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Coach: I'm standing here with Hollywood Hulk Hogan after that attack he made on Jdogg. Now Hogan what everybody wants to know is why. Why did you attack Jdogg?

Hogan: Well Coach I'm gonna tell you why. See Hulkamainia walks right into the WFF and what happens? Jdogg walks up to me and asks me to join his stable. See I was saying some people don't know the Hulkster and well I was right. Jdogg doesn't know me and he made the mistake of his life. Now thats not the only reason why I attacked him. I also attacked him because when he told Ice Cube that if you say no to his offer then he will beat your ass in the ring. Well you know what? I said no. So you wanna beat the Hulkster's ass well then it's on because the Hulkster's gonna run wild on you Jdogg. And thats all I have to say about that.

Hulk Hogan walks away from Coach leaving Coach with a weird look on his face.


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