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May 12, 2002

Chris Jericho will be facing Triple H in a Hell in the Cell match at Judgment Day a week from today.  It should prove to be an interesting will of wits, but I worry that Y2J will be jobbed out to the Game-uh again.  According to various wrestling news sites lately, Triple H, being one of the WWE's management, has been giving Jericho unfair treatment in and out of the ring.

In other, stranger news, Larry Zybysko has brought on a lawsuit resulting from the constant usage of the term "Living Legend."  He is apparently suing the WWE, Vince McMahon, and even Chris Jericho himself (I don't agree with him suing Chris, as Jericho is merely reciting lines he's been told to use).

June 13, 2001

This past RAW, Commissioner Regal attempted to play a game of Divide and Conquer with Y2J and the Rabid Wolverine. One might say this was punishment as a result of WWF C.E.O. Linda McMahon making a match for King of the Ring pitting both Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit against Stone Cold Steve Austin in a triple threat match for the WWF Championship. There was not a darn thing 'ol Willie Boy could do about it, so he punished the Chrises. Jericho had to wrestle in a handicap match against Rhyno and the Big Show (is it just me, or did the Commish punish Chris Jericho just a wee bit more?) while Benoit would take on Kurt Angle in a cage as the night's main event.

Poor Y2J never had a chance in his match against the two behemoths. Rhyno gored him, the Big Show chokeslammed him. He seemed woozy after the match and had to be examined by medical techs - only to be blindsided by Austin, who was furious after finding out about his upcoming title defense at the next PPV. Austin may have the advantage right now, with Regal and Vince McMahon on his side, but mark my words - either Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho will walk out of King of the Ring as new WWF Champion!

June 5, 2001

Last night on RAW, much like what happened on last week's SmackDown to Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho WAS SCREWED OUT OF THE WWF TITLE!

It was a travesty! Mick Foley had decided to take advantage of his rights via the documents he had drawn up with Linda McMahon while he was still Commissioner and made a WWF Title match between Y2J and Stone Cold Steve Austin, much to Mr. McMahon's chagrin. Vince claimed Austin was in no shape to be competing in a match, much less defending the belt after the ten suplexes he'd received from Benoit last week. Jesse Ventura came in to sign Mick's document, which would give Mick the legal right to make any match he wanted for the main event (Vince had claimed Mick only had the legal right to do so in the state of Connecticut). So, the match was set, right there in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jericho basically had the match won at the end. At one point, he had Austin tapping out in the Walls of Jericho. However, referee Earl Hebner had accidentally been knocked unconscious after Austin ducked a flying forearm by Y2J. Mick Foley was at ringside as the Special Enforcer for the match, and he proceeded to take over. Unfortunately, William Regal rushed to the ring to help Stone Cold. Then, all hell broke loose. Everyone was suddenly outside the ring. Jericho was fighting off Regal. Foley had grabbed a chair and attempted to hit the Commissioner with it but got Y2J instead, as Regal ducked. While Mick and Regal continued to battle it out on the arena floor, Austin had rolled Jericho back into the ring and went for the cover - but Chris Jericho is a fighter, and despite all the punishment he'd taken, kicked out at two. But a Stone Cold Stunner couldn't save him. Seconds later, he was on the receiving end of the finisher, and the Rattlesnake got the win. Certainly, this can't be the last of this. Jericho and/or Benoit will eventually dethrone Austin.

May 22, 2001

Yea! Congratulations to Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit for beating Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin on RAW last night to become the new WWF Tag Team Champions! Finally, a great (although new) team wins the belts again! I was getting sick of The Two Man Power Trip (although I am a Triple H fan - he is the Game, and he is THAT DAMN GOOD!:). Now I know I'm psychic, because when Austin was about five minutes into his tirade, I was actually saying out loud, "Oh, Chrissy, please come out and save us!" And I proceeded to quote his "Would you please shut the hell up" catchphrase. Then, lo and behold, there was Y2J himself!

Jericho and Benoit make an awesome team, as they are both excellent wrestlers who always work very well together, whether it's as foes or friends - so they should make one heck of a tag team - and should be terrific tag champs. I envision a feud with Edge & Christian after Benoit's and Y2J's problems with the former 7-time champs last week. This should be great and a lot of fun.

By the way, the gallery is finally up, so check it out for pics of Jericho and Benoit winning the tag belts on RAW - and for others as well.

May 11, 2000

Wheh!  Finally, I have started updating this page again after a year!  Well, there are certainly a lot of unbelievably amazing things happening in the life of Chris Jericho.  We all know that nearly a year ago, he joined forces with the WWF after problems in WCW.  He has a slightly new persona - instead of being the Lionheart, he is now known as Y2J - but these are things you already know if you're a Jerichoholic, so I'll stop with this here.
As I said, a lot has been happening for Jericho.  Three big most recent occurrences: On April 3, the day after Chris won the European Championship from Kurt Angle (Kirk Angel :), he was scheduled in a bout against Eddy Guerrero on RAW.  In a very surprising move, Chyna, who'd been Jericho's friend since the Royal Rumble, turned on Y2J, giving Guerrero the win - and thus making Chris Jericho only a one-day champ.  Next, a couple of weeks following this, Chris challenged then-WWF World Heavyweight Champion Triple H to an impromptu title match - after insulting HHH's wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.  (He called Steph a "Dirty, Disgusting, Filthy, Skanky, Brutal, Bottom-feeding Trash Bag Ho."   To the sheer joy of all the Jerichoholics, Chris came up the winner of the match because Earl Hebner came out to count 3 after officiating referee Mike Kioda got knocked out.  Jericho became WWF champion and was champion for about twenty minutes - until Triple H threw a huge tantrum and managed to twist things back to his own favor. Then, on last week's SmackDown, Jericho had a rematch against Chris Benoit (the Canadian "Crappler" :) for the Intercontinental Title.  Earl Hebner, the ref for the bout, was shoved out of the ring to the floor by Benoit, and Jericho took the advantage.  He grabbed the title belt and whacked the already-injured Wolverine with it, then executed his Lionsault.  Just then, Hebner got back into the ring and counted the 1-2-3 for Jericho!  New Intercontinental Champ!

But it was not to be, thanks to Triple H and the McMahon-Helmsley Regime.  This past RAW, Big Mac (Vince McMahon) forced Y2J to defend the Intercontinental title in not one, not two, but THREE matches - first against Kurt Angle, then against the Big Show, then against Chris Benoit.  During the third and final match, Triple H made himself the special "troubleshooting" referee and made sure that Jericho would lose the title no matter what.  At the very end of the contest, Jericho had Benoit tapping out in the Walls of Jericho, but HHH's attention was on the suddenly present Stephanie.  Chris went over and hit HHH, who naturally got in his face.  Benoit slapped the Crippler Crossface on Jericho, and even though Y2J did NOT, I repeat, NOT tap out, HHH gave the win the the Crippler.  Afterward, to add insult to injury, the entire Regime came out and assited HHH in beating Jericho.  Rikishi Phatu and Too Cool, The Big Show and The Dudley Boyz finally came out to rescue their comrade, but it seemed too late.

May 5, 1999

First and foremost, I must say how very much I miss Chris.  Last time he was on Nitro, or any televised WCW show, for that matter, was on April 5 - exactly a month ago.  I am suffering from a severe case of Jericho withdrawl! :)

Well, as expected, rumors have been flying around as of late, concerning Chris' contract situation in WCW and whether or not he will resign, whether or not he will jump ship to go to WWF, etc.  Last week, the rumor was that he requested $1 million from WCW and that that would be the only way he would stay.  I found that more than a bit strange when I read it, because to my knowledge, it's not a money thing for Chris, it's a respect thing.  Then I heard that this whole thing was untrue and just a rumor, so our Paragon of Virtue must still be deciding what route to take.  I have to admit that I hope he stays with WCW.  WCW should get off their high horse and just give him the respect he deserves.  Let's face it, people, Chris Jericho is the greatest young talent in wrestling today.  He and Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, Rey Mysterio, Jr., Eddy Guerrero and Psychosis are the best and most dedicated workers in the sport today.  These guys are all very young but deserve more of a push than, IMO, DDP, Nash, Hogan and Flair combined.  Can anyone honestly tell me they wouldn't want to see Chris as WCW World Heavyweight Champion sometime in the near future?  He is deserving.  He has the talent.  He has the fans, the millions of Jerichoholics behind him.  Hopefully, WCW will open their eyes and realize what a treasure Mr. Chris Jericho really is.

April 28, 1999

My poor Paragon of Virtue . . . my poor fellow Jerichoholics . . . because of the ankle injury our Role Model sustained as a result of being tossed out of the ring to land on top of Steiner, we will not be seeing Chris around for at least another week.  Check out the Commentary section of his page this week and you'll know what I mean.  It seems that Jericho has been advised by a doctor not to wrestle for 3 weeks.  When he wasn't on Nitro this week, I figured it was because of his ankle.  But better to recover completely from that than risk further, worse injury.  I've sprained an ankle and a finger before myself, so I know exactly how painful and risky it is.  But never fear, fellow Jerichoholics - we'll see our Hero back again before we know it! :)  Missing him as much as we do now will make the wait all worthwhile when we see him again!

April 14, 1999

Well, unfortunately, Chris wasn't on Nitro this week.  In the Commentary section in his webpage, he said that on last week's Nitro, he'd hurt his ankle when Booker T threw him out of the ring after their match, when he landed on top of Scott Steiner.  He said he didn't break it, so it must be a sprain.  Ouch.  I know too well exactly how that feels.  I only hope he recovers soon and doesn't reinjure that ankle.  And hopefully, our Paragon of Virtue will be as good as new and back in action soon!

It sucks, though . . . it really, truly sucks that Jericho was eliminated from the U.S. Title tournament just because of that meddling steroid-stuffed PIG POPPA BUTT!  Steiner probably wanted to face Chris, rather than Booker, at Spring Stampede because he knew he couldn't beat Booker fairly, and he probably thought the Lionheart would be easy pickin's, as he's a lot smaller than he is.  And although I do like Booker T, he is not Chris Jericho.  I was sort of hoping that somehow, in that Stampede match, both men would be DQ'd and that WCW would have no other choice but to give the U.S. Title to Chris.  I'm so sorry that didn't happen, because PIG POPPA does NOT deserve a title, and Jericho DOES.  Hopefully, he'll win one soon.