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Start GAME:

Could there actually be a conspiracy within the walls of the XWF.. within the walls of X-TREME WRESTLING FEDERATION?!?! Inside the walls of the GAME itself? Last week in a match which topped the show.. the XWF World Champion managed to get the job done against Triple H.. the GAME! The Game thought he had the win.. he thought it was his! The stocks were on the rise.. the GAME was going no where but up! No where does the GAME stand? Smackdown wasn't the night of the GAME after believing a clumsy Rhyno left the ECW title behind to become the new champion just like that! Rhyno that night however regained his title with another sick GORE!! How does Triple H do it? Continue to get up after each Gore.. manage to fight for the next show after such a move!?!? Just the individual the CEREBRAL ASSASSIN is.. just the individual the CEREBRAL ASSASSIN has BECOME! Scott Steiner vs Triple H once again.. the Game has stood tall not once but twice over the guy.. looks like third time lucky after Monday Night Raw! Triple H was unbeatable since returning to XWF will things change? Will the momentum shift all of a sudden or will the GAME.. TRIPLE H rebound like the athlete he is and pick up his 15th victory in the federation?!?!

Your In A New World.. A different World.. THE GAMES WORLD!

[- The XWF promotion fades in after the ' PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME ' warning as the film clip begins to show the GAME'S film clip and his action recently in the XWF! All of a sudden everything fades out including the music as Triple H and Sean O'haire are walking on what looks to be a TARMAC?!?! Where the hell are the two now? Could this possibly be the 4th Wonder of the GAMES WORLD?? So far the Game has covered the twin towers.. the water.. land transport.. what is next? All of a sudden the camera pans around as it picks up a JET AIRPLANE! Oh my.. as the XWF millions watching can't believe there eyes! It's under repairs although nearly finished as Triple H smiles at O'haire..   -] 

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Look at it Sean.. it's amazing.. it's..  

[- Sean O'haire 'THE ASSOCIATE' -] It's a JET?!?! What the hell are we doing here?? Wouldn't you rather be training.. at the gym.. doing something to prepare against Scott Steiner? 

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Have you look at the damn records MR ASSOCIATE?? The Game is 2 and 0 against Steiner and nothing is going to begin to change now! This GAME is played at my level.. the level for the elite.. and you and I both know Steiner isn't at the level he needs to be! Hell the guy maybe getting a IC title shot but what is the IC title rated now adays? I was the number one contender for that IC title a couple of weeks within my debut of XWF!  

[- Sean O'haire 'THE ASSOCIATE' -] Didn't take long to become the ECW number one contender either though..

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Hmm.. True.. Hell maybe it's because when things are dragged into my world and introduced into my world they BUCKLE.. they BEND! Just like the XWF has been bending ever since my stunning debut on Smackdown before the Royal Rumble! Yeah.. Jericho the son of a bitch beat me but I am without a doubt the closest...and the toughest son of a bitch the guy has ever gone up against! Although Steiner shall fall and concede to the GAME on Monday Night Raw.. Jericho shall perish at another time! The walls shall be knocked down by the man on top of the world.. the man who OWNS the world.. THE GAME!

[- Sean O'haire 'THE ASSOCIATE' -] But Triple H look around.. there is NOTHING man.. no women.. no luxuries.. NOTHING! I don't know if I can stand this type of environment!

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] What the hell are you? The GIANT KILLER or a MOUSE KILLER? This is an environment for men.. no.. not even men! This is a type of thing which legends survive and cope with! If you can cope with all this then you can cope with being in the same ring with Mr steroid Scott Steiner! Why are we here? What has this got to do with Triple H.. to do with Steiner.. to do with YOU?? I'll tell you why because your looking at the..

[- Triple H obviously begins a particular sentence and is waiting for Sean O'haire to finish it but the CAREER KILLER gives Triple H a weird look as he doesn't know what the hell he is on about! The Game shakes his head as he begins to lift the fingers.. 1...2....3.. and then FOUR?? What could his four fingers possibly mean?   -] 

.Plane Spotting and Colour Slides of Aircraft

[- Sean O'haire 'THE ASSOCIATE' -] Four fingers? What the hell are you on about.. just spit it out! 

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Your staring at the FOURTH WONDER of the GAME'S WORLD! It's the king of the air.. the GAME of the air! What superseeds a jet? What is above the jet in the chain? NOTHING.. what is above the Game in the food chain? NOTHING.. you get my point? Another wonder of the GAMES world introduced to the petty XWF! Don't forget the jet network are the fastest.. the strongest.. and there indestructible just like the man himself.. ME.. H H H!

[- Sean O'haire 'THE ASSOCIATE' -] Did anyone ever say your a genius?

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Genius? YES.. look at me.. I'M the DAMN GAME! Do you honestly think I wouldn't be where I am if I wasn't as intelligent as I am? I know every one of those damn wrestlers on the XWF list inside out.. WHY? Because not only do I point out the WEAKNESSES in opponents but I also execute the STRENGTHS! If an opponent is exposed his strengths and your capable of taking that from them.. what is left? What is in there miscellaneous of weapons? Steiner will not even be a PAWN in my GAME.. he is NOTHING.. he means NOTHING to me! He thinks a couple of photos is going to get the win against the deadliest wrestler alive?

[- All of a sudden a man appears in some work overalls.. as there is grease all over them! He is holding a wrench in his hand as he walks out to the Game and the Career Killer before shutting the jet engine box!   -] 

[- Man 'JET MECHANIC'  -] Your Triple H right? Nice to meet ya.. 

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Meeting the man that over looks the entire XWF.. of course it would be! Who else would you rather meet one on one than the GAME? the CEREBRAL ASSASSIN.. the man that intends on turning EVERY single damn XWF future upside down.. INSIDE OUT!

[- Man 'JET MECHANIC'  -] Calm down.. of course I'm happy.. what you think of the Jet? The Baby.. 

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] It's another Represenitive of the GAME.. another thing which over looks the world as I overlook the XWF! Steiner is only a small creature down on the large scale of things.. Steiner is a small PART of MY WORLD.. the REAL WORLD! Not some Matrix world.. not the world people want to believe in.. MY WORLD.. THE GAME'S WORLD! 

[- Man 'JET MECHANIC'  -] I take it your fighting Steiner on Raw?

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Fighting? NO.. I ain't fighting Steiner.. come Monday Night Raw I'm going to CRUSH Steiner.. I'm going to have the little future of the guy in the palm of my hands.. WHY? Because I JUST CAN! Last week was a miss hap.. last week was a MISTAKE.. and come Raw the GAME is going to rectify things.. make things correct.. how they SHOULD be! Think I give a damn the guy has a IC title shot? Hell after I'm through with him there isn't going to be anything left of MR DADDY.. as I intend on ending his career once and for all!

[- Man 'JET MECHANIC'  -] Well I got the jet all fixed.. want a 

[- All of a sudden one of the other jets is taking off for a spin around in the air! The loud noise over rides the mechanic as the Game stands there trying to listen! Sean O'haire ignores the two and just turns to the jet as it approaches the run way!   -]  

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] What were you trying to say before the FOURTH WONDER of the GAMES WORLD came into the picture??

[- Man 'JET MECHANIC'  -] What do you mean 4th wonder?

[- Sean O'haire 'THE ASSOCIATE' -] None of your business.. it's a "GAME" thing! So how about you SHUT THE HELL up before I end your career right here right now.. not in the mood for your CRAP to be honest! 

[- Triple H 'THE GAME' -] Calm down Sean.. he is only a mechanic.. a mechanic which makes those machines.. those AMAZING machines sore through the sky! Sean.. I shall begin to sore through the XWF like no one has before! Chris Jericho may be considered one of several men on top of there GAME.. but HELL I ain't on top of my game as I AM THE BLOODY GAME! And come Raw Steiner you too will know it.. as you are next on the victim list as  I   A M   T H A T    D A M N   G O O D!

[- The jet mechanic didn't even get time to ask Triple H for a ride in the jet as the Game cut to the chase real quick! Steiner vs Triple H.. will it be 3-0 for Triple H? Or will Steiner break through..   -]