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Name: The Rock
From: Miami,FL
Weight: 275 lbs.
Height: 6'5"
Stable: Team WWF
Theme Song: "If you smell what the rock is cookin"
Finisher: The Rock Bottom
Tag Team: Chris Jericho

The Rock is a third-generation superstar with immeasurable athleticism -- and cockiness to boot! After graduating as an All-American football star from the University of Miami, Rocky Maivia entered the World Wrestling Federation and quickly became the Intercontinental Champion. Under controversial circumstances, The Rock won the World Wrestling Federation Championship at Survivor Series 1998. The Rock went on to win the title five more times, making the "Great One" a six-time Federation Champion. He's a gifted athlete, he's gifted on the microphone -- he's simply a gifted entertainer. And from the Rolex watch to the $500 shirts to the eyebrow and the People's Elbow, The Rock is just plain cool. Whether he's a champion or a contender, a fan favorite or the most hated superstar on the roster, The Rock is a 29-year-old phenom. He's already the "Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment," and when it's all said and done he may go down in history as the most decorated, well-known and renowned superstar the Federation has ever known.