It's REDWOOD!! How about a list of nicknames before we start off.






Red Red Red Sparky (don't ask)

Okay, there's more. But those are the ones that came to my head first. My brother is 23 and he's still at home. It's all good cause times are hard w/ my dad so you really can't blame him. He likes all kinds of things, he watches Tv alot. He watches alot of comedy. Anything from Cartoon Network to Comedy Central. He watches ESPN alot too. Of course, the traditional Monday Night wrestling that we all watch. He gets on the computer like the rest of us and just chat and surf like usual. He plays games more than me. He's on the PS2 more than I am now. All I do is work, so that's why. But he's punker too now, he knows what he'll be next. We'll have to wait what his next girlfriend will be. He goes to ALOT of concerts and that's all he seems to be talking about lately. Thataboutit.

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