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Bill Alfonso
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161 lbs.
Turned Pro: 1981
Catch Phrase: "I'm the man who calls it right down the middle, daddy!"

The "Manager of Champions" Bill Alfonso is the manager of "Mr. Pay-Per-View" Rob Van Dam.
Considered by everyone in the ECW Locker Room to be an all-time legend in the sport, Alfonso was a world-traveled referee for every major wrestling promotion before he entered Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Debuting in May 1995 as a trouble-shooting referee, Alfonso literally turned the promotion upside down!
Moving on to managing performers, he led Taz to an incredible undefeated streak which lasted well over a year before leading Rob Van Dam to the longest World Television Championship reign in the history of ECW.
Declaring himself as the man who "calls it right down the middle," Alfonso never stops moving and never stops blowing his whistle at his charges or anyone else. Not above interjecting himself into Van Dam's matches, Alfonso is a major cog in the RVD machine, as well as an essential piece of Van Dam's success here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
With his years of experience empowering Rob Van Dam, Alfonso remains one of Extreme Championship Wrestling's most successful managers.