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Tyson Eats Child!!

We all know that former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson likes to try to intimidate his opponents by claiming he will "eat their children", well we have obtained photos of Mike training to do just that. Mr. Tyson apparently is using his own children to spar for the "Bite after the Fight". So we here at Rude Awakening would like to send out a warning to the rest of the heavyweight fighters out there, to please hide your children and do not..I repeat DO NOT bring your kids to the arena because it looks like Iron Mike is serious this time.

Tyson KO's Some Loser

Oh yeah, I almost forgot Mike Tyson defeated Clifford Etienne with a 1st round KO on Saturday. The time of the bout was 49 seconds. After regaining consciousness Etienne was relived find out that Mike didn't eat his children.