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Well, well, well look who's back, the ugliest, most annoying, pathetic piece of monkey feces walking god's green earth, and while it's nice to see you're back to read this, the real news is I am back to write it.

So I took a little time off, so fucking what, its not like i was getting e-mails by the droves requesting I continue, hell I didn't even get any shit telling me to stick it up my ass or even to just tell me to shut the hell up, so if you want anything from me, well thats tough shit, cause you're getting jack shit.

You know i'd hoped by now that the music industry would have straighted itself out by now, but no, I have to turn on mtv and see a bunch of retards wearing clothes that a 70's pimp would be ashamed to be seen in, they have to have 9 people in the band because none of them can play an instrument so they figure if they all play at once they'll dround each other out, and lets not forget the lead signer who can only scream into the microphone because he doesn't want anyone to know he really sounds like kermit the frog. I'd rather masturbate with gasoline soaked sandpaper over an open fire then watch that shit anymore. Ah fuck it, fuck music, let the little pre-pubescent peices of shit have it, I don't want it anymore

Thats another thing that pisses me off why are these little fucks controlling the direction of where all our mediums of entertainment are going, music, movies, television, fucking everything is marketed towards these ass suckers. Whatever happened to the tight ass parents who made their kids earn there money, shit I worked my ass off for my dollar a week allowance I got when I was kid, these kids get ten bucks just for scratching their ass, and then I have to hear all this shit about tv and music manipulating our kids minds, maybe if the parents would instill a little respect and a few morals in their children instead of just paying for their affection and letting the so called "evil" tv raise their kids things might be a bit different.

God damn that shit just fucking pisses me off, we're so full of our own shit that we won't, hell it seems we can't, take any responsibility for our own fucking actions. Kids blame their parents, parents blame the kids, parents blame each other, muslims blame christians, christians blame jews, jews blame atheists, atheists blame everyone, and it goes on and on. It's all just one big fucking circle jerk that everyone talks about fixing but no one ever does anything to change, we just go on with our boring little lives being the nice little automatons of society that we are bred to be.

Well I'm tired and pissed off and I don't feel like fucking with this stupid shit anymore, I may be back I may not, but one thing will stay the same, I'm going to be bitter and I'm going to be an asshole, but unlike any of you, at least I will stay true to myself.


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