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John "The Paisano" Balsamo vs. Fumar Reading Fair 2000 PCW

8/11/00 - Reading Fair, PA PCW John "The Paisano" Balsamo w/ Vinnie Biondo (RIP) vs. Fumar: Fumar attacted Balsamo right from the bell. After John avoided a spring board Fumar legdrop, Balsamo exicuted an atomic drop and a reverse atomic drop and then closelined Fumar over the top rope. An angered Fumar came in the ring and raked John's eyes to gain control of the match. Balsamo was able to get some come backs but was cut off each time by the persistant Fumar. Fumar could of finished the match when gave Balsamo a double leg drop from the top rope, but he only gave a light cover. Balsamo was able to hit a tilt-a-whirl head sizzors and then exicute a high impact german suplex. After the dazed Fumar stood up Balsamo hit the frankenpaisano for the win.

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