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It's me your WARRIOR WEBMASTER here for more RUMORS on the day of 1/07/02.Here's what I have for this week.

RUMOR # 1: "MY SOURCE" said that after the much awaited and wanted Manson Family Reunion came about 4 weeks ago that it all has hit the fan,if you know what I mean."MY SOURCE" stated that the tension between Xtren,Malacki,Tony and Riot istill there and a big part in some "back stage" problems between the four.It is noted that this is a RUMOR and may not be totally true,but "MY SOURCE" is usually right.They also said that the blunt of all the problems is between cousins Riot and Xtren.This goes back years ago and it just now starting to build almost to a breaking point.It's so bad that only Xtren and Malacki are talking out of the four.So if you're looking for all four of these men to be working together in the near future,you can forget it.I think if we get the four together it would come to blows and keep in mind this is all back stage,not in the ring.

RUMOR # 2: I've heard that Warrior will be bring in some new and old names to make thier show's a great form of entertainment.It will be action packed,full of wrestling.Not your typical wrestling show that is full of running thier mouths,brawling and wannabe wrestlers with no flashy outfits for you the fans to like or dislike.I gave you some names that will be there last week,so here they are again...Malacki and Xtren Manson,Tony Glory,Morbid,Matador,Iron Man Mike Woody w/ Aries,Liberty,Dale chipton,Freddy Franklyn and countless others.

Thats all for now!!!!

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