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The Very Best of Memphis Wrestling (6 hours)

1. Jeff Jarrett v Jonathan Boyd (Snakebox Match) 2. JERRY LAWLER v EDDIE GILBERT in a wild unscheduled brawl that ends up in the parking lot. Gilbert uses Lawler's body to smash a windshield!! 3. FABULOUS ONES v THE MOONDOGS- bloody! 4. JERRY LAWLER v TOMMY RICH, immediately followed by: 5. JERRY LAWLER AUSTIN IDOL- Rich runs in and helps Idol slam Lawler's groin into the ringpost. 6. JERRY LAWLER/BAM BAM BIGELOW v AUSTIN IDOL/TOMMY RICH- 3 1/2 ***. 7. JERRY LAWLER/BAM BAM BIGELOW v AUSTIN IDOL/TOMMY RICH-(Texas Death Match) 4 ***. 8. AUSTIN IDOL/JEFF JARRETT/PAT TANAKA v KABUKI/MR. SATO/TARZAN GOTO 9. FOOTAGE OF JOS LEDUC performing feats of stregnth. 10. TERRY FUNK v JERRY LAWLER-(Empty Arena Match) 11. KAMALA v RICK McCORD- Kamala's debut on Memphis TV- funny stuff, as he does the "uncivilized savage" routine. 12. FOOTAGE OF THE LAWLER v ANDY KAUFFMAN FEUD 13. EMPTY ARENA MATCH; Funk v Lawler- again. 14. STAN HANSEN v AUSTIN IDOL (Streetfight) 15. JERRY LAWLER V KAMALA- Lawler throws fire! 16. FABULOUS ONES v THE MOONDOGS- Keirn gets hung in the ropes, and they sell it like he's going to die. 17. STAN LANE/JACKIE FARGO v THE MOONDOGS- The Fab's mentor Fargo comes out of retirement to sub for Keirn- this was one wild, crazy brawl! 18. FABULOUS ONES v THE MOONDOGS- a great bloodbath. 19. JERRY LAWLER v MAN MOUNTAIN LINK- Lance Russell calls Link a "circus geek", which is pretty accurate. 20. JERRY LAWLER/DUTCH MANTELL v BILL DUNDEE/BUDDY LANDELL-(Texas Death Match) 5 ***. 21. THE NIGHTMARES v THE M.O.D. SQUAD 22. THE TUPELO CONCESSION STAND BRAWL: JERRY LAWLER/BILL DUNDEE v WAYNE FERRIS/LARRY LATHAM- the ultimate definition of "crazy Southern wrestling"- they brawl into the concession area, and use everything in sight to pound each other with in this bloody war . 5 ***, but only a few minutes shown. 23. FOOTAGE of the Lawler v Kauffman feud. 24. FOOTAGE of Lawler burning various opponents with fire. 25. JERRY LAWLER v TERRY FUNK- this is an actual match. 26. JERRY LAWLER v EDDIE GILBERT- If Lawler loses he leaves town for a year, and if Gilbert loses, Jimmy Hart must leave. Typical Memphis con, as Hart has already left fo rthe WWF, so they have an imposter Hart at ringside. 27. JERRY LAWLER/AUSTIN IDOL v ROAD WARRIORS 28. GREAT CLIPS of Lawler doing interviews from the 1970's. 29. JERRY LAWLER v TOMMY RICH- Rich looks about 18 here. 30. JERRY LAWLER v ROCKY JOHNSON 31. JERRY LAWLER/THE SCORPION v JERRY JARRETT/ROUGHHOUSE FARGO 32. JERRY LAWLER v JACK BRISCO 33. JERRY LAWLER v BILL DUNDEE 34. JERRY LAWLER/TOJO YAMMAMMOTO V THE MUMMY/SAM BASS 35. JERRY LAWLER/MONGOLIAN STOMPER v JACKIE FARGO/ROCKY JOHNSON 36. JERRY LALWER v BILL DUNDEE 37. JERRY LAWLER v JOS LEDUC (Hair Match)- Leduc comes into the match with long hair! He's much thinner, too. 38. MONTAGE OF LAWLER v Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkel, Bill Dundee, Rocky Johnson, Dory Funk Jr, Jackie Fargo, Jimmy Valiant. GREAT HIGHLIGLIGHTS AND HISTORIC FOOTAGE! 39. JERRY LAWLER v CURT HENNIG- features the match itself, where Lawler finally becomes a world champion (AWA), and the buildup toward the match. 40. JERRY LAWLER v AUSTIN IDOL (Hair vs Hair Cage Match): this match had the greatest buidup, and one of the greatest finishes, in wrestling history. Lawler gets his head shaved after Tommy Rich emerges from underneath the cage.

USWA TAPE #: USWA-Memphis (Jan. – March 1992). [3 hrs 30mins]
NOTE: Match Listings by Shawn:
1. The Moondogs vs. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett. This is one of the greatest brawls of all-time. In this concession stand brawl from Kennett, Missouri (hometown of Sheryl Crow), Lawler, Jarrett, and the Moondogs use everything from trash cans to boards to trash compactors to sinks to beat on and attempt to bury each other. At one point, Lawler attempts to drown Moondog Spot in the sink. Jarrett’s back is bloody from the broken glass. This is one of those five-star brawls that you have to see! This is the best 8 minutes and 45 seconds of brawling you may ever see.
2. The Moondogs vs. Jeff Hayes and Ricky Hutchins. The Moondogs brutalize the jobbers who, I’m sure, did not get paid enough for this beating.
3. Tom Pritchard, Bart Sawyer, Miss Texas, and Dirty White Boy threaten Eric Embry with leather straps. Embry, Tony Falk, CJ, and Doug Haskins come out and beat Pritchard’s gang with straps. Embry and Haskins have a match and no opponents show up. Pritchard and Co. hit the ring and eight leather straps are swinging chaotically. The USWA was known for chaos and this is a good example.
4. The Moondogs vs. Jeff Jarrett and Robert Fuller (MSC) (No DQ) Another wild bloodbath! The wrestlers use everything that can move and be thrown… even the ringside barricade and a thick wooden table.
3. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett interview. Lawler brings out Hutchins to show how beaten he is. Betcha’ Hutchins is proud to show the world how much of a jobber he is.
5. The Moondogs vs. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett (MSC) Yet another wild and crazy spectacle. Everyone gets beaten with chairs. Lawler fireballs Lee.
6. Elimination Strap Battle Royal (MSC; jip)
7. Eric Embry vs. Bart Sawyer
8. Richard Lee interview. Lee is wearing Mummy bandages due to Lawler’s fire. Funny.
9. The Moondogs vs. Freezer Thompson and Dazzler Hayes. The Moondogs give a new meaning to the phrase “squash match.”
10. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett interview.
11. The Moondogs vs. Chris Frazier and Brian Collins
12. The Moondogs vs. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett (MSC; No DQ; No stopping the match) (jip) The two teams have another great brawl. It sounds repetitive, but its true- every match is a four to five star brawl. Jarrett piledrives Lee twice, but…Lee then shows up at ringside to suffocate Jarrett. It wasn’t Lee under the bandages.
13. Jeff Jarrett interview. (re cage match with Richard Lee)
14. Dirty White Boy vs. Eric Embry (MSC; jip) The DWGirl whips a bare-butted Embry.
15. In a Dirty White Boy squash match, Embry, Falk, and CJ run in and try to strip and beat the DWG. Nothing like a little sexual assault to pull of the Bad Taste Angle of the Year in 1992.
16. Dennis Coraluzzo int. O.K., I know Coraluzzo was trying to get heat but this may get second place for the Bad Taste Angle of 1992. Coraluzzo (to paraphrase) says: he’s handling Andy Kaufman’s estate, Lawler has an illegitimate son, Koko Ware is the “black sheep” of Lawler’s family, Kamahla will “beat the black off of” Koko and Koko should stop eating so much Memphis chicken. Then (what an idiot), to make the point in the end, Coraluzzo snaps a pencil in half. Wrestling may already have a bad reputation, but this kind of stuff just makes it worse.
17. Koko Ware int. Koko sings.
18. Jerry Lawler int.
19. Jerry Lawler vs. The Invader. The Moondogs run in to go after Lawler. Jarrett and Fuller make the save. Flaming Star comes in to throw fire at Robert Fuller. The battle goes on, until Austin Idol finally shows up to clean house with a suitcase. Lawler blinds Moondog Spike with shaving cream. This is another great brawl, despite Idol claiming that the Moondogs sabotaged his plane. Idol says it was “attempted murder.” Idol even has a story to prove it. The story and interview is almost as good as the brawl, but for vastly different reasons. This is a fantastic brawl and a must-see interview.
20. Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol vs. The Moondogs (MSC; jip) (clips) Another fantastic, creative, insane Moondog brawl.
21. Jeff Jarrett vs. Richard Lee (MSC; jip clips) the Moondogs, Lawler, and Idol end up in the cage, starting an excellent brawl.
22. Richard Lee says that the Moondogs want Jarrett and Lawler right now. The Dogs even picket the ring with signs against Jarrett and Lawler. Lee, in another USWA iffy-racist angle brings in the new dog: Black Dog. The Big Black Dog is led in by Lee. Dog has a chain around is neck and is being dragged in by Lee. This looks to much like a scene from “Roots.”
23. The Moondogs vs. Freezer Thompson and Bob Akins
24. Women’s Battle Royal (MSC clips)
25. Eric Embry – DWB feud highlights
26. Eric Embry vs. Tom Pritchard (Southern Title)
27. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett int. The Moondogs run-in. the Big Black Dog destroys Jerry and Jeff.
28. Dirty White Boy vs. Tony Falk
29. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett int.
30. Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, Austin Idol vs. The Moondogs (MSC; NO DQ) the brawlers use a few assorted instruments of destruction in this one: bats, boards, tables, chairs, trash cans, and tables. Lawler then does a clean job to the Big Black Dog. Despite the job, this is still another must see brawl.
31. Richard Lee int. This interview is from the locker room where we see a Moondog with a massive gash in his head.
32. The Moondogs vs. Brian Collins and Richard Hutching
33. Jerry Lawler int. Jerry Lawler promotes cruelty to animals.
34. Koko B. Ware vs. Kamahla * (MSC jip)
35. During an Eric Embry squash, the Dirty White Girl attacks C.J. Embry comes to jump DWG, but Jarrett makes the save.
36. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett vs. The Moondogs (MSC jip) Idol was scheduled to team with Lawler, but Idol no-showed. I take it Idol never got the “best attendance” certificate in school. It’s a wonder he even still has fans in Memphis at all. Personally, I’d rather see Jarrett than Idol…and this is another great brawl.
37. The Moondogs attack Jarrett
38. The Moondogs and The Big Black Dog vs. Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, and JYD (MSC; clip)
39. Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett int.
3 HOURS and 30 MINUTES. This is the brawling tape to get for America. The Moondogs – Lawler/Jarrett chaos is so fun to watch. It is Memphis brawling at its very, very best.

Memphis / USWA Wrestling from 4/93 - 6/93 Length : 4 hours

1. JEFF JARRETT vs DOUG GILBERT (TV)- Steve Doll & Rex King (known as "Well Dunn" in WWF) run in to pound on Jeff- Brian Christopher comes in to get his shots in when he's "accidentally" clobbered by Doll. This starts the unlikely alliance between mortal enemies Jarrett and Christopher. 2. JERRY LAWLER vs RANDY SAVAGE (MSC 3/93)- Jeff Jarrett plays ref and counts Savage down. 3. RANDY SAVAGE interview, re: "Macho Monday" in Memphis- a cage match against Lawler. 4. SENSATIONAL SHERRI shows up during Lawler's interview. Sherri slaps Lawler, and as Lawler is ready to retaliate with a piledriver (!!!!), Randy Savage makes a surprise appearance, laying out both Lawler and promoter Eddie Marlin- GREAT!!! 5. SENSATIONAL SHERRI shows up during Ms. Texas' interview, setting off a catfight between the two. 6. SENSATIONAL SHERRI vs MISS TEXAS (MSC 4/17/93)- Sherri wins the USWA ladies title. 7. JERRY LAWLER vs RANDY SAVAGE (Cage Match- MSC 4/17/93)- Sherri scales the cage and attacks Lawler. 8. SENSATIONAL SHERRI interview- Sherri brings out Scotty Flamingo to go after Lawler for her. 9. JEFF JARRETT/BRIAN CHRISTOPHER vs STEVE DOLL/REX KING (MSC 4/17/93)- Jeff & Brian team and defeat Doll & King, and after the match Christopher offers to shake Jeff's hand- and kicks him in the gut! 10. JEFF JARRETT vs BRIAN CHRISTOPHER (TV)- Steve Doll and Tex King run in and pound Jarrett. 11. SENSATIONAL SHERRI & BRIAN CHRISTOPHER attack Jerry Lawler- Miss Texas makes the save, and brawls with Sherri. 12. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER vs KOKO WARE (MSC 4/26/93)- Ware and Christopher then brawl in the studio. 13. JERRY LAWLER/MISS TEXAS vs SCOTTY FLAMINGO/SENSATIONAL SHERRI (MSC 4/26/93)- Lawler finially piledrives Sherri. 14. SENSATIONAL SHERRI interview- still feeling the piledriver, Sherri announces the arrival of Papa Shango to Memphis. 15. JEFF JARRETT vs BRIAN CHRISTOPHER (TV)- Brian puts up his hair against Jeff's Southern title, right on TV- they do an excellent job setting this up, with a barber's chair right at ringside- a *** 3/4 match, the best on Memphis TV I can remember- unfortunately, the stipulations give away the result- Brian wins the Southern title. 16. JERRY LAWLER vs PAPA SHANGO (MSC 5/3/93)- Shango shoots fire out of a skull, and wins the "Unified World Title". 17. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER vs KOKO WARE (MSC 5/3/93)- Brian has problems with referee Frank Morell, and trades punches with the 60+ year old ref. Brian then brings out "Spaceman" Frank Hickey, who must be over 70, to take out Morell. 18. PAPA SHANGO vs JERRY LYNN (TV)- Shango defends the "Unified" title. 19. SCOTTY FLAMINGO presents a gift to Brian Christopher- a nanny. Brian balks at first, until he sees that the nanny is the beautiful Toni Adams, who is called "Nanny Simpson". 20. JEFF JARRETT vs TONY FALK- Falk is brought out by Brian Christopher, who calls Falk a "legend"- you won't believe this, but this is one of the best U.S. TV bouts of the year, and that has little to do with the "legendary" Falk- Scotty Flamingo, Nanny Simpson, and Brian Christopher all interfere, and it's a crazy must see brawl. 21. WORST GIMMICK OF THE YEAR, 1993 ARRIVES- It's C.W. Bergstrom, as "The Principal"- a guy who was fired for being too rough on the kids. The gimmick sucks to begin with, and don't bother getting a haircut, C.W., all of the tough principals wear their hair in a long blonde ponytail nowadays. "The Principal" beats his opponent's rear ends with a belt after the match, a true Memphis angle if I've ever seen one. 22. JERRY LAWLER/KOKO WARE vs STEVE DOLL/REX KING (MSC 5/17/93). 23. JERRY LAWLER vs REX KING (TV) Lawler puts up his upcoming title match vs Papa Shango against $5,000 of Bert Prentice's money- the idea is for King & Doll to injure Lawler. By the way, Prentice has improved to the point where he's decent. 24. UNDERTAKER HIGHLIGHTS are shown, and a match is announced between Undertaker vs Brian Christopher. 25. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER/NANNY SIMPSON vs JEFF JARRETT/MISS TEXAS (MSC 5/31/93) . 26. SCOTT TAYLOR vs CHRIS FRAZIER- Taylor used to wrestle for UCW, and deserves a chance- he looks good here. 27. PAPA SHANGO vs OWEN HART (MSC 6/21/93) Owen upsets Shango to win the Unified Title.
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