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Simon Diamond
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1991
Catch Phrase: "Simon has a problem!"
Trademark Moves: Simonizer, Simon Series
Championships Held:

This brash, disdainful newcomer to Extreme Championship Wrestling has impressed ECW management with his looks, technical skills and charisma.
Now if only they could do something about his attitude...
A former standout on the Northeast Independent circuit and one-time draft pick for the San Diego Padres, Simon complained for nearly a year that he was overlooked, considered to be a comedy act.
Believing he wasn't getting the respect as an All-American blue chip athlete, Simon truly "had a problem."
Regardless of his complaints, Simon and his partner Swinger found themselves surrounded by an entourage full of erratic characters.
Simon's frustration with the situation was compounded weekly, until the solution to his problem appeared.
C.W. Anderson arrived on the scene, destroying Simon's "circus act" and forming a pact with Simon and Swinger.
In one fell swoop, Simon's career was redirected into exactly what he claimed to be all along: a serious athletic performer, proving himself by going all the way to the finals of the ECW World Tag Team championship tournament.
Extremely outspoken, Diamond is able to back up his mouth with his well-rounded technical skills.
Diamond can stand toe to toe with any opponent in the ring, whether it's on the mat or in the air.
As his partnership with C.W. Anderson and Swinger continues to solidify, Simon says he is on his way to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling.