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Welcome to The Ayotollah of Rock N' Rolla Chris Jericho Tribute!  This site was originally called The Paragon of Virtue Chris Jericho Tribute, as I started it when our Party Host, role model and former Paragon of Virtue was dominating everyone in WCW. =) Since his trek on over to the WWE, things have changed over here. I am currently hoping to be revamping the site after nearly a year (laziness, plus I run a few other sites, so my attention gets easily swayed). Jericho has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw him on WCW back in '96. He is definitely one helluva wrestler, and perhaps the best on the mic (well, him and the Rock, LOL). Enjoy! ;-)



April 13, 2003
Added new layout and top banner.
Redesigned the Naughty, Naughty!, Bio and Links pages.
Added FanFic page.


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