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Welcome to LK2000's Wrestling

M-O Wrestler Moves

Zane Madrox
Double Leg Back Piledriver
Off the Second Rope Legdrop
Argentine Backbreaker into Front Face Pancake

Akira Maeda
Capture Suplex
Leg Lock
Full Nelson Suplex

Release German suplex
***Burning Hammer, Inverted Death Valley Brainbuster

Monkey Magic
Off the Top Rope Hurricanrana
Apron Dive Rana

Big Boss MA-G-MA (Zeta Mandora)
Press Slam
Mandriller, Fishermanbuster
***Last Ride, Elevated Powerbomb
Fire Thunder Driver
Flying Splash
Top Rope Dropkick
Off the Second Rope Moonsault Splash
Asai Moonsault, Slingshot Moonsault Plancha Suicida
Sit Down Powerbomb
Backdrop Driver
German Suplex
Dragon Suplex, Full Nelson Suplex
Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
Argentine Back Breaker

Balls Mahoney
Nutcracker Suite, Body Slam Piledriver Through Legs
***Super Nutcracker, Super Body Slam Piledriver Through Legs
Frog Splash
New Jersey Jam, Off the Second Rope Legdrop
Ball Breaker, Sit Down Spinebuster Slam

Shinya Makabe
Rolling German Suplexes
***German Suplex

Dean Malenko
Gutbuster, Press Slam into Rib Breaker
***Texas Cloverleaf
Jumping Calf Kick
Crucifix Kneebar
Brainbuster Suplex
Victory Roll
Tiger Driver, Underhook Sit Powerbomb

Tony Mamaluke
Fujiwara Armbar
Cross Armbreaker
Sicilian Crab, elevated half-crab with the victim's leg bent behind Mamaluke's head
Sicilian Stretch, side Russian legsweep to Ground Octopus hold with arm vice
Jumping Palm Thrust to victim seated on the top rope
Tornado DDT
***Italian Sleeper, Sugar Hold
Top-rope Superplex rolled through to the Italian Sleeper
Italian suplex, German Suplex
Snap Belly to Belly Suplex
Catapult Legdrop Suicida
Off the Top Rope Swinging DDT Suicida
Northern Lights Suplex

Naomichi Marufuji
Shooting Star Press, Shooting Star Splash
Shiranui, Swinging 3/4 Facelock Backflip into a Inverted DDT
***Super Shiranui, Super Swinging 3/4 Facelock Backflip into a Inverted DDT
Off the Top Rope Dropkick
Springboard Dropkick w/ opponent in tree of woe
Thrust Kick
Frog Splash
Topè Con Giro/Hilo, Diving Somersault Plancha Suicida
Super Quebrada, Slingshot Moonsault Plancha Suicida

Pablo Marquez
Running Spinning Leaping Plancha
Plancha Suicida with Twist, High Cross Body Suicida with Twist

Ricky Marvin
Springboard Rana
Springboard Swinging Rana
Slingshot Moonsault Press
Springboard Splash
***Tornillo, Off the Top Rope Diving Splash with Front Twist
Muscle Buster, Cradle Neckbreaker
Running Leaping Somersault Plancha Suicida
Shoulder Spin Rana
Running No Hands Springboard Corkscrew Plancha

Vinnie "The Innovator" Massaro
Forearm Smash
Rolling Elbow, 360* Forearm Smash
Running Reverse Crucifix Powerbomb
Rolling Backdrop Suplex
Argentine Backbreaker into Backbreaker
Double Arm Choke into Face Breaker
***The Bada Bing Bada Boom, Spinning Piledriver
Overhead Face First Powerbomb Turnbuckle Smash
Reverse Inverted Full Nelson

Joey Matthews
***Super Rana
Topè Through Second Rope, Diving Plancha Suicida Through Second Rope
Hangmans Neckbreaker


Joel Maximo
Reverse Tiger Driver
***Beach Break, Double Leg Back Piledriver
Crown's Gate, Fireman's Carry Drop Body Breaker
Reverse Gory Special
Arms-Tied Boston Crab
Inverted Surfboard
Seated (?) Surfboard
Off The Top Rope Splash
Inverted Surfboard w/Inverted Facelock
Canadian Back Rack DDT
Off The Top Rope Moonsault Splash
Off The Top Rope Somersault Senton
Off The Top Rope Corkscrew Moonsault
Half-Espana, Off The Top Rope Backflipping Belly To Belly Suplex
Gorybomb, Crucifix with Arms & Legs Hooked into Reverse Face-First Powerbomb

Jose Maximo
Catapult Leg Drop
Asai Moonsault, Slingshot Moonsault Plancha Suicida
Quebrada, Slingshot Moonsault Splash
Springboard Diving Knee Drop
Off The Top Rope Double Foot Stomp
Off The Top Rope Somersault Splash
***Skull Driver, Pumphandle Powerbomb Into Mat Slam

M-Dogg 20
Fireman Carry Head Breaker (lands back of head on knee)
Off the Top Rope Senton
Off the Top Rope Moonsault Splash
Space Flying M-Dogg Drop, Handspring Leaping Somersault Plancha w/ Twist Suicida
***Death From Above, Off the Top Rope Moonsault into Somersault Splash
Reverse Hurricanrana
Off The Top Rope Backflip Kick with Opponent Down in Opposite corner!
Hanging Sideways on the Ring Post Splash
Double Springboard Moonsault Press
Off The Top Rope Leap into Rope Slingshot Moonsault Press

Men’s Teioh
Super Inverted Atomic Drop
***Miracle Ecstacy, Pinning Chokeslam
Spinning Toehold
Tornado Clutch, Fireman Carry Cradle
Teioh Lock, Reverse Inverted Full Nelson
Teioh Lock II
Rolling Elbow
Full Nelson Slam
Tornado DDT on mat
Reverse Release Northern Lights Suplex

Mosco De La Merced
Asai Moonsault, Slingshot Moonsault Plancha
Somersault Senton Pescada, Catapult Somersault Senton Suicida
Tornillo El Mosco, Springboard Second Rope Adjacent Somersault Body Attack Suicida
Quebrada, Slingshot Moonsault Splash
***Off the Top Rope Corkscrew Moonsault
Off the Top Rope Somersault Senton with Twist
Quebrada Press, Slingshot Moonsault Press
Diving Plancha Through Second Rope
Tilt-A-World Headscissors
Flying Rana
Springboard Super Rana
Hammerlock w/ Neck Submission
Catapult into Rana Suicida

Godsmack, Spinning Fireman's carry into 3/4 sit facelock drop
***The Fall from Grace, Argentine Backbreaker into DDT
Cross Factor, Mat Slam
Holy Roller, Apron dive somersault attack
Springboard Legdrop

Rick Michaels
***Double Shot, Kneeling Knee to Face immediately followed by a reverse neckbreaker

Shawn Michaels
Teardrop Suplex, Knee Held Side Suplex
Off the Top Rope Moonsault Press
***Sweet Chin Music, Thrust Kick
Plancha Suicida
Flying Elbow Drop
Flying Double Axehandle

Taka Michinoku
Michinoku Driver I, Underhook Brainbuster Suplex
***Michinoku Driver II, Body Slam Piledriver Through Legs
Michinoku Driver II-B, Inverted Facelock into Body Slam Piledriver Through Legs
Asai Moonsault, Slingshot Moonsault Plancha
Spacemans Moonsault, Slingshot Moonsault Plancha with Twist
Springboard Missile Dropkick
Missile Dropkick
Swinging DDT
Running Corner Forearm Smash
Running Corner Leaping Knee Smash
Springboard Splash
Sit Crucifix Powerbomb
Rolling Leg Lock
Snap Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
Springboard Kneedrop
Off the Second Rope Bulldog Lariat
Spacemans Plancha, Running Springboard Plancha
Karate Chop
Cross Armed Sit Powerbomb
Crucifix Kneebar
Low Dropkick

Ernest "The Cat" Miller
Karate Chop
Catwheel, Cartwheel Kick
***Feliner, Spinning Sidekick

Mitsuharu Misawa/Tiger Mask II
Tiger Driver, Underhook/Double Arm Sit Powerbomb
Tiger Driver 91', Underhook Piledriver
Tiger Driver 01', Both Standing on Top Rope Underhook/Double Arm Sit Powerbomb
Tiger Suplex, Double Armbar/Chickenwing Back Suplex
Tiger Suplex 85', Half Nelson Underhook-Sleeper Suplex
Running Forearm/Elbow Smash
Forearm/Elbow Smash
Forearm Uppercut
Spinning Back Elbow Smash
Tiger Body Press, Frog Splash
Running Catapult Crossbody Suicida
Plancha Suicida, Off the Top Rope Crossbody Suicida
Elbow Suicida, Diving Through Ropes Forearm Smash Suicida
Rolling Elbow, Spinning Forearm/Elbow Smash
Spinning Clothesline
Off the Top Rope Forearm Smash
Release German Suplex
Facehook, Step-Over Facelock
Off the Second Rope Corkscrew Dropkick
Apron Dive Elbow/Forearm Smash
German Suplex
***Emerald Frosion/Fusion, Side Body Slam Piledriver

Raimu Mishima
Transformation Crossface, Cobra Clutch Crossface Hold
Jumping Knee
Back Drop Suplex Hold

Rey Misterio Jr.
Super Rana
Misterio Rana, Handspring Shoulder Spin Rana
Bronco Buster
***West Coast Pop, Springboard Rana
Dragon Rey/Rana, Off the Top Rope Somersault into Rana
Springboard Dragon Rey/Rana, Springboard Somersault into Rana
Missile Dropkick
La Magastral
Hammerlock w/Neck Submission
Hammerlock/Armbar Stretch Submission
Sit Down Powerbomb
Sit Docter Bomb, Sit Gutwrench Powerbomb
Super Bulldog
Springboard Moonsault DDT
Flying/Off the Top Rope Rana
Off the Top Rope/Flying Rana Suicida
Apron Dive Rana
Tilt-A-World Headscissors
619, Tiger Feint Kick
Super Rana
Running Somersault Flying Head Scissors Suicida (could be considered rana as well)
Asai Moonsault, Slingshot Moonsault Plancha Suicida
Running Somersault Pescado
Springboard Somersault Plancha Suicida
Catapult Somersault Suicida into Rana
Baseball Slide Headscissors
Quebrada, Slingshot Moonsault Splash
Rope Slingshot Moonsault Splash
Misterio Express, Shoulder Mounted Crossed Armed Suplex
Springboard Diving Headbutt Drop
Mat Slam
Slingshot Mat Slam
Seesaw Sunset Flip Powerbomb
Split Legged Moonsault
Springboard Flying Headscissors
Corner Headscissors Turnbuckle Smash
Springboard Vertical Splash Body Press
Off the Top Rope Vertical Body Press Suicida
Apron Dive Bulldog Lariat
Head Slide to Outside into Tornado DDT

Masaaki Mochizuki
Triangle Enziguri, Double Springboard Back Kick
Axe Kick
Saikyou High Kick, High Kick/Big Boot
German Suplex
Springboard Missile Dropkick
Knee Smashes in Corner
Full Nelson Suplex
***Twister, Spinning Brainbuster Suplex
Front Suplex on Apron

Michael Modest
The Gori Buster, Reverse Gory Special Piledriver
Both Guys Standing On Top Rope Fisherman Suplex
***Reality Check, Over the Shoulder Belly to Back Piledriver
Headstand Super Rana
Running Death Valley Driver
Side Suplex
Cobra Clutch Suplex
One Arm 3/4 Facelock Drop
Fishermans Buster
T-Bone Suplex
Release Dragon Suplex, Release Full Nelson Suplex

"Sick" Nick Mondo
Hadoken!, double palm strike to the chest Spinning heel kick Hurricanrana
Leaping Somersault Plancha Suicida
Springboard Leg Drop
M. Bison, Off The Top Rope Double Foot Stomp w/Opponent Standing
***Assault Driver, Off The Shoulders Reverse Crucifix Powerbomb
Double Leg Slam
Northern Lights Bomb
Mondo Sledge, Springboard Somersault Senton With Twist
Springboard Legdrop w/Twist
German Suplex
Super Assault Driver, Super Off The Shoulders Reverse Crucifix Powerbomb
Mondo Driver, Fisherman's Cradle Into Body Slam Piledriver Through Legs
Fisherman's Buster

"Dirty" Don Montoya
Corkscrew Legdrop
T-Bone Suplex
Belly to Belly Suplex
Off the Second Rope Elbow Drop
Docter Bomb
Tilt-a-whirl slam
Michinoku Driver II, Body Slam Piledriver Through Legs
3/4 Facelock Drop Opponent off the Top Rope

Shannon Moore
Running Somersault Plancha Suicida
Off the Top Rope Rana
Off the Top Rope Somersault Body Attack with Twist
Bottoms Up, Elevated Leg Face Driver
***Super Bottoms Up, Super Elevated Leg Face Driver

E.Z. Money/Jason Jett
Money Clip, Catapult Somersault into Clothesline
Flying Moonsault Splash
Inverted crucifix powerbomb
Backflip Splash
Rope Handspring Back Elbow Smash
Pendulem of Pain, Arm/Leg Lifting Surfboard Stretch
Elecktric Dreams, Suplex/neckbreaker Powerbomb combo
***Money in the Bank, Double Leg Back Piledriver

Donovan Morgan
Running Somersault Pescado
Slingshot Armdrag
Off the Second Rope DDT
Tornado DDT
Split-legged Moonsault
Golden Gate Spin, Swinging Fishermans Cradle (not a pin)
Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex Turnbukle Smash
Super Spinebuster Bomb
Side Suplex
Belly to Belly 90 Degree Overhead Suplex
***Sayonara, Underhook Sit Face First Piledriver/Underhook Sit Piledriver
Michinoku Driver II, Body Slam Piledriver Through Legs

Anthony Mori
Flower Bridge, Bow and Arrow Backbreaker
Top Rope Dropkick
Escargot, Modified Half Crab
Tetsuhashirakoe Plancha

***Mosh Pit, Off the Top Rope Vertical Body Press
Flying Hip Attack
Super Rana

Mr. Mexico/IWRG Mr. Niebla
***Scorpion Deathlock

Mr. Niebla
Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
Tope' Suicida, Diving Plancha Through Ropes
Handspring Blind Leaping Headbutt
Off the Second Rope Blind Leaping Headbutt Suicida
Huge Slap
Off the Top Rope Moonsault Splash
Spinning Back Rack
Quebrada, Slingshot Moonsault Splash
***La Neblina, Entanglement Submission Hold

Mister Zero
Forearm Smashes
Running Forearm Smashes
***Last Shaven Unicorn Drop, Body Slam into Sit Front Pancake
Blue Thunder, Belly to Back Suplex into Sit Powerbomb

Stone Mountain
***Landslide, High Angle Spinebuster Bomb

Takehiro "The Rainbow Shooter" Murahuma
Jumping Fistdrop
***Brainbuster Suplex
Shoulder Throw
Rolling Solebutt
Rolling Cross-armbreaker
Spinning Leg Lariat
Roundhouse Kick
Running Leaping Somersault Plancha Suicida

Keiji Muto/Great Muta/Kokushi
Backbreaker Drop
Cross Armbreaker
"Crazy" Elbow Drop
Poison Mist
Super Rana
Handspring Back Elbow Smash
Off the Top Rope Moonsault Splash
Kneecap Dropkick
Rolling Koppu Kick
Running Mat Slam aka Face Smash
Backflip Kick
***Shining Wizard/Magic, Knee Smash to head springing off victim's knee
Figure Four Leglock
Dragon Screw Leg Whip

Hack Myers
Legdrop opponent’s head between ropes
***Facebuster, Off Top Rope Face Driver

Mitsuya Nagai
Running Corner Knee Smash
Capture Suplex, High Cradle Suplex
Off the Top Rope Knee Smash
Enziguri Kick
Running knee to chest
***Hyper Knee, Springboard Knee Smash

Yugi Nagata
Running Corner Big Boot
Spinning Heel Kick
Roundhouse Kick
Forearm Smash
Enziguri Kick
Super Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
Thesz Press
Elevated DDT
Exploder, Belly to Belly 90 Degree Overhead Suplex
Wrist-Clutch Exploder (not brainbuster), Belly to Belly Pumphandle Suplex
***Nagata Lock II, Crossface Hold
Nagata Lock, Leg Lock Crooked Figure Four

Koji Nakagawa
***Sit Powerbomb
Sambo Suplex
Tiger Suplex, Rear Salto Suplex
Full Nelson Suplex

Manaba Nakanishi
Stretch Muffler, Racked Leg Lock
Cobra Clutch Giant Swing
Jumping Knee Smash
Release German Suplex
***Argentine Backbreaker

Masuyuki Naruse
Rolling Cross Armbreaker
Running Corner High Kick
Knee Lift
Punches/Palm Thrust to Chest Series
***Crazy Cyclone, Spinning Back Chop

Kevin Nash
Big Boot
Corner Boot Choke
Snake Eyes, Corner Turnbuckle Slam into Face Smash
***Jackknife Powerbomb, Powerbomb
Emerald City Side Slam, Side Slam
Corner Back Elbow Smash

New Jack
***187 Diving Chair, Flying Splash w/Chair
Flying Chairshot
El Kabong, Flying Guitar Shot
Flying Splash

Osamu Nishimura
Cobra Twist, Abdominal Stretch
***Cobra Twist Cradle, Abdominal Stretch Cradle
Missile Dropkick
Octopus Hold
Leg Scissors
Spinning Toehold
Figure Four Leglock

Katsutoshi Niyama
***Uranage, Throat Slam Suplex
Off the Top Rope Spinkick
Reverse Spinkick
Flying Headbutt Drop

Scott Norton

Jacey North
***Iconoclasm, Reverse Crucifix Powerbomb
Octopus Hold
Gedo Clutch, Back Mounted Cradle
Cross-Armed Camel Clutch

***Both Standing on Top Rope Belly to Belly 90 Degree Overhead Suplex
Novacaine, Reverse Russian Leg Sweep
Spin Docter, Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker
Kypronite Krunch, Over the Shoulder Belly to Back Piledriver
Flying Forearms
Off the Top Rope Somersault Body Attack with Twist Suicida
Swinging DDT
Third Degree, Two piledrivers and Spinning Sit Powerbomb
Pescada, Catapult Body Press Suicida
Topè Suicida through Second Rope
Plancha Suicida, Off Top Rope Crossbody Suicida
Super Kypronite Krunch, Super Over the Shoulder Belly to Back Piledriver
Somersault Senton
Swanton Bomb, Off the Top Rope Somersault Senton
Sledge-O-Matic, Powerbomb into Elbow Drop
Scream Machine, Running Shoulder Mount Face First Powerbomb
Reverse enziguri kick
DDT Squared, Inverted DDT then Falling Inverted DDT
Elevator, Argentine Back Breaker Rack Sit Powerbomb
Smash Mouth, Powerbomb into 3/4 Face Lock Drop
Face Driver Underhook Leg
One Arm Bandit, One Arm Neckbreaker
Choke Slam into Inverted Atomic Drop
Nova Blast, Off the Second Rope Somersault Neckbreaker

Chris Nowinski
Twisting Underhook Suplex

Nunzio (Little Guido)(James Maritato)
***Swinging Single Arm DDT off ropes
Kiss of Death/ Tomakazi/ Maritato, Reverse Underhook DDT
Wakagatame Fujiwara Armbar, Armbar pushing opponent's arm up, while opponent is on their stomach
Reverse Fujiwara Armbar, Armbar pushing opponent's arm up, while opponent is on their back
Sicilian Slice, Off Second Rope Leg Face Driver
Catapult Leg Face Driver
Sicilian Crab, Crab
Hammerlock Hold
Side Italian Leg Sweep, Side Russian Leg Sweep
Super Side Italian Leg Sweep
Super Side Italian Leg Sweep off the Ropes
Springboard Crossbody
Jujigatame, Cross Armbreaker

Russian Leg Sweep
Diving Swinging Arm Drag
Walking The Ropes Into Arm Drag
Off The Top Rope Moonsault Splash
Super Rana
***Octagon Special/Octaclutch, Ground Octopus Hold
Mat Slam
Tilt-a-Whirl Flying Headscissors
Off The Top Rope Rana
Tope Suicida, Diving Plancha Suicida Through Ropes
Running Back Elbow Smash
Thrust Kick
Thrust Kick Flurry
Jumping Superkick, Jumping Thrust Kick
Brainbuster Suplex

Naoya Ogawa
STO/Space Tornado Ogawa, Side Leg Trip Takedown

Yoshinari Ogawa
Figure Four Jacknife Pin, Bridged Crossed Leg Roll Up
***Backdrop Suplex Hold
Backdrop Suplex
Enziguri Kick

Jun Ogawauchi
Lucifers' Hammer, Variation Death Valley Bomb
Samurai Lock

Sean O’Hare
***Cruel Intentions
Hard Kicks
Seanton Bomb, Flying Somersault Senton

Shigeo Okumura
Exploder, Belly to Belly 90 Degree Overhead Suplex
Brainbuster Suplex
Crossface Hold
Release Full Nelson Suplex

Topè Suicida through Ropes, Diving Plancha Suicida through Ropes
***Body Scissors into Small Package

Takao Omori
***Axe Bomber, Running Forearm Smash
Axe Guillotine Driver, Canadian Backbreaker Bomb (?)
Off the Top Rope Knee Drop
Multiple Full Nelson Suplexes
Full Nelson Suplex

Murder One
***Zoolander, Over the Shoulder Belly to Back setup into 3/4 Facelock Drop
"Blazing" lariat
Blue Thunder Bomb, Belly to Back Suplex into Sit Powerbomb

Springboard Somersault Plancha Suicida
Onryo Driver, Underhook Piledriver
***Onryo Clutch, Modified Crucifix Hold Pin

***Blackout, Spinning Brainbuster DDT

Randy Orton
Full Nelson Slam
Wheelbarrow Suplex
Backflip Dropkick
Leg Lever
***Off the Top Rope Crossbody/Bodypress
Oklahoma Roll

Alexander Otsuka
Missile Dropkick
Release German Suplex
Alek Lock I, Modified Cross-Toe Hold Arm Locked Mexican Sharpshooter
Alek Lock II, Cross-Toe Hold Leg Locked American Sharpshooter

Shinjiro Otani
Running Corner Big Boot
Corner Boot Scrapes
***Cobra Hold
Crossface Chickenwing
German Suplex
Dragon Suplex, Full Nelson German Suplex
Springboard Spinkick
Springboard Missile Dropkick
Super Rana
Springboard Huracarana
Spiral Bomb, Spinning Sit Powerbomb
Spinning Roundhouse Kick
Springboard Swan Dive Plancha
Springboard DDT
Springboard Kneecap Dropkick

Touru Owashi
Nodowa Otoshi, Chokeslam
Running Nodowa Otoshi, Running Chokeslam
***Senshuuraku Gatame, modified stepover-toehold-facelock (STF)

*** Denotes Wrestler's Finisher or Stongest Trademark Move