Welcome to the Junior year of my highschool years. The pic up above my coach took in the weight room. I'm in the back with the blue 45lb. weight on my shoulder. Damn do I look tuff. *L* NOT! Keep scrolling down to see more pics of my "team" 's season.

The upper-left pic is of me getting my @$$ kicked by........or it doesn't really matter. I'm HURT. The upper-right pic is Danny Widman takin' names like he did all season. Once again, good job Danny.

The upper pic below me and Danny is Ryan Grant taking over his opponent. He had an "up and down" season. His season will come as soon as next year or his Junior year. Right above is Jarrett Schrodt on the left and Tim Morino on the right. It's funny cause Tim's opponent look awfully like me. Hmmmmmm....(it's not really) Below is our pic before the season starts. Man I'm glad people didn't make future bets on our team. We weren't that promising this year. I'm in the back once again on the left. Yep, that's me if you can even see me. For some reason this newspaper picture is really distorted. Oh well.


MVP: Danny Widman

110%: Sandee Hans

Pride Pac Award: Jarrett Schrodt

Rookie of the Year: Tim Morino