Sup people! This is the Quote of the Day page. This will be the page where you get to see all the funny ass quotes from all my friends and from people I don't even know!

Here's how it goes, if I hear something funny or something that's said repetitively, it's the quote of the day. BUT! Only if I say so. I gotta say it. I'm just having fun with this. I got bored, call me a geek or whatever, but I actually kept track of this.

April 12 and 13th: "I have a fat ass!" (Shawn and Sandee Hans)
April 14th: "You look like a toasted cracka'!!" (Kelly Williams)
April 22nd: "What's the speed limit to sex? 68. Because once you get to 69, you have to turn around!" (Sandee Hans)
April 30th: "Stats!" (Matt Sadler and Jason Jones)
May 4th: "Jason's an idiot!" (Oak Ekuno)
May 6th: "So what does ISD really stand for? ...It Sucks Dick!" (Drew Settles)
May 12th: "Just give me myself back and don't stay." (Linkin Park)
May 14th: "By the way, you are not humping my car." (Brittany Sackmann)
May 26th: "Now usually I don't do this, but....." (Sandee Hans, Jason and Shawn Jones)
May 28th: "You're about 2 seconds away from getting balls in your mouth" (Zac Fox)
May 31st: "They're so big, if they were in a movie it'd be on a WIDEscreen!" (Nathan Terpening and Sandee Hans)
June 1st: "Fuck that medicine" (Woody Jones)
June 3rd: "Erick Sermon!" (Shawn Jones)
June 6th: "You're on the country road and your car just broke down, boy whatcha gon do? Act a fool!!" (Shawn Jones)
June 7th: "Shut the door...........................(STATS!)" (Jason Jones and Sandee Hans)
June 13th: "But I feel better though." (Garrett Maholland)
June 17th: ""Can I write cock on your forehead? No cause then you would want it in your ass!!!!!" (Shawn Jones/Kelly Williams)
July 1st: "I'll take your cookies." (Jason Jones)
July 2nd: "Moms" (Tony Hayes)
July 4th: "Is he itching his suzuki" (Cookie Jones)
July 6th: "He's turning on the rubber and delivers" (High Heat 2004 Announcer)
July 14th: "I rule you! Suck-it-dry." (Shawn and Jason Jones, Sandee Hans)
July 15th: "Fuckin-stein!" (Shawn Jones)
July 16th: "Just fuckin do it dammit!"(Shawn Jones and Sandee Hans)
July 23rd: ".....and it's a grounder" (Mike Volumptous -- High Heat 2004)
July 24th: "If you were to back up any further you're head would get sucked up into your fat!" (Jason Jones)
July 27th: "Yea, I say twice to everything. LIKE DICK!!!" (Shawn Jones and Matt Sadler)
July 28th: "TWICE" (Shawn Jones)
August 3rd: "Breastacles" (Ashley Pruitt)
August 5th: ""I did fuck your mother, twice!" (Paul Finch - American Wedding)
August 9th: "Garrett couldn't be a little bitch if he wanted to!" (Shawn Jones)
August 12th: ""Well, you're anti-homo! That means I'm not homo. Oh, Homo!!" (Shawn Jones and Josh Snyder)
August 13th: "Sandee got me in the back and Shawn got me in the face!" (Brittany Sackmann)
August 19th: "Talkin' Baby!" (Shawn Jones)
August 20th: "You just got STICK slapped!" (Shawn Jones)
August 22nd: "It's not Wood-Shop anymore!" (Sandee Hans)
September 3rd: "Double Play Jackass!" (Various)
September 4th: :"I'll call her for you." (AJ Woolsey)
September 6th: "Combs needs that sign above his bed, "Make It a 12" for $2 more!" (Josh)
September 7th: "Nasy Balls." (Brittany Jones) {Sophomore}
September 8th: "I AM black, my birthmirk is white" (Sean Morgan)
September 16th: "What's This?!" (Sandee Hans)
September 29th: "Watch out, it's Nevada!" (Jake Hinkson)
October 1st: "What's on the agenda today? Mr. Adcock!" (Jordan Watson & Keely Turner)
October 6th: "I want 200 dollars worth of pleasure!" (Shawn Jones)
October 7th: "You should feel lucky, you were born right on your birthday!" (Seth Newton)
October 21st: :You're gonna be gay!" (Susanna Dewitt)
October 27th: "No one whipped it out and showed me!"
October 28th: :I'm gonna piss all over my leg!" (UNKNOWN)
November 2nd: "I just jacked you in my mouth!" (Matt Sadler)
November 3rd: "I mean, what is she thinking? What if I wanted to have hot wild sex all night?" (Angie Griffith)
November 4th: "Tell your mom to stop fucking changing her lipstick colors 'cause my dick's starting to look like a rainbow." (Nick Aday)
November 6th: "BAM! He's dead." (Ryan Wicks)
November 12th: "I even studder when I laugh." (Jason Jones)
November 15th: "Carmelana" (Jason Timmerman)
November 19th: "Palmer + Morgan drove by and called out "Whore!", They didn't even give me a ride." (Kelly Williams)
November 24th: "Shit, when I got done w/ her, she was panting like a horse." (Sean Morgan)
December 3rd: "Man, I haven't kissa girl today. Come here sister." {COMBS SISTER}
December 11th: "You know this country's fucked up when the best rapper is white and the best golfer is black." (Nick Aday)
December 16th: "Why are guys smarter? They have two heads. Why do girls talk more than guys? They have four lips." (Charles Drane)
January 4th: "Remember, no glove - no love!" (Karen Holder)
January 14th: "Do what I do Shawn, threaten to pee on her leg." (Ryan Wicks)
January 15th: "Sandee, you're gay." (Brittany Jones)
January 21st: "I live w/ your mom too! So that's where all the white trash come out from." (Johnny Myers + James Wilfong)
1/26/04 – “Shawn, move your shit. (Where’s Mom?) -- Brittany Jones
1/28 – “Woody, how bout you order some pizza. Can I get online now? – MOM
February 4th: "Please paron this interruption - You said there weren't gonna be any more announcements." (Mr. Kaminsky)
February 7th: One cock, two cock, three cock, four. Five cock, six cock, seven cock, more. (Jarrett Schrodt)
February 8th: "Tooty, go to sleep so we can go cow tipping." (Michael Farmer)
February 11th: "What, is today National Shit Day?" (Taylor Merritt)
February 13th: Hey...If you had her last name you would be Garrett Garrett." (Kelly Williams)
2/16 – “Nasty” – Sara Bechtold
February 17th: "Nob Johnson" (Garrett Maholland)
February 26th: "Kinda like Suzy's Aunt, Zac's mom!" (Shawn Jones)
2/27 - "You're a fucktard!" - April Frazier
3/3 - "Can you imagine your mom and Ashley playing Twister together?!" - Sandee Hans
3/7 - "If people liked the same shit then this world would suck." by Whitney Garrett
March 12th: "I always wrap it before I tap it." (Tony Baze)
March 13th: "Drop it like it's hot." (Shawn Jones)
March 15th: "Don't-You-Touch-It!" (Garrett Maholland)
March 22nd: "Stick, shut the fuck up!" (Shawn Jones, Sandee Hans, Cody Frank)
March 23rd: "BS." (Mr. Baird)
March 25th: "Did I want to hear the words, "I want a hick to start speaking?". No I didn't. (James Wilfong)
April 3rd: "That sounds like my mom" (Stick)