Jericho on The Dating Game!

This is a very funny account of when Jericho appeared on The Dating Game back in 1998. Those of you who were fortunate enough to catch it on TV will fondly remember this, those who haven't will enjoy reading on!

~~~Chris Jericho, as well as Billy Kidman and the Disco Inferno, appeared on The Dating Game a few months back. The show aired on November 10, 1998, the day after Chrisí 28th birthday, ironically enough. It was a fun show, and all three guys were witty, funny and articulate. However, the Paragon of Virtue was definitely the most vocal. :) And he and Kidman looked FINE!!! ;) Below is a transcript of the show. Enjoy!~~~
Each of the bachelors said hello to Erin, the girl who played the Dating Game with them. Jericho was very funny and loud with his hello and ended it with, "Are you ready to rock?!" Typical Chris. :)

Kidman, Disco and Jericho on the Dating Game

Erin: Bachelor #2 - I have a fear of starvation. What scares you?

Disco gives a thumbs-upBachelor #2 (Disco): Well, I could say cowboy hats, I could say mid-80s rock Ďn roll . . . but the thing that really scares me is getting my heart broken.

"Awws" from crowd.

Erin: Thatís so sweet . . .

Kidman gives thumbs down and Jericho makes a funny face. ;)

Bachelor #1 (Kidman): Well, if you were looking at what I was looking at, I would have to say Bachelor #2's outfit, and his bad breath. (starts to laugh)

Kidmanís answer elicits a big laugh from Jericho, who puts out his hand to high-five Kidman.

Erin: Bachelor #3 - youíre the mayor of Tiny Town. In your tiny mayorís voice, dedicate a special day to me.

Bachelor #3 (Jericho): Let me get in the voice here . . . me me me me . . . (in really high voice) Erin, on your special day, you donít have to get out of bed, you donít have to work, you donít have to do anything . . . you donít even have to wear underwear. (back in his normal voice) And if anyone bothers you on your special day, I will put them in the crushing power of the Liontamer, and they will never, ever bother you again!

Erin: I really like that. Bachelor #1, same question.

Kidman ponders his answer to a questionBachelor #1 (Kidman): (in really high voice) Well, Erin, on your special day today, thereíll be no work, plenty of partying, some adult beverages (back in his regular voice) and plenty of Bachelor #1.

Erin has big smile on her face at Kidmanís answer.

Erin: Bachelor #2 - is there anything in your life that you fake?

Bachelor #2 (Disco): Well, when Iím in the ring, I fake that Iím obnoxious, conceited and that I like to make people boo, but in real life Iím a loyal friend that just likes to make people laugh.

Awws from crowd again.

Erin: Nice . . . thatís nice. Bachelor #3, same question.

Jericho explaining that he doesn't fake anything in life!Bachelor #3 (Jericho): Well, I donít ever really fake anything, whether itís inside the ring or whether Iím with a woman. But when I look you in your eyes, Erin, and tell you that I am your Role Model, your Hero, your Paragon of Virtue, youíre gonna know that Iím not faking that, either.

Chuck Woolry says something about that he never would have sized Chris up as a Paragon of Virtue - HOW PERCEPTIVE! (HeeHee)

Erin: Bachelor #1 - you would be the nicest guy in the world if it wasnít for the fact that youíre a zombie with a diet consisting exclusively of human flesh. You just took a bite out of Bachelor #3 and spit it out. Why?

Disco looks Jericho over after Erin asks this. Heehee . . .

Bachelor #1 (Kidman): Well, thatís easy . . . thatís Ďcause I donít like Canadian ham.

Jericho reacts like, "What?!"

Erin: Bachelor #3 - same question about Bachelor #1.

Bachelor #3 (Jericho): Well, I would spit it out Ďcause Iím lactose-intolerant and this guy is far too cheesy.

Kidman gives Jericho a look.

Erin: Bachelor #2 - I own and operate a gourmet hot dog company and youíre trying out as my new mascot. Tell me why you should be the next "Mr. Wiener."

Laughs from audience and from Kidman and Jericho.

Bachelor #2 (Disco): Well, I guess if you ever had Italian sausage, then you would know that Iím the man for the job.

Commercial break.

After the commercial break, Chuck asked Erin which bachelor she picked. She chose Bachelor #3 - Chris - and said that she picked him because he said he wanted to be her hero and that she liked that.

Chris and Erin share a hug

They won a trip to Hawaii. This was a great show, and Iím glad I taped it and kept it. Two out of three of these guys are my absolute favorites - I love Kidman, and of COURSE I love Jericho! I couldnít help wishing IíD been the girl on the show. ;) But of course, if I had been, I would have known who each of the bachelors was before they came out from behind that wall from their voices. :P And that would have been cheating, right? ;)