Jujutsu 101 DVD Ground Situations

I received the DVD today and I was really impressed. This is what I figured jujutsu would be like in the beginning but could never seem to find. Your fluidity was also very impressive. I'm looking forward to new material.
Thanks Again. Justin 3/31/2012

This video clearly shows you some key principles you can learn to increase your personal Dynamic Leverage Capture Skills. Hand-to-hand combative fighting, deep down, has a small handful of powerful adjustable leverage control holds. Many times a student mixes up the most basic of holds (which acknowledges the threat of weapons) with sporting holds. This 45 minute video, utilizing simple and clear explanations and demonstrations, shows you how to capture the opponent's limbs from a leverage and street combative point of view.

It breaks down, in easily followed explanations, some of the most basic postures, escapes and controlling holds of combative jujutsu. Jujutsu 101 was developed to help you help yourself increase your balance disruption and leverage skills for hand-to-hand combative situations. It can stand on its own as a self-defense method or be used to help enhance the skills you have already learned in dealing with hand-to-hand combative situations.

This video clearly helps to demonstrate and break down some of the deeper knowledge and skills of jujutsu, as well as explain WHY traditional jujutsu arts uses such skills as: various types of kneeling, the stomach arm lock, the blind spot, as well as facedown arm pinning.