Waz up everybody! This is my Music Page. This will be all and only about music. I made this page because I like music alot. I like to listen to it whether I'm mad, sad, happy, or just not feeling anything at all. It's what I do. Without music I would be a very dull person along with the rest of the world. We need music more than we think. Some people need it to express themselves, whether it's thru instruments, writing, or just listening to it to help them get thru the hard times. I like can listen to all kinds of music like classic rock, heavy rock, alternative, heavy metal, rap-rock, rap, hip-hop, oldies, some punk, country, whatever the pop music is. Techno and Dance I can take so much of but I can listen to it nonetheless. I mostly listen to rap and heavy metal. You put that together and you get rap-rock. That's my favorite kind of music! ;) I listen to it alot. Everywhere I go, everything I do I'm usually listening to music!

Now, my favorite band would have to be Limp Bizkit.They're my favorite band and have been since like 1999. I love their music and love every song that they make. Recently, they suffered a loss from their guitarist who left the band. But he came back a couple of years later and Limp is making a comeback. For all those people who thought Limp Bizkit fell off, hehe..........you gotta nother thing coming at ya! I'm just patiently waiting for another album to come out quickly. It's been said that February is the d-date but who knows w/ this band. Stay tuned..................

My favorite rap artist is Eminem. Slim Shady. Marshall Mathers. The best white rapper there has been ever. And still is the best. His rhymes are deadly and funny mixed in with the best beats ever produced by the founder, Dr. Dre, you wonder why he's unstoppable! He is by far one of the best rappers there is. With 4 albums under his belt, he could go done as one the best rappers ever.

I have too many favorite songs. I like too many. I like "Gansta's Paradise" by Coolio. Yea, there's some old school for ya. I've liked "Rollin'" for the longest time by Limp Bizkit.

Let's see......wanna know my CD collection? It ain't much but it looks like alot cause I have more burnt cds than actually cds you buy. Oh well. They make legal burners but yet we're not supposed to burn songs from real bands? Ain't that like an oxy-MORON?! Pretty funny $h!t! HA! Anywho......my range is pretty much from Limp Bizkit to Korn to Nelly to Linkin Park. All my burnt cds contain rap and/or heavy metal. Then there's the obvious burning the whole albums of real artists onto a blank cd.

I have plenty of flaws and dislikes when it comes to music. Most of it is on the radio. Here's my number one pet peeve for the music industry: EDITED/CLEAN SONGS!! Ah god I can't stand them! So usually I don't buy CDs at Wal-Mart. For one thing they don't have the ones you really want. Cause some artists I know and like aren't very popular so they won't be there at the Wally World. For two they freakin ruin the songs when the "edit" the songs by erasing the words and leaving them blank. Therefore ruining the song. Another pet peeve, songs that get played over and over and over and OVER. UPDATED!!

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