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Weekly Issue #1


News Headlines

    This is X with the first issue of WFF Insider.  The date is September 24, 2002.  Last night was Raw is War, and ah what an exciting one.  First we had Sub Zero & Renegade teamed up against the two Ruff Ryders 2pac and Baby Boy (which are no longer together).  Baby Boy just didnt try, but 2pac gave up a fight.  They may have lost in the end but 2pac gave it everything he got.  Good luck next time 2pac.   Than we had Me myself vs Crandall.  I hated to have to wrestle one of my own friends, but it was forced by the commisoner, J Dogg.  It was a good match going even until Baby Boy attacked me, and I still won, how?  I dont know.  Well anyways back to the matches.  Next we had the new Ruff Ryder Sara James VS Karli Jones for the womens title, Sara James got the win and took home the wff womans title.  And for the last match, the main event, Sub Zero VS Jdogg for the WFF Title and the loser is forced to quit the wff.  There was a DQ but there will be a rematch at Sold Out this Sunday at PPV.  Speaking of J Dogg hes retiring after this Sold Out anyways so it dont matter if he wins or not!

    As far as injured goes, all wrestlers are as healthy as ever!

    This Sunday at Sold Out will be an all out brawl.  I cant wait to discuss the outcome of those matches.  A lot of personal and business issue will be delt with at Sold Out.

    Smackdwon matches are being set so if you want a match you better BOOK IT while you can.  Also the PPV Sold Out is this Sunday, September 28, so if you dont have a a match for that, there are still openings to book a match while you have the chance.

We Will see you this Sunday for the next issue of Wff Insider