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Nicknames he has Dubbed Other People

 Click on the names to see pics of our Hero putting each of these people in their place

In the WWF

*Himself - Y2J; The Ayotollah of Rock 'N Rolla; Your New Hero; Your Savior; Your Party Host; One Bad Mama Jama; Moongoose McQueen (although he'll deny that one!)
*Chyna and The Kat - Freak of Nature and her Mini-Me
*Chyna alone - One Bad Mama Jama; The 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Wonders of the World
*"Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry - Mike Henry
*Hardcore Holly - Baldcore Holly
*Kurt Angle - Kirk Angel; 30-year-old, never kissed a woman Olympic geek who still lives at home with his Mommy"
*Chris Benoit - "The Canadian Crappler" Chris Be-NOIT; Mr. Roboto
*Michael Cole - Mitchell Cole
*Crash Holly - Elroy (Jetson)
*Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley - Bargain Basement Slut; Dirty, Disgusting, Filthy, Skanky, Brutal, Bottom-feeding Trash Bag Ho; Miserable Slimeball Pig; Dirty, Nasty, Stinking Roadkill
*Edge - Edgeward
*Tori - "The Only Woman Alive Who is Stupider Than You" (he was talking to X-Pac)
*Triple H - 100% Bonafied Jackass; Ass Clown
*X-Pac - Snack Pack (I'm not completely sure of this one)
*Albert (when he was known as Prince Albert) Prince Allen
*Raven - Raisin
*Dean Malenko - Dean Malurkel
*Terri - Terri the Tramp
*Lita - Dean Malenko's "When Platypuses Fly Out of My Butt" Girlfriend(obviously, not really an insult to Lita, but to Dean!)
*Edge & Christian - Valley Girls
*Vince McMahon - Vance McMahon; Big Mac
*William Regal - Ass Clown; The Dutchess


*Himself - Hero; Role Model; Paragon of Virtue; Ayotollah of Rock 'N Rolla; Lionheart; Leader of the Jerichoholics; Your Party Host; One Bad Mama Jama
*Juventud Guerrera - Quasi Juice; Air Quasi; Quasi Forever
*Dean Malenko - Stinko Malenko (and he calls Stinko’s dad, Boris, Bore Us)
*Goldberg - Greenberg
*Saturn - P.S.; Klinger; Cross-Eyed, Cross-Dressing Freak
*J.J. Dillon - JoJo
*Bobby Duncum, Jr. - Duncan
*Konnan - Baby Huey
*Rey Mysterio, Jr. - Ron Mysterio, Jr.
*Diamond Dallas Page - Pah-jsae (something like that!)
*Prince Iaukea - Prince Nakamaki
*Shiima Nobunaga - Shiima Nobadingdong (LOL)