Hey! This is a brand new pic just recently taken in the fall as you can see 'cause of the background. This was also taken at Pere Marquette in 2004.

Waz up yo! Welcome to my bio page which I have made personally for me and only me! This is the page where you can learn all about me and what goes on with my life and even my sports schedule! Let's see where should I start? I was born in St.Joseph's Hospital in Joliet. Joliet is a cool place. Cool as in very cold when its not summer and cool cause that's where family is and it's a great city. I moved down here in Dow (like 6 minutes away from Jerseyville). It's alot freakin' smaller than what I used to. I've gotten used to the term "soda" when I was adapted to "pop". It's pretty funny. I turned 18 about 3 months ago. It's pretty cool, I'm getting more and more freedom. 18 has it's benefits and yet more and more responsibilities that get put on my shoulders. Kinda frustrating at times. I'm about 5'8 1/2 and weigh about 135 lbs. I'm slightly built but hey I do what I can. I have short brown hair and a goatee at times. I attend highschool in the small town of Jerseyville. It's not what I'm used to but I've been down here since my 3rd grade so I'm used to it by now. I'm now a Senior and school life seems okay for the time being. The normal life of a teen to put lightly. Things can be confusing at times and very VERY stressing dealing with people. But I've learn to cope w/ people and just go with the flow. I also write alot of songs. They help me out in so many ways, it also helps me to express myself in time of need. Plus I like writing rhymes because it's fun. I guess you could call me a funny guy, just in different wayz. I make people laugh cause they usually just make fun of me and get a huge kick out of these jokes that never end. I can take jokes as well as the next person, but I guess since I don't "fight" back I just let em. It's better that way. I can be a sweet guy as some would say. Some call me perverted but I like to play around a bit. I'm really not that perverted. I have a great sense of humor and can kid around with anybody. Well almost anybody. *L* I like to hang around with my friends and go to each other's houses! But usually this year it's alot different with everybody working all the time. Including me. I now am employed and working all the time at Brockman's. Monday thru Thursday and then on Sunday. The money is okay. It's better than my last job but w/ minimum wage going up I feel like I'll be back where I started. So I'm not too happy about it, that is unless I get a small raise to keep ahead of the newbies. So that pretty much describes me basicly. I'll have a survey on here that I'll keep adding to so you can find out more and more about me when I actually update this. :) Check out the links below!

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