Let's just say this was my first sport for my highschool. Football of course came first. If you can find me I am number 2. It's funny cause that wasn't really my number that year. I just lost my freakin jersey that day so they just gave me sumthing to throw on. I tend to be a little irresponsible during football season and I have no clue why either. Go fig. Well there is my football team pic. We actually had a large team for Freshmen. Like I said we went 7-3. Pretty good turn-out.

Like I said above, my real number wasn't 2, it was 77. I guess this was a good pic of me, my haired is messed up cause of the wind. Oh well I'll cry later *L*. One thing I hated about those jerseys though, they were always torn up and had holes in them so I hated to wear them for the days we actually had games on the weekdays.