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Jack Victory
Hometown: New Jersey
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 320 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1985
Catch Phrase: "V is For Victory!"
Championships Held:

"There is a saying around the Extreme Championship Wrestling locker room, "For the right price, Jack Victory will gladly do the deed."
A veteran of old-school wrestling territories such as the UWF, World Class Championship Wrestling and Continental Wrestling, Jack Victory returned to the wrestling world in 1998 when he was paid a hefty sum to attack the "Original Gangsta" New Jack.
Finding ECW nothing like the wrestling world he left behind, Victory nonetheless excelled in feuds with New Jack and Tommy Dreamer, providing muscle for the likes of Justin Credible.
No deed goes unpunished in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and Victory soon found himself in an emergency room in New Orleans, Louisiana with a broken leg courtesy of New Jack.
Never one to be defeated, Victory resolved to get back in the ring and to get in better shape while doing so.
Then, Steve Corino came along.
In Jack Victory, The "King of Old School" found the perfect person to back up his claims.
After all, Victory had brawled his way through every territory that ever existed.
Victory soon began joining Corino at ringside in a wheelchair, providing advice and interference when needed.
The alliance with Corino soon led to Victory becoming a loyal member of Cyrus' Network, hell-bent on the domination of Extreme Championship Wrestling. When Corino broke off from The Network, many wondered where the veteran's allegiance would lie.
Victory proved that with age comes wisdom, as he chose loyalty to Corino over the wealth of The Network.
Jack Victory continues to lead Steve Corino into battle, Old School style, in Extreme Championship Wrestling!