For the first time you have a man who doesnt prance around in corny little costumes with stupid little catch phrases and utterly disgusing match displays. I wanna be the guy who can entertain you in your living rooms everyweek via a television screen. Entertainment, thats not a common word nowadays, is it. The crap that some of these guys show case week in and week out is not entertaining, it's boring. Am i right!?!?? (fans cheer) So what will be done now is im going to be your brave "entertainer" who will fight on your behalfs and i will back down until every boring fool is wiped out of this fed. By destroying all that is evil, i will help create a cleaner and better wrestling world. Stick by me and i will show you what time it truely. Presently it appears to be slime time with all your current champs and WHW superstars. But once all those pieces of garbage are picked up, the future will indeed be MR A$$.

(theBilly chant picks up louder)

[..::"MR A$$" Billy Gunn::..]   What i wanna do is challenge any one of the boys in the back to a match and this will be the first of many on my journey to save the wrestling world!!! I'm inviting all comers to my squared circle. C'mon!! I know that known of you guys have balls anyway so you might as well prove it. You will notice that slowely things will start to change and soon enough all your favorite superstars like the Rock (crowd cheers). You know, the only reason why you're cheering for these guys is because they plain and simply got you brain washed. But you can you all rest assure that they will be bowing to the master because i never said i was the showstopper, i said i was the whole damn show!!!

("all about the benjamins rock remix" beings to play over the arena speakers again as Mr A$$ drops his mic and climbs up the top rope to pose for the fans with cameras. He then leaves the ring and exits the arena )

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