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WARRIOR NEWS :Can you feel just how close this grand opening is?Well I can and it is within the finger tips of my hands.It is so close that the tension between WCW and MSWF is so thick you can trip over it and break a neck.Wrestlers and more wrestlers are looking each other over just to see if they can read if one another has been offered a job with Warrior.Well I can tell you that no one but the guys you see on the roster is the only ones from MSWF that is going to jump ship to Warrior.I am not 100% sure of this but if thier is any,it want be much.1,2 or even 3,but it want be many.You can really tell that Warrior will be starting up really soon,The tall tail signs that this is going to happen by the end of this month is...

1)Malacki Manson has worked his last show for MSWF and anywhere else for that matter.I suspect that hes gettin ready for the grand opening.

2)Although Xtren Manson is hurt and will be out of action until Feb or longer.He has also broke all ties with MSWF and the rest of the indy fed's he works for.He was stated as saying "That he will never step another foot in a MSWF show,Friends and Family are worth more then all of MSWF".

3)David Parker,a MSWF ref and the owner of Warrior Championship Wrestling has also told everyone that he will not be back at MSWF for awhile if ever.I think he is just gettin ready for his to begin thier shows.

4)Now this is not confirmed nor is it true in anyway but I heard that Tony Glory was not at the last show.Does this mean that he is following in his boss and brothers footsteps.I don't really know,but I think if he hasn't already,then he soon will.

Now don't take this all the wrong way.It will not be a WCW vrs. MSWF.This will be two seperate shows.Maybe some of the same wrestlers and I did say maybe,which I doubt will ever happen.Thier will not be any wars between the two.Warrior will be in London and the surrounding areas.MSWF is in Manchester and the surrounding areas.No paths will be crossed by Warrior,its not a war inbetween the two...ITS ALL ABOUT THE FANS!!!!!

Thats all for now.Come back later for more on WARRIOR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING

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