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Roleplay Number: 1--
Achivements None
Match: Billy Gunn vs Scott Hall vs Randy Macho
Beaten Opponents: none yet

("Bad Ass" Billy Gunn is shown driving his car down the throughway prior to leaving a town. He is wearing a pair of shades, an "ICON EXPRE$$" t-shirt and black and white adidas pants. Marty Jennety is riding shotgun. Billy Gunn discovers that he must have taken a wrong turn somewhere so he decides to pull over)

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::..(skimming through his map) Alright, I know that the airport is on here somewhere....

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::I think it might be a few blocks down. But besides that I gotta tell you that im pretty hungry. When you get a chance do you think that you might be able to stop at a Burger King or something?

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::..Marty, first of all you're lucky enough that i even on this little road trip with me and you're riding shotgun. And now you're gonna complain about being huingry and stopping at a Burger King? All I gotta say is you should've grabbed something when we were at the town. YOu know what...i really dont need this. An ICON such as myself shouldn't have to put up with an impatient little baby like you. What yo u're gonna do now is get out of my car and move to the backseat.

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: Billy, are you for real?

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. You damn right i am. You have just proven that you're not worthy of handling the privelage of riding shotgun. Give me a break, Rocker. Move it!

(Marty stands up and gets out of the car, shutting the door behind him. He then opens the back door and re-enters the car in the backseat with a big mope on his face)

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. I'm lost out here in the middle of nowhere as it is. I must've taken a wrong turn.

(pauses for a short moment to think out a strategic plan for what he's going to do next. Suddenly it strikes him)

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. Ok I got it. I've been out in this area a couple of times in the past and i'm just about positive that there's a Burger King around here. When we get to Burger King we'll ask one of the sick, greasy employees there where the air port is. It's perfect, a plan like like this can't possibly fail. It's only natural that a wDw ICON like me would think it up. What do you think, Marty?

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: (with a very excited and anxious expression) Great! That's quite the idea that you divised all by yourself, Mr. Billy.

..::["Mr A$$" Billy Gunn]::..  Thats what I thought. Marty, what time is it?!?!

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: It's about 3:30 according to my watch.

..::["Mr A$$" Billy Gunn]::..  No, you idiot. It's Prime Time. Prime Time is a time to get psyched about it. It's a time to look forward to. As I'm sure that everyone is looking forward to this Monday when Billy Gunn will spell the demise of Scott Hall. Everyone knows that little nugget could never overcome me when its Prime Time. During that time, im in my zone. And when im that focused, that little peabrain stands no chance. The show has just started, but when that bell sounds and im announced the winner, the show will surely be over for the Scott Hall. That kid has some guts to say that I am not as good as him. He better get his damn eyes examined because everyone else seemed to be seeing it the opposite way. Isnt that right, Marty?

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::  Yes Mr. Billy. You had the majority of the match in your posession. Scott Hall is a total fool for thinking otherwise.

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. You damn right his is. Well, all i gotta say to him is when he enters my "fantasy world" this Monday he will with out a shadow of a doubt see who runs that "fantasy world". I will show him that he nothing but a spineless piece of trash.  I know by now that everyone knows what im all about and they all know that i will be coming to the ring at War with the motive of destruction on my mind. Scott Hall should also spend less time on concentrating on the and actually focus on the task at hand....preparation. He needs to prepare for the biggest beating of his life when he steps through those ropes Monday and faces the Prime Time. All of my Assolites know that deep down inside,  wants no piece of me. He's not worthy, just like Marty wasnt worthy of riding shotgun, right Marty?

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..::  You're right, Mr. Billy. But all im worthy of right now is getting some of those mozzerella sticks at Burger King so can we maybe get going?

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. Be patient, my friend. We will leave when the time is right... (Billy pauses for a few short seconds) Ok now we can get going. I gotta turn on my jam.

(Billy Gunn starts his car and begins driving down the road to the nearby Burger King. On the way there he blasts his radio and coinsidentally "All about the benjamins rock remix" by Puff Daddy is on. A lot of cars around him begin to beep their horns in attemp to get him to turn down the music in some way but Icon just ignores them. He finally arrives at Burger King and drives up to the ordering area of the drive-through)

Voice: Welcome to Burger King, would you like a value meal today?

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. (looks back at Marty really quick but Marty shakes his head "no") But would you like something?

Voice: What do you mean?

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::..Well if havent noticed, this is the one and only "Prime Time" Billy Gunn speaking to you. Dont you think its just total nonsence for "The Bad Guy" Scott Hall to say he is bigger than me??

Voice: Sorry sir but i dont watch wrestling and i really dont wanna know about anything that you do. All i want you to tell me is what you want to order.

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. We both know that you're in their dieing because of the fact that you dont know if i'll ready to step into the ring against Scott Hall and beat his ass. Well I'll have you know that i will be at 100% by Monday night and i will be as ready as ever to dish out a beating of a lifetime to that pretty boy, Scott Hall .

Voice: I dont.

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::..Oh, and you have a different view on this situation?

Voice: No, actually what i was going to say was that i dont care about any of this. Just tell me what you want so you can move on to somewhere else and tell your story to someone else who i'm sure wont give a damn either. If you're just here to waist some time, i advise you to drive on unless you want me to inform my boss of this.

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. Go ahead and get your boss. Do you know who the hell i am? If it wasnt for me people like you wouldnt have a goal to work towards. I'm at the top of the success pyrimad and are at the pathetic bottom along with  Randy Savage.

Voice: What kind of a name is that?
Randy Savage who?

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. My thoughts exactly....
Randy Savage who! But before i leave you let me tell you what is going to go down. This Monday im gonna roll into the arena at Raw and kick his ass. All my ASSolites know that i am the rising star of this federation. I may have just arrived on the scene but havok has already been reaked by the EXPRE$$ and the show is just about ready to stop when the time is right. Are you one of my loyal ASSolites?

Voice: I have no idea what you are talking about.

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::.. Sure you do, but you are just too afraid to admit it. But now you know what is in store for Raw this Monday. If you see
Randy Savage, you can tell him that I got two words for him SUCK IT. I am out of here. Where is the airport?

Voice: Down the road about a mile and it'll be your first left. You cant miss it.. now, that i have done something for you can you please do something for me and tell me what you're gonna have?

(Billy and Jennetty turn around and see that there are more than 20 cars that have been waiting this whole time to order)

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::..  ok...i guess i'll have a double hamburger and a large Pepsi because i never said i was the Icon...i said i was the whole damn show.

Voice: Thank you, sir. Please drive around...

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: Wait! Billy, you didnt order me anything. Whats the deal man?

..::["Mr Prime Time" Billy Gunn]::..  (with a grin on his face) Dont worry, Marty, your time will come, i guarantee that.

::..["Limo Driver" Jennety]..:: Whatever...

(Jennetty lays down to take a nap in the back seat as Billy Gunn  blasts the radio again and drives around to recieve his food)

Scene fades)


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