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Roleplay Title:

(The scene opens when Shawn Michael is shown walking around in his dressing room. He starts to walk towards the door to go to the ringside area in an interview to address the fans about his recent joining of the GWA. He reaches for the door knob to open it but before he gets a chance the door automatically opens on its own electronically. It then occurs to him that this is the start of the star treatment that he's gonna be receiving as a member of the GWA. He suddenly walks back inside his dressing room after almost forgetting something. He walks back in and opens his wrestling bag and pulls out a black t-shirt that says "GWA-TNA: Global Wrestling Alliance-Total Non-Stop Action " on the front of it. He puts it on over his other shirt and leaves the room.

Now he's walking around in the backstage area right behind the entrance way. He walks by the audio table and cues the sound guy to play his music when he receives word from Michael Cole who is standing out in the middle of the ring in front of an awaiting, anxious GWA audience with a microphone in his hand)

[..::"They Annynous One" Michael Cole::..] As you all know, "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michael is prepared to come out here before you all and deliver an announcement concerning his joining of the GWA. I will have a one on one interview with him about this topic. I have just been informed that he shall be out just any minute now.

(the fans cheer very loud and start a huge "HBK" chant.

Cole puts his hand on his ear piece to enhance his hearing because he is receiving word from a GWA backstage worker that Shawn Michael is ready to come out)

[..::"They Annynous One" Michael Cole::..] Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the ring at this time, hailing from Buffalo, New York, the self proclaimed "GWA ICON" the one and only "Heark Break Kid" Shawn Michael!!!

(the go absolutely nuts as Shawn Michael theme music blasts through the arena speakers. Shawn Michael struts down to the ring with a water bottle at hand. He drinks the remaining drops and throws it in the audience. He then hops in the ring and stands in the center. He does a huge crotch chop that is followed up by four huge erupting fireworks from all four turnbuckles. The fans give this amazing entrance a standing ovation and a loud "ICON" chant echoes through the arena. The anticipation of this upcoming interview is so thick you could literally cut it with a knife.

Shawn Michael looks over at the timekeeper and signals for a microphone and he gets tossed one soon after that)

[..::"They Annynous One" Michael Cole::..] We all know why you're out here. The floor is yours. Go ahead and say what needs to be said, Mr. Shawn.

(Shawn Michael slowly removes his sunglasses and places them in his backpocket. The camera does a close up of his face. All you can see is a serious and focused expression. No hint of a smile at all)

[..::"Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michael:..] First of all, I find it very rude that you people would chant my name very loud when I'm trying to speak. It's so loud in here I can't even hear myself think. (An unfamiliar chorus of boo's gets directed at Shawn Michael for the first time ever) Yeah go ahead and boo me. You know, a few weeks back when I was sitting at home in personal agony over the fact that I didnt know if I would ever wrestle again, not even one of my so-called "ICONOLITES" even wrote me a get well card. Not one. And to me, that was a wake up call. I used to be all about the fans. I'd come out here night after night and fight my heart out for you all and that didnt get me anywhere. After all the pain and suffering I went through my whole career up to now, none of that really seems to be worth a damn. And you know what, that's fine with me. You turned your backs on me and I'm gonna do the same for every last one of you. You all scratched my back and it is now my job to stab yours. So from now on, coast to coast, all GWA wrestling fans can kiss my ass!

(An "HBK Sucks" chant starts through out the arena. Shawn Michael just responds with an evil grin and looks around the building at all the faces that have no faith in him)

[..::"Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michael:..]I have come out here to talk to you people about me recently joining the GWA, if you didnt know all ready. In case you had no know those little things on your thick skulls that civilized people like to call ears? Well why don't you all take a good look at the shirt. Now in case there is still some of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, and I know there is because this is the GWA wrestling fans we're talking about here, I want to tell you that the GWA doesnt stand for getting Gay World Alliance after the big game. It stands for Global Wrestling Alliance and I have joined it. The GWA was a great Fed before but now that it has an ICON in its arsenol, it will be close to unstoppable. Everyone of you know it's true so stop denying it. Vince McMahon was the one who opened my eyes and brought me to realization that being a fan favorite was what was ultimately bringing me down. He was 100% correct when he said that I was being too compassionate in my matches. I used to just toy around with my opponents but now that a hidden anger has finally been released from within, it's time to kick some ass relentlesslly until I am on top. This newly found anger is one that I was searching for my whole career. Now that I have discovered it one thing is for damn sure, nobody is safe. You are either with me or you're against me. I'm sorry but that's the way it must be for now on. Edge is a prime example of a man who's gonna get what's coming to him very very soon. You will all see to that. (fans boo)

[..::"Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michael:..]Now talking about Edge, I have you comming up , well you can run your mouth all you want, but that will not do you any good, the only thing that will save you is god, and I dont think he likes dumbies and morons, but I guess we will find out soon as I beat your ugly damn face until you die from loss of too much blood, so prepare to die retard as soon it will all be over. I will take you to school and show you what its like to be a man I will dish out the pain punch after punch....BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU GIVE UP!!! Even when you pass out from blood loss, I will kepp on beating you. never stoping not even at the refs request. I will pound on your face until there is nothing left I will take you out of wrestling as we no it. Then I will climb up the ladder and walk out of the ring with a victory.

[..::"Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michael:..] Now for Triple H, my friend, my brother , the man who gave me the opportunity to do something great.

HBK now gets down on his knees.

[..::"Jerry Lawler" The king.::] Look, JR, What the hell Shawn Michael is doing, he kneeling down in the ring, in front of the millons of fans in the arena and TV.

[..::"The Good OLe" Jim Ross.::] I am waiting to see what he is going to do next..

[..::"Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michael:..]Triple H, as your brother.I salute you and bow down to you, not as slave, but as your friend, and out of respect. You are a great talent, and a man to look up to you, the hatred you have is nothing short of awesome. There is no better man to walk along side than you. With my leadership amd your talent, we will be unstoppable. So I wanted you to be my ally, on my side and together we can bring DX back in GWA.... We will rule GWA, we will be LAW in GWA... No one can stop us in GWA. So are you with me or are you against me??


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