Back Row(L-R)Ross Gresham, ME!, Steven Lopez, Jarrett Schrodt Front Row(L-R)Daniel Yates, Chris Meredith, Matt Lair, Josh Stevens

It's me in a jersey for the Dow Eagles! My number was 25 cause I think my girlfriend (at the time) chose that number so I wanted the number she had.

Man it's weird how a year goes by and you look really different in a matured way! Just look at my face! Im like all grown up now compared to 5th grade.

You damn right! I got medals round my neck, oh you know it's true, it's true. Though I don't remember what place I got in. I think it was 3rd but I don't have the slightest clue. All I know it was in Edwardsville.

Well the picture isn't really good. It's from wrestling season and if you can see me, Im in the red pants wearing a black and red "DX" shirt. You can see my smirk too if you look even closer. (Ok maybe I did have one then)