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I would just like to welcome everyone to the brand new interactive wrestling federation on the net its called World Wrestling Foundation...and its brought to you officially by And take time to browse through the pages before you decide on joining...but belive me you wont join a better Fed for action you want get another Fed with as much fun like there is to be had on this one and last and not at all least is that it will be on kick ass fed..

Im The Co Owner Stone Cold Steve Austin and i have complete control over Raw...And my partner is Shane McMahon he has complete control over Smackdown...Raw will be every Monday Night and Smackdown will be every Thursday Night...and the PPV coming at the last sunday of each month...

And for all the roleplayers who dont know html dont worry,becauseits all about the person who does the best roleplay not the person who knows the most html...this is a fair fed and anyone stands a chance if they put the time and effort into there roleplays!!!