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Danny Doring
Hometown: Pepper Pike, Ohio
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 201 3/4 lbs.
Turned Pro: 1998
Catch Phrase: "Every girl wants to ride the Danaconda."
Trademark Moves: Wham Bam Thank you mam, Bareback, G-Spot Sweep
Championships Held:

ECW World Tag Team Championship

With his arrogant behavior and cocky "Dastardly strut," it's hard to believe Danny Doring is only entering his third full year in the sport.
A college football standout, Doring went through the grueling training at ECW's House of Hardcore wrestling school, so perhaps his confidence is well founded.
Never seen without his partner-in-crime Roadkill, Doring must be very confident to wear the neon-colored ensemble he sports in the ring.
Sporting impressive mat skills and a rapidly improving arsenal off the top rope, Doring has also created several impressive offensive maneuvers.
The most prominent is The Bareback, in which Doring brings his opponent's face smashing down onto his shoulder.
Having formed a solid tag team with the "Angry Amish Chicken Plucker" Roadkill, Doring's colorfulness is offset by Roadkill's plain attire.
The unusual duo's hard work over the past several years has created one of the most popular tag teams in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Whether alone in the ring, or with Roadkill as his partner, Doring is slowly but surely shaping his skills to become one of the finer young performers in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
If his track record in the ring doesn't impress you, his taste in women surely will!