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                 2d Animation (firepro)                                The most popular forms of Wrestling Animation today are Fire Pro, and Poser Animations. Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium is a Japanese wrestling game created years ago for the Super Nintendo. It's popularity is higher than ever, as it has created a cult following among wrestling game fans and animators online. It's create-a-wrestler feature, smooth animations, tons of different moves,  and cartoon-like sprite figures make this game irreplaceable. Just take a look at one of these (edited) animations, and you'll agree! 

Downloads: Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (reg. version), Hacked version,  Emulator. (

Srams: This is the created character file, which saves as .srm. Send us your created character files, and if they're good, we'll post them here!

Tutorials: Here are 3 pages I created which help you how to animate.

                           Tutorial    Tips     Training

       3d Animation (Poser,3dSM)                           Poser (4) is a 3d animation program that is easy to use and already a staple among wrestling e-feds. Using Poser, one can create people, props, arenas, and animations! Poser has become less popular over time, since the amount of people with access to the program has diminished. You can either buy this program, or find it on the internet.  It's the easiest way to create unbelievably realistic 3d animations!

Downloads: The most popular programs to create 3d wrestling animations are either Poser 4 or 3d Studio Max R3. If you have a link to either of these programs, please tell us, and we'll credit you!

Tutorial: Here is a tutorial I wrote about how to use the easiest  3d wrestling animation program, Poser 4. It covers animation, arenas, weapons, and more!


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