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The YWF meets WWE superstar EDGE!!!!

Youth Wrestling Federation

At American Pride 2 our YWF Light-Heavyweight Champion was put into a match with Muskrattus. In this match the Criminal made his way to the ring and helped The Enforcer retain the Light-Heavyweight Championship. Soon after the match ended The Criminal asked muskrattus to join the The Smack-A-Hoe Foundation . Muskrattus accepted the invitation to join. Then in the second match The Criminal challenged the new Smack-A-Hoe Foundation member "Muskrattus" and the winner would take the Criminal's Undisputed Extreme Hardcore Championship. As a result, The Criminal Lost the match and a new Undisputed Extreme Hardcore Champion was crowned. This new champion was none other than Muskrattus. In the third match it was for the International Championship. It was between the new International Champion "K-Dogg Crippler" and "The Delinquent".In which K-Dogg Crippler retained the International Championship. We then had a singles match between The Delinquent and The Beast. Where The Beast landed the Beast Slam and pinned the Delinquent for the 1-2-3. Soon after the match we had a challenge from Stacc"The New Guy". He made a Heroic Challenge to the Egotistical Mikey-G. Meanwhile in the match we had an interference from K-Dogg Crippler. K-Dogg then put Mikey-G in the last resort(Electric Chair Drop)which Stacc took adcvantage of the interfference and pinned mikey-G 1-2-3.Will this put an end to Mikey-G's ego trip? In the final match it was for the YWF World's Heavywight Championship. This match was between the 2 YWF Veterans K-Dogg Crippler and The Champion The Criminal. In which the Criminal put K-Dogg on Death Row through a table once again to retain the YWF Worlds Heavyweight Championship......and that was American pride 2.....we will see u at BACKYARDMANIA 2........

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The next event will be called "BackYard Mania 2".

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