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ECW Heatwave 96'

ECW Heatwave 96

Match #1:Samoan Gangsta Party vs. Gangstas

New Jack comes out with his can o' weapons followed by Mustafa. It is just a war. New Jack hits a Samoan with a pan then throws him into the post. New Jack hits a Samoan with a trashcan. Mustafa nails a Samoan with a magnetic football game! New Jack even uses a hubcap. Mustafa chairshots a Samoan. New jack nails a Samoan with a stick. New Jack breaks a crutch right over a Samoan's face! Oh my God!! New Jack cuts a Samoan with a stick. New Jack uses a chair a few times. New Jack hits a Samoan with the magnetic football game three times!!! Chairshot by Mustafa. The ref calls for the bell. Gangstas still pound on the Samoans until the other refs come out. The match is deemed a no contest because the Samoan Gangsta Party could not continue. 1/2*

*Gangstas challenge the Eliminators, Samoan Gangsta Party, and Bruise Brothers to a four way dance.

Match #2:Mikey Whipwreck vs. Paul Lauria(w/Damien Kane and Lady Alexander)

Mikey gets a clothesline and dropkick, which sends Lauria out of the ring. Mikey then hits Air Mikey. Mikey throws Lauria into the guardrail. Lauria stunguns Mikey on the guardrail. Back in the ring Lauria hits a slam. Lauria was stopped up top by Mikey, by superkicking Lauria feet out from under him. Mikey nails his top rope/super frankenmikey for the pin at 1:32. 1/2*

*Eliminators hit the ring and attack both Mikey & Lauria. The Eliminators use Total Elimination on Lauria. Then the Eliminators accept the challenge for the four way dance. Mikey comes back out with Sabu. Saturn agrees to put the titles on the line only in a traditional tag team match.

Match #3:Mikey Whipwreck & Sabu vs. Eliminators for Tag Titles

Punches are thrown. Leg takedown by Sabu. Leg scissors by Saturn. Roll up by Sabu for a one. Takedown by Saturn for a one count. Sabu gets a leg lock, but Saturn gets rope. Sabu hits a nice springboard moonsault press for a two. Saturn uses a thrust kick. Sabu hits a slam then misses an Arabian Press. Saturn nails another thrust kick then dropkicks Sabu's neck. Saturn hits a slam and follows up with a big splash off the top. Eliminators do a roundhouse/superkick combination on Sabu. Kronus does his double handspring elbow on Sabu. Sabu drapes Kronus in the ropes. Mikey then guillotine legdrops Kronus!! Mikey uses a hip toss and armdrags Kronus. Mikey then uses a hip toss and arm drag on Saturn. Mikey does a double japense armdrags on the Eliminators. Sabu high cross bodies the Eliminators for a two. Mikey drops the leg on Kronus for a two. Mikey works on Kronus's arm. Sabu vaults off Mikey and bulldogs Kronus. Saturn clotheslines Mikey then hits a huge brainbuster. Saturn does an arm bar sidekick on Mikey. Saturn clotheslines Mikey for a two. The Eliminators do a vertical suplex/high cross body combo on Mikey. Kronus does a pumphandle plex on Mikey then locks on a jujigatame. Saturn single arms Mikey and puts a hammerlock on. Saturn uses a release german suplex on Mikey and dropkicks Sabu. Saturn gets a two count on Mikey. Mikey & Saturn fight on the to rope. Mikey throws Saturn off the top. Mikey does a leaping frankenmikey on Saturn and tags Sabu. Sabu chairshots both Eliminators. Sabu slips on a Triple Jump attempt. Mikey clotheslines Kronus to the outside. And does a pescada into a frankenmikey!! Saturn dropkicks Sabu who jumps off the top. Sabu hit a super rana for a two. Saturn nails a docter bomb for a 2 on Sabu. Sabu dropkicks Saturn who is on the apron. Sabu hits an Arabian Powerbomb on Saturn. Sabu bridges a table with the guardrail and apron and puts Saturn on it. Sabu triple jumps, but Saturn grabs the rope causing Sabu to go straight through the table. Mikey does an inverted atomic drop and clotheslines Kronus. Saturn clotheslines Mikey. The Eliminators hit Total Elimination on Mikey for the win at 12:02. ***

*Bob Artese introduces the "Italian Karoke Bistro" featuring Little Guido and "Old Brown Eyes" J.T Smith(w/Salvatore Bellemo). Little introduces his "little brother" Big Guido. The Dudleys comes out. D-Von Dudley appears on stage and says he will beat all the Dudleys. Big Dick goes after D-Von, but D-Von goes the opposite direction.

Match #4:FBI(w/Salvatore Bellemo) vs. Dudley Boyz

It is just a brawl. Guido slams D.W Dudley. Big Guido powerbombs D.W. D-Von comes in and chairshots Little Guido and J.T.Smith. Big Dick Dudley heads back and D-Von leaves. Bubba Ray does a double Bubba Slam on Little Guido & J.T. Big Guido powerbombs Bubba ray. Big Dick comes back and clotheslines the FBI. Big Dick goes to slam Big Guido, but the FBI stop it. D-Von comes back and chairshots almost everybody. It is just choas. Big Dick fights off the FBI. Hack Myers out and chairshots D-Von. Big Guido then powerbombs Hack. Finally Big Dick Dudley gets the chair from D-Von and chairshots Big Guido for the pin at 6:38. 1/2* After Big Dick press slams Little Guido to the outside.

Match #5:Axl Rotten vs. Tarzan Goto

Goto gets two single leg takedowns. Goto gets a backdrop on Axl. Goto keeps pounding on Axl. Axl finally hits a spinning heel kick then misses a crossbody. Goto throws Axl outside. They have dueling chairs, but nobody wins. Goto throws Axl into a table. They brawl in the crowd all the way to the bleachers. Back in the ring Tarzan Goto gives Axl 11 successive chairshots to the back! Goto nails a clothesline for a two count. Axl gets a clothesline and 2 chairshots. Axl gets a slam and an elbow drop for a two. Axl uses a clothesline for an another two count. Axl hits a DDT for another near fall. Goto throws Axl on the chair and hits a chairshot. Goto brainbusters Axl on a chair for the win at 10:10. *1/2

*Joey Stlyes interviews Taz. Taz said he beat everybody from other promotions. He says he is taking over ECW. Alfonso fires Joey and gives his job to Joel Gertner. Joey interrupts Taz's sppech and gets chokes out. "Frankenstein" hits the PA and 911 comes to the ring. 911 chokeslams Gertner. 911 chokeslams Taz, but Taz gets right back to his feet. Taz german Tazplexes 911 and locks the Tazmission on him.

Match #6:Chris Jericho vs. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull#2(w/Francine)

Before the match Douglas chairshots Pitbull#2 when he comes out. Scorpio and Jericho start it off. Jericho does a spinkick on Scorpio after they do a sequence. Hammerlock by Scorpio, reversed by Jericho. Scorpio takes over Jericho. Scorpio nails a dropkick on Jericho. Scorpio hits a slam and somersault legdrops Jericho for a 2 count. Jericho gets a tiger bomb on Scorpio for a 2 count. Jericho locks Scorpio in a pretzel of some sorts. Scorpio locks on a camel clutch. They exchange chops. Scorpio gives Jericho a roundhouse and tags Douglas in. Douglas hits Jericho and PB2. Jericho snap suplexes Douglas for a two. Jericho gets a side headlock takeover for a two. Jericho rolls up Douglas for a two. Jericho clotheslines Douglas and does a slingshot twisting splash. Jericho puts Douglas's face into all the turnbuckles. Jericho chops Douglas in the corner. Jericho gets a spinkick then a Lionsault for a two on Douglas. Jericho gets a knee lift and tags PB2. Douglas tags 2 Cold as fast as he can. Scorpio gets a rollup for a two. PB2 press powerslams 2 Cold. PB2 powerbombs 2 Cold for a two. Scorpio knocks PB2 down and gets a 2. Scorpio takes PB2 over to the outside! Scorpio gets a few knee lifts and tags Shane Douglas. Douglas hit a belly2back suplex for a two. Then tagged Jericho. Jericho snapmares and dropkicks PB2. PB2 nails a back elbow smash. PB2 catches Jericho in a leapfrog and powerslams him for a two. Jericho sidekicks PB2 then german suplexes him for a two. PB2 catches Jericho in a leapfrog attempt and powerbombs him for a two. PB2 tags Scorpio. Scorpio slams Jericho and goes up to the top, but Jericho meets him there. With both men standing on the top rope, Jericho jumps up and hits a huracarana on Scorpio!!! Shane Douglas tags Jericho and pins Scorpio himself for a two. Scorpio gets a spinkick on Douglas. 2 Cold unloads with punches on Douglas. Douglas falls to the outside and 2 Cold keeps pounding on him. 2 Cold keeps pounding on him. 2 Cold throws Douglas into the guardrail. Scorpio puts Douglas's face into a chair. Back in the ring Scorpio puts Shane face into the chair again for a two. Scorpio tags PB2. Douglas tags Jericho. Jericho rolls up PB2 for a two. PB2 counters a slam with a crossbody for a two. PB2 powerbombs Jericho for a two count. PB2 tags 2 Cold. 2 Cold hit a butterfly suplex on Jericho. Jericho rolls out of the ring. Scorpio follows him and puts him back in. Jericho DDTs scorpio and tags PB2. PB2 hits a fallaway slam from the second rope on Scorpio. Shane tags Scorpio though. PB2 hip tosses Douglas to the outside. Douglas pulls PB2 to the outside and they fist fight. Jericho does his patented vaulted springboard plancha on to Douglas and PB2. 2 Cold nails a plancha on to all 3 of them. 2 Cold throws Jericho into the guardrail then Jericho backdrops 2 Cold into the crowd. Jericho & 2 Cold brawl in the crowd. Douglas crotches PB2 on the guardrail. 2 Cold chairshots Jericho. Back in the ring Douglas bulldogs PB2 on to a chair. PB2 starts pummeling Douglas. PB2 press slams Douglas and Jericho missle dropkicks Douglas. Jericho gets a two after pulling off PB2. Jericho throws Douglas into the turnbuckle. Jericho gets a flying forearm and a dropkick for a two. Jericho locks on a spinning toe hold then a figure four leg lock on Douglas. Douglas tags 2 Cold. Jericho does a fisherman suplex then went for the Lionsault, but 2 Cold dropkicks him right in the head!!! Scorpio kneedrops Jericho. 2 Cold nails a powerbomb on Jericho. Jericho tiger suplexes 2 Cold. Jericho tags Douglas. Douglas punches Jericho. 2 Cold thrust kicks Jericho. Douglas then tags back out. 2 Cold nails a tombstone piledriver then the Tumbleweed to eliminate Jericho at 27:00. Douglas wants help from 2 Cold, but 2 Cold punches Shane. 2 Cold backdrops and dropkicks both Douglas & PB2. 2 Cold locks an adominal stretch on Douglas. Scorpio rides Douglas and gets at two. Scorpio headbutts Douglas. Douglas belly2belly suplexes 2 Cold. Scorpio catches Douglas up top and does a top rope sunset flip for a two. Scorpio clotheslines Douglas and thrust kicks PB2. 2 Cold slams PB2 then slams Douglas on top of PB2. 2 Cold tries a Moonsault on to both of them, but they both move. Douglas DDTs Scorpio for a two. Douglas assists PB2 in hitting Scorpio with the Superbomb and PB2 pins 2 Cold at 31:00. Douglas attacks PB2 right after the pin. Outside Douglas throws PB2 into the ring post. They continue to brawl outside. PB2 throws Douglas into the ring post. Back in the ring PB2 powerbombs Douglas threw two chairs. PB2 puts a table in the ring. Douglas hits the belly2bwlly suplex, but Francine distracts the ref. Douglas brings in Francine. PB2 accidentally corner splashes the ref. PB2 goes to press slam Douglas, and as he has Douglas in the air, Francine turns on him by throwing powder in his eyes. Francine takes off her skirt to show her tights with the word "Franchise" stitched into the back. PB2 beats Douglas senseless and knocks him outside. Pitbull#1 has Francine in the ring. PB2 sets up the table in the ring, and Superbomb Francine through the table!! Oh My God! Shane comes back in and hits PB1 with a single arm DDT. Douglas hits PB2 with the title belt for a 2. Douglas hits PB2 with a piece of table for a two. Douglas hits PB2 with brass knuxs for a two. Douglas then hits PB2 with a chain and PB2 press slams Douglas off him!! PB2 misses a spinkick and falls outside. Douglas hits his belly2belly suplex for the win at 39:41.****1/2 One of the greatest ECW matches of all time!

Match #7:Louie Spiccoli vs. El Puerto Ricano AKA Pablo Marquez

Louie destroys Ricano with some short arm clotheslines. Louie hits a fireman's buster and nails Ricano with a chairshot for the win. DUD

Match #8:Louie Spiccoli vs. Sabu

Spiccoli stomps on Sabu's injured neck. Spiccoli does a snap mare and a rolling neck snap. Spiccoli chokes Sabu with his boot. Louie hit a hangman's neckbreaker for a two. Louie nailed a swinging neckbreaker for a two. Louie does a nice slingshot belly2back suplex for a two. Sabu gets a spinkick and Louie rolls outside. Sabu sits Louie on the guardrail. Sabu vaults off a table and crossbodies Louie over the guardrail. Sabu then did a Triple Jump plancha into the crowd with a chair! Back in the ring Sabu drapes Louie in the ropes above a chair. Sabu does a Flying Legdrop, but Louie moves. Sabu gets a huracarana. Louie throws a chair at Sabu who was doing a triple jump. Dueling chairs is won by Sabu. Louie climbs to the second rope, but Sabu throws a chair at him. Sabu does Air Sabu while Louie is sitting on the top rope!! Sabu dropkicks Louie who is on the outside. Sabu bridges a table between the apron and guardrail. Sabu puts him on it and does a Top Rope moonsault suicida on to him!!! Back in the ring Sabu hits a Triple Jump moonsault for a 2 count. Louie gets a german suplex for a two. Sabu does a chairvault top rope rana, but Louie holds up top. Louie does a rolling shoulderblock for a two. Louie misses a kneedrop and goes into a chair. Sabu does a kneecap dropkick then misses an Arabian facebuster. Sabu catches Louie up top with a chairshot. Sabu does a chairvault springboard super DDT then hits the Arabian facebuster for the pin at 11:36. ***1/4 A unique match. Sabu just seemed better than usual.

Match #9:Tommy Dreamer & Terry Gordy & Sandman vs. Raven(w/Lori and Tyler Fullington) & Brian Lee & Stevie Richards in a Steel Cage

Main Event is the Rage in the Cage match, which is actually 3 matches in one. Terry Gordy vs. Stevie Richards on the Stage, Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Falls Count Anywhere Match that starts at ringside, and Raven vs. The Sandman in the Steel Cage. If Stevie Richards is pinned by Terry Gordy, Gordy wins Raven's ECW Title. The first man to reach ringside (either Gordy or Richards) will be allowed entry into the steel cage. Sandman enters the cage with Raven, and Raven says "Spare me and I'll give you your son back". This distracts the Sandman momentarily giving Raven the opportunity to get an early advantage in the match. Next Terry Gordy enters to meet Stevie Richards on the stage, but Richards steviekicks Gordy when he is half way up the ladder, so they brawl on the lower stage. Raven is manhandling Sandman in the cage, and Gordy is manhandling Richards on the stage. Gordy then carries Richards to ringside where Gordy is jumped by Brian Lee. This brings out Tommy Dreamer to start the falls count anywhere match. Lee and Dreamer brawl all over the building. In the meantime Gordy enters the cage and attacks Raven. After Richards enters the ring, Gordy piledrives Richards and Raven. He then hits Richards with one more piledriver. Dreamer is in the ring, and he handcuffs Raven crucifixion style. At this point Tyler Fullington stands in between Raven and the Sandman. Dreamer wants the Sandman to hit Raven anyway, but Sandman refuses. Nova uses wire cutters to cut Raven out of the handcuffs. This lets Raven jump Sandman and hit a DDT for a 2 count. While all of this is going on, Blue Meanie and Super Nova are setting up tables outside the cage. Dreamer and Lee are fighting on top of the cage near the tables. Eventually Lee hits the chokeslam on Dreamer, though the 3 tables and to the concrete floor. In the ring, the Sandman blocks a DDT attempt by Raven and hits a DDT of his own for the pin at 14:57. The show ends with Gordy helping a bloody Sandman out of the ring and Dreamer still on the concrete floor at ringside being taken care of by medical personnel. ***

Recommendation: Another very good ECW show from 96'. The matches are very unique. I recommend getting this tape especially for the four way dance!!