This is the page for my lil' sister-- Britt. She's a pretty cool person. It's amazing how we get along. When we were alot younger we would never get along because I would alwayz pick on here. But who didn't when they were younger?? Exactly. But we get along pretty good and most of the time too. I nag on her for being all punk like but if that's the way she wants to do it then so be it. BE YOUR OWN PERSON. I can't control everything, and that would be one of them. It's all good. Britt is 15 and she is about to get her license!!! :O Holy crap, my little sister is growing up!! *tear* Actually I'm pretty syched because I wanna see how well she can drive and such. Maybe one of these days she can drive me car. (?) Well maybe not. Only a few people can drive my car. Anywayz, on to Britt. She don't participate in any sports, even though I try to push her for Poms and stuff. But you can't take a horse to a pond and make it drink water can ya? Exactly. She is in band and she's pretty good at it. She's kept up with it since 5th grade. Pretty kool. That's all about she does for school activities. When at home she does the same stuff I do, get online or watch TV. We're alike in so many wayz it can be scary sometimes. Aight, 'nuff about her. Just look at the pics that I have. Click below for stuff like that;)

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