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-- DECEMBER 15, 2004 --
Sup! I re-did the intro page, I just made it simple. Click to enter to enter here. I also re-did some other stuff like on my bio page and what not, but I can't remember what it is. So just check out everything!

I have this cool pic, check it out!

(Pic was taken at Pere Marquette in October 2004)

Waz up homies!! I'm fixing my web site to make it much more organized and less frustrating. To learn more about me just click on the link below!

I will have links set up thru out the page. The main page will be my bio cause I have all the links that relate to me there. All the misc. stuff will be on here! So keep coming back cause there will be more updates! I'm kinda running dry of ideas to put on this main page, I got everything on my bio page. So I need ideas! ALSO, if you have any problems, or if any links do not work let me know! If you have any contact me! My e-mail is at the bottom of the page or you can sign the guestbook. Anywho I hope you like this newer version of Jone Zay's site! Have fun!

Click here for my links!! This is where all the misc. stuff will be.

Click here for the UPDATES page. This will be where I keep track of all my updates and for you to read on here. :P


(As of December 6th, 2004)